20 Contemporary Bathroom Design Styles To Choose From

Contemporary Bathroom Design

When redesigning your bathroom space, you may come across a lot of definitive terms that may seem confusing. One of the most common points of confusion is the word Contemporary. Many find it difficult to descriptively find the source of their style. Is it modern? or is it Contemporary? The modernization of style originated decades ago, and while it is ever changing the main stream lines and natural elements are still infused for a modern look. As architectural design and interior integrity grew so did the high styling of the contemporary look. When you infuse clean lines with an industrial point of view you have a collaboration known as contemporary.

You can personalize your contemporary design with personal touches that make the look unique with a sleek appeal. You will find a neutral palate is popular in contemporary design for a clean appearance that accentuates the architectural integrity of the room. Natural and decorative lighting are a prominent aspect as the space is illuminated. You will find simplistic decor that is graceful and well purposed within the styles of the contemporary bathroom.  Below you will find twenty illustrative photos that will offer you prime ideas for a contemporary bathroom of your own.


Image: Contemporist

This Contemporary bathroom is fluent with a seamless quality. The shower is flawlessly intricated along with modern day fixtures that provide a clean appeal to the space.

Better Homes and Gardens
Image: Better Homes and Gardens

Traditional meets contemporary in this bathroom design. The sharp angles are evident in the shower space while being complemented by a softer soaking tub and tiled touches.

Image: HomeAdore

In true contemporary fashion we see the angles accentuate strong clean lines throughout the room. The sleek colors and definitive hues offer a charismatic view of the room.

Luxe Interiors Design Magazine
Image: Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

The curvature of this rooms design is balanced and well matched with use of textures. The flooring and tile provide detail and tie the space together in style.

Image: UltraLinx

Lavishly set, we see a contemporary bathroom that utilizes deeper tones with brilliant lighting options. The room holds minimal seams and appears to have a tranquil focus in design.

Luxury House
Image: Luxury House

High beamed ceilings accentuate the heightened basins to complete the look. The vanity is of equal balance while proportioned with the room.

simple form
Image: simple form

This simplistic design holds an open concept with an airy tone. This well lit style is genuinely artistic in form and reflecting a true contemporary design.

Toronto Life
Image: Toronto Life

Sleek elegance is displayed in this black and white bathroom. The open lines are intrigued with bold contrasting concepts. The simple yet integral space is what we would consider perfectly contemporary.

Image: Airows

The alternating effects of the tiling offer a complex appeal. A clear glass shower is accentuated by a piping trim effect that is balanced throughout the bathroom space.

AD France
Image: AD France

A parallel impression is offered in this contemporary style. The wooden surrounding is solidified and well lit while being integrated in its own contemporary fashion.

Image: Zillow

A merging of style is clear in this bathroom setting. The tiling detail offers a contemporary touch to the traditionally styled design.

Impressive Interior Design
Image: Impressive Interior Design

A luxurious style is infused with deep tones and elemental qualities. The stony details are illuminated with a trendy blue light that gives this style a glowing review.

Inspiration DE
Image: Inspiration DE

Inspirational and innovative we find this design both energizing and tranquil. The collaboration of wood, sleek tiling and brilliant lighting completes the look of this contemporary bathroom.

Lonny Magazine
Image: Lonny Magazine

A creatively patterned floor is set with a stark contrasting black and white throughout. The dimensional aspects of the shower and the room give this bathroom a genuine appeal.

Image: Homedit

A serene setting is defined in this space. The built in shelf and intricate modernized detail create a contemporary design that is sure to refresh any bathroom design.

Image: FeedPuzzleToronto Life

Architectural genius is what we call the designing of this bathroom. The sink is multi-faceted and offers a layering effect that brings a geometrical tribute to the contemporary persuasion.

Etelamaki Architecture
Image: Etelamaki Architecture

This room holds a light and airy effect while mingling with sleek seamless lines. The shower doors are sheer while the basins bring a day in the garden appeal.

Image: Decoist

Crisp and clear lines bring a concise style to this space. Simplistic decor holds tribute to the tall ceilings and lengthened surfaces.

Image: Contemporist

Multiple textures within the tiling and walls are a fresh perspective to the rooms design. The muted gray colors are complemented by a sleek white tone. With widened fixtures and geometrical details, this bathroom design is a contemporary gem.

In the above photos, you have seen how the contemporary bathroom designs collaborates effortlessly for any space. The genuine appeal the contemporary bathroom holds is both refreshing and charismatic. Although simplistic, the contemporary design is elegant and sophisticated with hints of luxury. Seamless showers and creative basins offer a grandeur appeal while the muted tones soften the cues. You will find when designing your own contemporary bathroom, you will be intrigued and inspired with the angular aspects throughout. Inspiring energy with lighting and decorative touches will allow you to complete the look with ease.

As you differentiate the musings of designing terms and variances, you will find several pieces and designs that will give your room a purposed sense of personality. When you walk into your restyled contemporary bathroom , you will be swept away in the ambience of your own style and design.