20 Beautiful Curved Platform Beds

Curved Platform Beds

When it comes to your bedroom style, think chic and sleek with a curved platform bed. If we rewind time, Platform designs became the hippest trend to know when it came to fashionable senses. As days moved forward and the seasons passed, designers have inspired the tried and true with modern sensations creating timeless collections. A Curved Platform Bed is the yin and yang of designs. The feminine elegance is met with a durable and resilient base. Classic tones and lush textures are brilliantly paired for your bedroom. An instantaneous update will be offered  when redefining your space. The presence of a curved design is additionally beneficial for many reasons. Increased circulation through slight elevation and a supportive concept will leave you resting easy with the promise of a new day.

We have compilated twenty trending views of Curved Platform Bed Designs. Fresh and fashioned, these beds are set and ready to become the stylish centerpiece to your room. You will appreciate the stated tones and lavish touches that create a cozy approach to a designer setting.

01 Olivia-Brown-Contemporary-Brown-Black-Faux-Leather-Platform-Bed-0597d804-6f1c-4f6b-b92d-624cce34b54c_600

Image: Wayfair

Soft creme leather makes a contemporary statement with a curved platform bed design. Your night will be full of relaxed dreams with this deluxe edition.

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Image: Hayneedle

A slate gray is curved with a white platform base. The stark contrast is contemporary in concept with a luxe point of view.

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Image: Impressive Interior Design

A chic white platform bed is set with a perfectly plum tone. Simplistic yet insoghtful, this bedroom design is classic with a generous comfort and style.

04 86dec53988b23756533a6250da86a8ea

Image: All Modern

Boasting a retro chic design, a pearlescent white is set below platform shelving. Silver touches add a dimensional effect throughout the space.

05 bb49e39e30245008c018bbf1736146c2

Image: Vig Furniture

Minimal and geometric, shapes are where the eye is drawn. Squares and rectangles are softened by the curves of the bed frame.

06 375217b87e9cb7fad34356408249da1f

Image: Modern Miami

Traditionally modern, curved platform beds are the epitome of comfort. A widened space will allow you to enjoy the lavish complements of the room.

07 485a1aafed845da0278495e48b5fc8a8

Image: Avetex Furniture

A leather curved platform bed has energizing red accompaniments. Contemporary deco designs are reflective and modern surrounding a trendy display.

008 Modern-King-Bed-Platform-With-Grey-Pillows-Bedsheet-And-Black-Rug-Of-Ikea-Design-750x750

Image: Homes 

A minimalist designs carries the intention of a curved platform bed to a heightened appeal. The black and white theme is a sensational design for your bedroom.

09 8dbb902157401c1c974faad1ad32702b

Image: Lexington

Rich, dark wood frames make for striking contrasts in minimalist or contemporary bedroom decor.


Image: Specs Server

Warm, soft, and inviting, this bed naturally draws the eye from the colorful rug up to the artwork in a flowing, linear fashion.

11 c0a69d4596ff9a45631843552c7ab378

Image: Sears

As if floating gently on the rich wood flooring, this white bed allows for black accent rugs and blankets to stand out in a minimalist style.

12 9b0694a20e7be91f98200a39f46812b0

Image: Furniture Fashion

The rich wood frame complements the rich earth tones of this modern room. A simplistic setting has an elaborate city view.

13 7d01bffec52c515e2184804cf9557865
Image: BHG

The gentle patterns in the bedding draw focus to the soft stitches in the head board of this curved bed. The creme in the bed holds complemtary undertones to the cheery yellow walls.

14 a5f76747f6f00f0d48cccbae5e417c71

Image: Furniture Décor Showroom

Black and white is in a modern societal setting. Sleek and sophisticated, this curved platform bed is a perfected contemporary design.

15 2c97b6bcb52f7c39610e13c5172e39b9

Image: Polyvore

In some cases the curves are not just concave, but convex. Here the upholstered pattern created hard lines among the soft lines of the curves.

16 198b8c4bccf05af96c6b63a0f6464d36

Image: Hearts Attic

The curved edge of this bed, so near to the ground, seems to simply melt away into the rich wood flooring.

17 a2e1843eba528efdc51e94d17681fed5

Image: Lindsay Saroukos 78

Modern yet geometric, the waves integrated into this bed complement the single piece of art, drawing focus to the style.

18 c2b93e25deb5261f601b02a16d95288e

Image: LA Furniture Store

Slated charcoal gray hues are a prominent precision in the displayed details. A shag rug puts the finishing textured touch to this gorgeous style.

19 8252700adc6ac0d883ff9dd248be2fb7

Image: Hillton Furnitures

Modern decor highlights the rounded pillows and accent pieces with black and white tones. Natural lighting enhances the wall sized window.


Image: Room Décor Ideas

In this space, the curves of the bed wrap under the frame, giving even more rounded edges to a softened space. The intricate black and white setting is graciously set with a glorious view.

We have viewed twenty modern expressions. Curved Platform Beds will greet your bedroom with a graceful approach. Sleek lines are sophisticated and trendy that will bring you a luxurious comfort and a smart design. The cues throughout each space have displayed the sheer versatility a curved bed holds. Although modern in style, the concept is deriven from a fabulous time when artists were inspired with their own inner vision. A Retro touch will reflect through your style with an appealing sense to the room.

You will have a new perspective to your bedroom when you add a trendy curved platform bed to the scene. With a collective genius, this look will sweep away your day with a brand new point of view. Wake up in style and dream of design with a lavish and modern touch.


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