20 Stylish Brown Bathroom Designs

Brown Bathroom Designs

When considering a color for your new bathroom style, your imagination may balance concepts from a bright surrounding to a serene setting. The array of colorful aspirations are available to complement your opted theme. A brown bathroom design has a versatile color palate that pairs well with any style. The color brown has evolved through the designing years creating a color spectrum that is neutral and luxurious. The depth of color optimizes the lighting and accents that are brought into the space. Within the brown tones, you ill find the muted hues as well as the charismatic notes taupes, beiges and earthy colors present. Wooden touches are often seen as a blending technique of the rooms style offering a charming perspective and natural touch.

The theme of your bathroom will assist in determining the tone and depth of color. A modern vibe will have a slated look with multiple layers. The victorian space will have a neutral appeal while the accents deliver the unifying aspects. If you choose to collaborate styles and designs you will have a personalized look for your bathroom space. In the gallery below, we have chosen twenty illustrative possibilities of a brown bathroom design. You will note the harmonious balance of earths tones and a natural vindication of style.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Belle Grey Design

A witty step into yesterday collaborates a clay appeal and wooden finishes. The wall coloring is a muted yet bold tone with a unique sense of style.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Mix and Chic

The slate tiling is presented in a natural blend of color. The brown coloring evolves into a swift pattern of tones. The designer complements the multi toned surrounding with a copper bath and accents.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Home Stratosphere

In this bathroom design, we see the contrasting enriched wood and a sponged dual toned coloring that brings out the space in a lavish fashion.

Walk-In Shower

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Image: Homedit

Modern glamour is designed into the room. The neutral walls are accented by a sphere of metallic shimmers. The sleek white additions offer a clean balanced style.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Med Magz

The marbled tiling is set in notes of champagne and depth. The modern styled vanity holds a contrasting basin and a cherished wood finish.

Relaxing Bathroom

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Image: Inspired Home Ideas

The neutral taupe we see here is both serene and luxurious. The consistency of color is accentuated with accents infused into the deign creating a most integral style.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Pin IMG

The traditional space shown here utilizes the lighter shades of brown and neutral hues. The dark wood finish compliments the design for a well put together style.


Brown Bathroom

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Image: DIY Neetwork

Stoic accents are charming when collaborated with a deep taupe shade. The stark white and reflective accessories put the finishing touches to this design.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: HGTV

Multiple shades are complemented with a shade lighter tile. Black dcor and touches offer depth to the style.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Indulgy

A natural style is seen in this earthy design. The neutral colors are set with a natural wood and delightful tile.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Living Rich on Less

Rich tones are paired with lighter notes in this traditionally styled bathroom. The shower curtain adds warmth with a bronzed appeal.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Décor Holic

Elements are brought together in this new age modern style. The stones and dual toned tile add a spa sense with a hint of luxury.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: DIY Showoff

The taupe walls displayed here are the perfect backdrop for a touch of traditional modern black framing. The natural light accentuates the room with an overcasted glow.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Usual House

This bathroom has clean lines and a genuine style. the surrounding tile is a neutral base with collaborating flooring that complete the rooms design.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Dump a Day

This design is symmetrical in style. The tiles are multipally toned for effect adding depth and complexity to its appeal.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Homebase

The spacious layout of this bathroom offers  stylish lines and a brightened space. The cherry wood finish supplies an air of elegance while the lighter notes are inspired.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Live Love in The Home

Asian themes generate a oneness with the earth. The generous design utilizes a brown tone and natural accents to collaborate the style.

Small and Functional Bathroom

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Image: Architecture Art Designs

Simply elegant, we see a consistent coloring paired with a contrasting white. The bathroom is trendy and modern.

Brown Bathroom

19 traditional-powder-room

Image: 996v

The deep sense of tranquility and privacy is set with deeper coloring and lavish accents. The style is bold yet serene and befitting your new restyle.

Brown Bathroom

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Image: Hub Pages

A fairy tale bathroom space holds natural stone and traditional wooden stylings. The decor and treatments finesse the ambience creating a charming space.


The concepts shown above have brought us through many options when designing or restyling your bathroom. Browns and neutrals have a sense of depth that is offered within the styles. A bathroom dsign should be efficient and appealing. The vanities and basins will fit the decorative theme and accentuate the eye of the designer. Color and lighting have long been in the designers tool box when it comes to planning the a project for any space. The bathroom will have functionality built into the layout, while the style will be the appeal that is most befitting the theme that is opted for.

The design will begin with your visionary inspirations. The materials used and colors incorporated will bring your perception to reality. Wood and tiling are popular choices to integrate the theme. The character of the room is essential to your plans.  A bathroom space is an integral part of the home bringing a genuine sense to the style. Whether it is a private room or shared you will find updating the decor and charm will bring a refreshing perspective to your day.