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20 Cool Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets with Wooden Finishes

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets with Wooden Finishes

Image: Hall of Homes In this space, the black and white theme is maintained with the wood cabinet painted white. The structure allows for different storage options, easily converted when needs change. This means drawers for storing jewelry, watches, ties, and belts, shelves for shoes and folded clothes, as well as rods for hanging tops. […]

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20 Adorable Animal Print Bedroom Benches

Animal Print Bedroom Benches

Animal print is a growing trend, one that is making its way into the home. Warm, neutral colors flourish among animal prints which is what make them blend seamlessly into nearly any décor. Image: HGTV Side by side benches with subtle zebra prints go well with the blue accents in this space. Image: Rue Mag […]

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20 Modern Platform Beds Design and Ideas

platform bed Design

Platform beds reduce the need for a bulky boxspring and bedframe, meanwhile creating a chic look. While most platform beds sit lower to the ground, others can be built up to give your bed a fun staircase entrance or built-in storage. The great thing about platforms is that they tend to create a sleeping space […]

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20 Stunning Traditional Bedroom Chairs

Traditional Bedroom Chairs

Bedrooms are often blessed with large spaces that other rooms in the home are not. Even small bedroom spaces allow for additional seating. Bedroom chairs are designed to fulfill such a purpose. In fact, bedroom chairs are rather similar to living room chairs save for their place inside the home. Image: AJC With a revised […]

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20 Bold Headboard Design Ideas for Your Bed

Headboard Bed Designs

When it comes to stylish Headboard Bed Designs a sleek or sophisticated headboard design polishes off a space. Various choices of headboard materials–from wood to fabric to metal–also set the tone for the room. Beyond that, hundreds of choices exist in terms of fabric tufting, colors, heights, and more, which makes a headboard truly your […]

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20 Tuscan Bedroom Design Ideas to Transport You to Italy

Tuscan Bedroom Design Ideas

The imagery of a Tuscan-inspired bedroom invites a sense of sun-baked elegance. From crumbling stone to terracotta tiles on the floor to wrought-iron light fixtures and rough plastered walls, everything hints at a rustic-but-palatial atmosphere. Tuscany, in central Italy, sits in the middle of beautiful Italian countryside. Subsequently, aspects of this natural element find their […]

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20 Majestic Full-Draped Canopy Beds

Full-Draped Canopy Beds

Full-draped canopy beds have always been a mark of royalty and grandeur. As a result, in any bedroom, they bring an essence of elegant sophistication. While some require the addition of a bed frame, other full-drape canopies can be installed without one, making them an easy add-on for that extra touch of class. Because of […]

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