Contemporary Garden Shed Designs

Give your green thumb a fashionable new look with Contemporary Garden Shed Designs. Garden Sheds are a great way to inspire your home. The concept is to store your garden wares, additional lawn equipment and all of your outdoor fun in one neat and trendy place. The traditional outdoor shed has been updated to a more contemporary outlook. Designers have modernized Garden Sheds while adding additional options such as green house designs, a quiet garden retreat and a trendy new style. These new sheds have varied exterior designs. Windows and solar panels along with wooden and stony textures offer a sensational new look. Maintaining organization is a key focus while continuing the ease of every day use. With your new Contemporary Garden Shed, going outside will no longer be a chore. Instead it will soon become a favorite part of your day.

In the twenty images below, we have compiled exemplary illustrations of Garden Shed Designs that you can utilize for your own back yard space. Creative colors and inviting accents collaborate together in each final style. You will note how each shed captures both the personality and the life style of your schedule. Whether you are a garden guru or simply enjoy the fresh air, you will be inspired to start a new endeavor. Starting a new garden or project will begin with your own personally styled Garden Shed.

Tree Hugger
Image: Tree Hugger

With a metal structure this sheer glass entry displays a delightful way to spend your day in your garden. Take a moment to relax or store your hobbies in this new contemporary design.


In this image contemporary is added with a touch of retro fashion. The red and grey block door leads to a trendy storage area that will fit your homes needs.

Daily Mail
Image: Daily Mail

This modern shed is more of an escape from the day. Your own space away includes an additional room still befitting of your garden necessities.

Image: Decoist

Inspiring your own green house will create a lavish addition to your backyard design. Stone and glass are used for an expressive tone and a beautiful display.

Ecospace Studios
Image: Ecospace Studios

This cozy garden shed is fashioned after your own living room. This man cave doubles as a garden experience for the best of both worlds.

HGTV Gardens
Image: HGTV Gardens

A modern look has a seamless style with a single door entry and a wooden exterior. White screen accents offer a contemporary vibe that is sure to satisfy your inner zen.

Light House Shoppe
Image: Light House Shoppe

Step into your own backyard paradise with this garden shed. French doors and enlivened florals and plants surround the space for a lavish experience.

Image: Zillow

This equipped greenhouse also serves as a trending multi functional storage for your yard. The elite entrance is enchanted for a great start to your day.

The New York Times
Image: The New York Times

Here we see a dual level shed that has an old world charm. Varied textures and tones are swept throughout for a natural and complementary appeal.

Waltons Garden Buildings 2
Image: Waltons Garden Buildings

A modern blue and white shed that has tinted windows along with a simplistic design that offers contemporary elegance at its finest.

Waltons Garden Buildings 3
Image: Waltons Garden Buildings

This innovative design is made of natural wood and is a cozy cove with a patio. Additional storage is conveniently along side this modern shed design.

Image: Minimalisti

This modern day Garden Shed serves as a refreshing and quiet space. Various uses can be found behind the contemporary exterior windows.

Peterson Studios
Image: Peterson Studios

An ingenious study space can be used for some quiet time as well as accentuating the needs of your lawn and garden. Planning new projects has never been easier with this design.

Shed DIY
Image: Shed DIY

This innovative shed has a futuristic appeal, a green and grassy rooftop eases over a golden yellow modern day Shed Design. Updated windows and lighting put the final touches to this style.

Shed Plans Package
Image: Shed Plans Package

Here we see a simplistic modern shed that serves as a blank space for your modern shed. A sturdy exterior structure has an open window entry with a natural wooden interior surrounding.

Sheds Building
Image: Sheds Building

This wooden Garden Shed is the perfect place to store a number of necessities that you may need for your home. Natural wood is the theme. A clever folding door makes for an easy entrance.

Image: kristi_shanks

The epitome of a contemporary design holds a smart exterior style with a sophisticated space inside. Wide french doors lead the way for your own private get away.

Image: Homedit

Sea foam green with a natural wood finish provides a generous perspective to this modern shed. Small sky light windows accentuate the design with a contemporary look.

Home Design Lover
Image: Home Design Lover

Clever and innovative sets the stage for an immaculate Garden Shed Design. You will look to the future and be inspired in this futuristic addition to your home.


In the above illustrations we have seen twenty beautifully articulated Garden Shed Designs. Each style compliments the home as well as meeting the needs of your garden space. Designers have infused traditional appeals with the contemporary looks of tomorrow. From your own hide away retreat to an inspired green house, we have seen clever ways to infuse storage and organization into each design.

With the many textures, colors and styles to choose from, you will have a trendy, new contemporary Garden Shed Design for your own every day use. Putting your personal touches throughout will ensure a brilliant and evolutionary addition to your back yard space.