20 Stylish Blue Bedroom Design Ideas

Get inspired with a classic blue hue. Shades and depths of a blue color offer an energetic feel to the room. Whether you are styling your bedroom in a vintage, rustic or modern look, using blue colors will enhance any style you choose. A blue tone is noted as a confident color that represents a calm harmony of inner thoughts and style. A blue bedroom is full of ideas and iconic appeals. When designing a bedroom space you are creating a room that is enhanced with your own style and energy. The room is a representation of your own authentic signature. Personal tastes will ring through the rooms design offering a thoughtful and chic space. Beautiful aqua and lighter blue hues take center stage in an array of visionary echoes.

In the images below you will see how traditional meets classic styles. Lighting and accents are prominent in each design showing the harmonic balances within the spaces style. Color is paired with tones and hues to breathe a fresh perspective into the design while accents are intertwined to create a sincere look within the room. Vintage and modern chandeliers and recessed lighting provide an luminous appeal to the design. Natural lighting brings the look from day to night while inspiring the mood and feel of the style.

001 3-southern-living-idea 8

Image: Maragaret Donaldson Interiors

An aqua style is pleasantly paired with silver accents and a deep wood finish. The chandelier is a brilliant accent that sets the tone of the room.

002 5-colorful 8

Image: Anthony Baratta

A deep powdery blue is brought together with colorful aspirations and scenic artistic touches.Natural lighting offers a brightened sense to the style.

003 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Steven Ford

A rich and deep navy blue is complemented with white trimming and accents. A light gray touches the space with elegance.

004 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: American Eagle Builders

The look of serenity is offered with a sheer blue tone and scenic views. A pleasant gray is well paired adding a sense of depth.

005 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Amy Studebaker Design

An intriguing light frosted blue tone dusts the space with chic complementary hues and notes. The traditional and Victorian style are complementary and elite.

006 transitional-bedroom 8

Image: Last Detail Interior Design

Baby blue and white are a dreamy combination. The room is cozy and fresh in style and thought.

007 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: R. Cartwright Design

An alternated hint of blue and gray are warm and comfortable within this stylish bedroom design.

008 transitional-bedroom 8

Image: Lawlor Architects

A dusty blue is paired with a natural wood finish that is rustic with hints of country accents and decorative touches.

009 1737535-robins-egg-wall-xl 8

Image: Robbie Caponetto

Soft blue applications are accessorized with chic white accents. The style is fitting in a traditional style.

010 blue-bedroom7 8

Image: House to Home

This lovely space is wearing a slate blue color with white hints. The patterned wall is inviting and definitive.

011 2146 8

Image: Slodive

A deep royal blue has a white floral outline on the main wall. The style is continuous with blue bedding and matching rug. The wooden floors and black setting for the wall are a sensational design.

012 445 8

Image: Bhg

A formal blue is trimmed in a stark white framing. The chic colors have an air of nobility throughout the spacious room.

013 647 8

Image: Curtain’s Colors

A deep blue is cleverly applied throughout the style. Dramatic draping is an inspired feel with a dreamy approach.

014 947-630x822 8

Image: Babbaan

Rich tones are set in a blue and gray decor. The room holds a classic feel with a fresh natural lighting that fills the space.

015 1733-630x475 8

Image: Saladecoracao

A jeweled tone sits in a modern setting and complemented with white bedding and alternate wall. Artistic accents are inspired through out the design.

016 dark-blue-bedroom-design 8

Image: Decosee

This design is encased in a deep blue coloring with white trim that offers a harmonized look.An array of prints and patterns are a true genuine style.

017 modern-dark-blue-bedroom-design-decorating-ideas-contemporary-minimalist-style 8

Image: Home in Tradition

A large window is complemented with a teal wall that brilliantly sets in a modern room design.

018 Blue-Bedroom-Design-Pictures 8

Image: Apartment Therapy

A rustic and country style is accompanied by an enchanted blue wall that collaborates ingeniously.

019 Dark-blue-master-bedroom 8

Image: Style at Home

An iconic blue is bright with a vibrant energy and tasteful blue shaded and toned accompaniments.

020 blue-boys-bedroom-ideas 8

Image: Decoist

A whimsical and clever design is brought together with denim blue hues. The space is inspired with white detailing and trim.

We have seen delightful styles that incorporate color to create intricate looks. A blue shade is a powerful color that denotes  a wide range of thoughts and feelings. Deep blue colors are well noted with light blue tones that create a peaceful statement. Surrounding yourself in these enriched styles will bring a sense of calm serenity. When choosing a design , you will incorporate stylish details to create the bedroom you desire. Bedding and curtains pair perfectly with trendy hues that surround the walls with enveloped style. The chic blue tones that you use is accentuated by the many forms of lighting that we have available to us. Sparkling crystal and modern recessed lighting set an illuminated appeal to a well styled design.

Your bedroom is a personal retreat where you set  your day to rest and begin a new morning. The look should inspire you and make you feel comfortable and energized at the same time. Blue tones are specifically styled to bring you a peaceful design that is full of personality. When you bring an envisioned image to life you will find each day will bring a refreshed perspective to your timeless style and classic appeals. It is important that you bring originality , functionality and your own charisma to your well thought out designing agenda. With these aspects you will intricate a wonderful style that will have infused brilliant blues and charming pieces to decorate your bedroom in an infinite style.

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