20 Different Kitchen Flooring Designs for You

Different Kitchen Flooring Designs

If you find yourself repeating the words wood, slate, and ceramic you are most likely trying to decide on a new Kitchen Flooring Design. With so many colors, textures and styles to choose from it can land you into a state of indecision. The good news is that there is no right or wrong choice. Your design or redesign is a creative way to display your own keen eye for style. Choosing the theme for your kitchen as well as the color palette will aid you in choosing your new kitchen floor. This article will review Twenty Different Kitchen Flooring Designs that will inspire your own new trendy setting.

The kitchen is a high traffic area and the flooring you choose will optimize both the fashionable presence of the room and the efficiency this style holds. Durability, clean ability and stylish cues all become integral aspects in your flooring options. In the following images you will note the collaborating tones textures and materials and how they accentuate the space through the use of a functional design. Light to dark and glossy to muted we will explore trendy designer floors that are beautifully innovated.

Image: House of Turquoise

A high gloss finish is sharp and trendy in this white kitchen floor expression. Light marbeling is designed throughout offering a detailed insight to a modern day kitchen floor.

Image: Home Bunch

A natural wood finish offers a breezy appeal that opens the room. The refreshing and airy design is a beautiful way to start your day.

Image: Houzz

Neutral tones are the theme of this updated kitchen style. The counter tops, walls and flooring hold the same finish for a continuous flow of the design.

Image: Georgiana Design

This creative floor holds a design made of clever hexagon shapes and dimensional tones. The multi layered kitchen style infuses a thoughtful direction.

Image: The Cottage Market

This wooden floor design holds elemental shades that range from a smokey grey to an inspired neutral hue. This perfectly paired floor is complimentary to this chic kitchen style.

Image: Nancy Sell Real Estate

A rich wooden finish is set with an espresso black collaboration. A stately elegance is themed from floor to ceiling with accentuating details and design.

Image: Maisondecing

This lavish brick layering offers a cultural and historical style. This design is both clever and brilliant offering a cozy and comfortable presence in the home.

Image: Homey Life

This naturally set floor holds a tongue in groove design. The angled perspective adds an enriched depth to the room accentuating the modern white surrounding.

Image: Stak Face

This fashionable wooden floor holds its natural integrity that a beautiful cross between country and modern cues. This kitchen is inviting in both style and design.

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Veneer Designs.

Image: Becki Owens

A smooth and seamless marbled texture adds a sophisticated tone to a modern style kitchen. The swirling grey and white design offers intricate depth while paired with a polished wooden finish.

Image: Devol Kitchens

This parquet wooden inspired flooring holds dual shading. Rustic notes and classic kitchen touches create the perfect modern day style.

Image: Country Living

A clever pattern inspires this kitchen for an exemplary and illustrative design. Energizing tones are set with vintage appeals.

Image: Home Kitchen

Lovely wooden finishes are designed with fashionable perceptions. The themed kitchen space is both elaborate and lavish for your home.

Image: Luxe Source

Paired finishes are evident throughout this wooden kitchen flooring. Light and neutral meets a bright an airy style that is both graceful and charming.

Image: Blog Lovin

This kitchen design is full of personality through the use of creative accents and differential tones. The creative flooring adds a dimensional effect to the room for an elaborate theme.

Image: Homes Feed

Slate flooring has a natural appeal with its own deepened palette. The generous collaboration inspires the design throughout.

Image: Kool Kitchen Design

Expert flooring designs are made to create a themed presence for a busy lifestyle. This neutral themed tiling is perfectly paired with a thoughtful kitchen surrounding.

Image: About Utility Billing

Black and creme kitchens are modern and well fashioned. The dimensional opted flooring used in this space offers a collaborating appeal for a fresh kitchen design.

Image: Watersedge Retirement

Luxurious notes make for a dream kitchen that will inspire your home. The deep layering of dark and neutral tones throughout the flooring are a complimenting contrast to the rooms style.

Image: Home Talk

A couture kitchen is complete with a chic and natural flooring design. This wooden expression holds designer elements with a fresh perspective for an updated space.


We have viewed Twenty Kitchen Flooring Designs that are meant to inspire. Your new kitchen space will be fashionably inviting with the presence of a stylish flooring option. Durability and a lasting impression will be found within the intricate pairing of each detail and aspect infused without. Dark to light shades are offered to accentuate your kitchens theme and enliven the design to its optimal potential.

Your kitchen is full of memories of both family and friends. Your personalized style will shine throughout while creating future inspirations that will take part in your everyday life. Whether you are styling or restyling, your kitchen concept will become an integral part of your homes design.

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