25 Stunning Contemporary Living Room Designs

Contemporary styles can encompass a wide variety of furniture types and styles, decor and so on. The great thing about contemporary rooms is that they can work with almost any size or style of room. Whether you’ve got a studio apartment or a spacious mansion, contemporary rooms can work very well with the right touches.

These beautiful contemporary rooms wonderfully encompass the diversity and comforting looks that contemporary styles are so famous for.


Image: West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

This fantastic open room features a low-set maple coffee table. An overall neutral color scheme filled with whites and beiges helps set the scene, ensuring every element of the room stands out. Sleek lines, very characteristic of contemporary designs, fill the room.


Image: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Rich mahogany flooring complements the rest of the room, which features refurbished wood walls in the dining area. Here, the colors are subtle as well, which is also typical of many contemporary rooms. The open floor plan ensures a clear flow between each part of the room.


Image: Bethe Cohen Design

High ceilings and a tall fireplace set the scene in this stunning contemporary living room. Soft creams and a mahogany table helps create a beautiful room that’s perfect for hosting, while wide windows ensure that there’s plenty of lighting to filter into the room.


Image: Howells Architecture + Design, LLC

This living room also offers high ceilings, as well as comfortable furniture and a subdued color scheme. Wood paneled walls, evocative of a hunting lodge, help set the scene here, creating a space that’s perfect for hosting or lounging in. I


Image: J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami – Modern

This studio living room features clean, white furniture and simple furniture to set the scene. As we said before, contemporary designs can work in a variety of capacities. Art deco decor elevates this room to the next level, while a low set ottoman works very well in creating a comfortable space ready for hosting a small gathering.


Image: La Tour Design

Birch wood flooring creates a sleek, smooth look for this beautiful contemporary living room and dining room. A mahogany table in the dining area contrasts nicely with the light, relatively subtle color scheme throughout the room.


Image: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

A polished granite fireplace mantle, paired with a granite and glass topped coffee table, works well in this luxurious living room. Leather chairs and an L-shaped sofa helps set the scene here.


Image: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Maple flooring, paired with an open floor plan and high ceilings, works very well here. A marble hearth and a black mantle on this fireplace works very well here, creating an elegant and sophisticated centerpiece in this beautiful room.


Image: Robert Granoff

This gorgeous living room features wide, open windows- providing a beautiful view- and low set, gorgeous sofas. With a white and red color scheme, the room is dynamic without being too overwhelming. Art deco accessories are nice touches in this beautiful living room.


Image: Cape Associates, Inc.

With a tan and brown heavy color scheme, this beautiful living room is full of light and character. A low refurbished wood table helps set the scene, while pleasantly contrasting furniture provides ample seating and hosting space.


Image: CG&S Design-Build

An impressive polished granite fireplace helps set the scene in this stunning living room. An oriental rug adds an element of comfort and luxury to a living room decked out in maple and rough, hewn limestone.


Image: West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

A low set white coffee table, paired with a plush cream rug, works very well in this beautiful living room. Smooth, elliptical chairs help set the scene here, bringing one back to the ’80s.


Image: Portal Design Inc

Warm colors and a maple floor help create a gorgeous, comfortable and open room. While there are no dividers between the living room, dining area and kitchen, each area has its own identity. Bright yellow chairs add appreciated pops of colors into this beautiful contemporary room.


Image: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Wide windows create an open, light filled space. Mahogany flooring provides a pleasant contrast with white walls and a light color scheme, while complementing the charcoal sofa even better. The wood mantle really helps the fireplace stand out, while a wide marble hearth provides plenty of storage space and a unique look.


Image: New Mood Design LLC

Granite brick and birch flooring helps set the scene in this beautiful room, which features a spacious floor plan and ample lighting. The kitchen is stunning as well, featuring a granite back splash and polished, charcoal cabinet doors.


Image: AXIS Productions

With a tan and brown heavy color scheme, featuring varnished leather loungers, this beautiful living room is made complete with refurbished driftwood flooring and a tall, naturally set white fireplace.


Image: Osprey Custom Homes

This gorgeous living room is not only a beautiful theater but a hearkening back to the early days of the Roaring ’20s, with a subdued color scheme and tiled divider, as well as gorgeous contemporary patterns.


Image: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

This industrial living room features an open floor plan and wide windows. Plush charcoal sofas don’t hurt, providing ample and comfortable seating. Paired with a burlap rug and wicker chairs, this living room is stunning and stylish.


Image: Nathalie Priem Photography

Brick walls provide a nice touch in this studio apartment. Paired with refurnished wood flooring, it’s elevated to the next level- a comfortable, contemporary pad. A wide, oak bar is perfect for entertaining while the overstuffed sofa ensures perfect seating for game night.


Image: Guided Home Design

Cream, plush walls and a yellow and white filled color scheme work perfectly in this beautiful living room. While very contemporary, it’s adopted classical elements, creating a unique and comforting look. A marble fireplace works fantastically in this beautiful living room.

From studio apartments to classically inspired living rooms, contemporary design can encompass a wide variety of themes.

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