20 Luxurious Black and White Bedrooms Designs that Really Pop

Black rooms are some of the trickiest to pull off. They can be hard because when you use too much black it can make a room feel small and crowded. If you are looking for ways to play with a black and white color scheme here are a few options that you can use for inspiration.

001 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Robert Granoff

This room reserves the black for the furniture and keeps the rest of the room a lighter color to keep the feel light and airy.

003 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: The Morson Collection

A black accent wall forms an anchor for the light and airy accessories used in the rest of this bedroom.

005 transitional-bedroom 3

Image: Chango & Co.

This room also brings in shades of gray and a beautiful pop of green for added visual interest.

008 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Adrienne DeRosa

Painting the bed frame and trim black gave this designer a good base from which to work. Pops of color and interesting work keep this room from feeling boring.

011 traditional-bedroom 3

Image: Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

The rest of the room is done in light tones allowing these patterned black and white drapes and pillows to really stand out.

015 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

Consider painting the walls black and keeping the trim white for a truly striking room.

017 contemporary-bedroom 3


This room uses black as well as shades of grey for a masculine look that may be just what you want in your home.

018 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Wm L Construction, LLC

The designer has turned the headboard into one large accent wall. The black is a strong visual feature in this room.

028 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Tracy Lynn Studio

A black floor is balanced by white and black patterned walls. The bed becomes a focal point as the rest of the furniture blends in nicely with the subtly patterned rug.

030 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Key Residential

This room design draws in visual elements from other areas of the house making the entire space seem to flow together well.

032 traditional-bedroom 3

Image: Chambers Interiors & Associates, Inc.

The fact that the patterns used in this room are all black and white helps them to work in the same space without clashing or competing with one another.

040 traditional-bedroom 3

Image: Pinto Designs and Associates

A black four poster bed and black window frame helps to pull this entire room together.

043 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Traci Connell Interiors

This room uses black stripes in several areas to give it a tailored and coordinated look.

047 traditional-bedroom 3

Image: Greeson & Fast Design

The headboard on this bed has a unique modern design. The black and white color works well with the rug and the patterned fabric used on the settee.

056 farmhouse-bedroom 3

Image: Kelly and Co. Design

This room looks light and airy despite the black bed frame and door track.

057 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Miriam Moore Design Studio LLC

This bed may be painted black but it feels like it is floating. This helps keep this black and white bedroom from feeling overly heavy.

060 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: Interior Illusions Plus

You may be surprised to find that there are several shades of black. The designer has played with different intensities when designing this room.

061 modern-bedroom 3

Image: Stef Albert

A bold color like red can look beautiful in a black and white bedroom.

062 modern-bedroom 3

Image: Terrat Elms Interior Design

Light colors such as yellow can help keep a black and white bedroom from feeling heavy. Here, yellow and a rich blue keeps this room feeling airy rather than closed in.

065 contemporary-bedroom 3

Image: L2 Interiors

The designer of this room has opted to turn the head board into a focal point. The purple cushions keep the room from feeling overly stark.

As you can see it is not difficult to add black into your bedroom’s color scheme. Just remember to make the rest of the room as light as possible in order to make sure that you don’t feel like you are living in a cave.