20 Counter Height Dining Sets You will Love

Counter Height Dining Sets

Dining room table sets allow dining room furniture to conform to a standard. Counter height sets are taller, adding height to the space, and allowing for additional seating beyond the traditional four person kitchen table. There are many options for wood finishes, metal integration, marble table tops, and of course upholstered seating and benches.

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Image: Wayfair

Simplistic yet elegant, this wood dining set uses a stained wood finish for the chairs and the table legs, complemented by the natural wood table top and the soft, upholstered chair cushions.

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Image: Carolina Furniture Mart

Buying matches storage units to blend into the table and chair set can complete the furniture in a dining room. Rather than simply sitting boxes or piles of plates in a corner, having them under inside cabinets against the wall like this is much better. This is especially true of extra kitchen items that might be needed in a moment’s notice, like extra seat cushions, spare cutlery, and more.

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Image: Homelement

Here, four people are easily accommodated for meals beneath the natural light flooding through the window. The rich dark wood tones stand out against the beige walls and rugs.

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Image: Rooms to Go

Options for country height dining chairs include backs or backless designs, over sized chairs all the way to bar stools. This table changes the normal square design and instead of one person on each side, places two people per side, perfect for dinner dates. The elongated space in the center then creates the perfect kitchen storage and wine rack.

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Image: Kitchen Source

Slightly larger than traditional dining room tables, these square shapes are big enough to accommodate eight people in larger dining rooms, rather than four.

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Image: Walmart

Tall and uniform, this smaller table fits perfectly into smaller nooks in any dining space, creating a four person breakfast table with storage in the center.

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Image: The Euro Style

Taller individuals can enjoy taller seating in this large dining table height collection whose rich wood tones complement the beautiful rug below.

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Image: Pin IMG

Wood finishes can be painted to conform to any space. here, the wood floors match the wood dining set and kitchen furniture, accented by the wicker rug, storage, and soft chair cushions.

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Image: Bramuen Home

Such chair and table sets really make the dining room table the center piece to the space. Whether seating four, six, eight, or more, these spaces are made to feel clean and sleek, serving but one purpose.

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Image: Ashley Furniture Home Store

Country style kitchens can make use of these modern white sets with darker wood tones more toned down, as it were, taking over as the table top and seat tops alone.

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Image: Furniture Cart

Square tables are not the only design option on the market. Round tables can still make great use of the space, conducive to more intimate conversation.

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Image: Hayneedle

This rich wood finish is complemented by the black leather upholstery for the seating. The bench on one side can accommodate larger guests or multiple children while the chairs can be set aside when fewer diners are present.

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Image: Overstock

A two person table unit with modern chairs really blends into the natural wood floors.

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Image: BHG

Upholstery choices are plenty, with different mixes of chintz, microfiber, and even leather for the seat details.

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Image: Okla Home A

These counter height dining sets can be crafted out of metal or wood with finely padded seats.

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Image: Va Furniture

Some of these designs come with storage tucked away underneath. These cabinets are not only appropriate for kitchen spaces because of their functionality but because they are able to contribute to the beauty and stunning décor of any space.

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Image: Sears

Counter height dining table sets are a new take on a traditional dining set. With leafs, the smaller square tables can be extended to meet the number of guests in attendance.

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Image: Houzz

There are options for the width of the chairs, allowing for thinner designs for smaller spaces, or grander designs for larger spaces.

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Image: High Dining Table

The table top crafted from marble or other stone adds unique colors and patterns to an otherwise monochromatic dining set.

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Image: Barrons Furniture Appliances

Taller, round tables are easy ways to ingrate extra seating in a kitchen space, not just for people but for décor, cushion storage, or odds and ends.


Overall, symmetry and beauty abound in dining rooms which utilize counter height dining room sets. Chairs and tables can fit larger, open dining space, or even thinner spaces. Wood finishes add a little something extra too. Larger dining rooms can be filled with a beautiful table for large dinner parties with ease.

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