Beige Isn’t Boring. At Least Not In These Bathrooms

Beige Bathroom Design

Beige may have a reputation for being a boring color but trust us. It doesn’t have to be this way. Just like white, beige can be a versatile color well-suited for a variety of design styles. These beige bathrooms are certainly heavy on the charm.

001 contemporary-bathroom 14

Image: Putragraphy

Marble flooring and beige countertops help turn this bathroom into a modern masterpiece.

013 contemporary-bathroom 14

Image: Hugo Carter Timber Windows

Like white, beige does something very handy. It helps reflect light, making small spaces appear larger and spacious spaces looking more comforting.

014 victorian-bathroom 14

Image: JPM Construction

Beige can be luxurious too. Paired with subtle lavenders, this bathroom is comforting and regal altogether.

015 transitional-bathroom 14

Image: Braam’s Custom Cabinets

Beige bricks help set this contemporary bathroom apart from the rest.

018 transitional-bathroom 14

Image: Amrami Design Group

Beige is versatile. These tiles and counters help this small bathroom become a luxorious hideaway.

020 traditional-bathroom 14

Image: Kitchen + Bath Artisans

Paired with strong mahogany furniture, this beige bathroom becomes a work of art.

021 contemporary-bathroom 14

Image: Wayne Stewart Builder

This modern bathroom is aided by geometric cabinets and a spacious mirror, helping this room feel a lot bigger than it really is.

026 traditional-bathroom 14

Image: Benham Builders

This Tudor style bathroom manages to be both pleasantly classical and comfortable all the same. That’s partly thanks to the marriage between beige and blue in this bathroom, two colors that work especially well together.

031 mediterranean-bathroom 14

Image: Amarant Design and Build Center

The contrast between black and beige helps this bathroom become even more grand.

036 beach-style-bathroom 14

Image: Meynell Hoolahan Architects

This ranch style bathroom benefits from using beige as a wall color, since this allows the wood paneling present throughout the bathroom to speak for itself.

044 mediterranean-bathroom 14

Image: Gary Keith Jackson Design Inc

Turn of the century cabintry and pops of dark marble give this bathroom an inspired Tuscan feel. If the cabinets were white instead of beige, it wouldn’t blend together nearly as well.

045 traditional-bathroom 14

Image: Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods

With the wallpaper and curtains, this bathroom is transformed into a french country hideaway.

046 traditional-bathroom 14

Image: Harwick Homes

Marble decor and shower lining help this bathroom become a European inspired den. Note how the beige helps complement the ample lighting present in the room.

048 traditional-bathroom 14

Image: Red Rock Custom Homes, Inc.

Decked out with handy shelves and wide windows, this bathroom may be beige but it’s far from bland.

049 mediterranean-bathroom 14

Image: Higgins Architects

Another excellent European bathroom, this one relies on beige to compliment and contrast with the darker elements of the room.

051 traditional-bathroom 14

Image: Peter Zimmerman Architects

Wood flooring and grand wall decor help turn this bathroom into a Turkish inspired hideaway.

054 contemporary-bathroom 14

Image: Malgosia Migdal, ASID, CID

Beige walls and wood cabinets play well together in this spacious bathroom.

057 contemporary-bathroom 14

Image: KWB Building Services Limited

This bathroom makes a strong case against white. Were the walls white, it would be too utilitarian. Beige, however, adds warmth but still acts bright enough to work in a contemporary bathroom.

059 contemporary-bathroom 14

Image: Harrell & Co Architects

While beige might not contrast as sharply with black as white does, it still provides a mature, hardy contrast.

062 mediterranean-bathroom 14

Image: Allwood Construction Inc

A beige that’s almost strong enough to be pink helps complement the white marble set throughout the bathroom.

As seen here beige doesn’t have to be bland. Throughout these other bathrooms, beige shows that it can be just as versatile, if not moreso, than white.