20 Admirable Double-Sided Fireplace in the Bedroom

Double-Sided Fireplace in the Bedroom

Some of the best things we know in our world come in twos. From bookends to Geminis we have the learned to love the sense of duality. Two sides of a whole are a mesmerizing part of our nature. The call of this mystical aspect of our personality has been answered by designers. The style world has given us duality in both our home and the fine fashions that fill them. As an example of a purposed duo is in bedroom design. We strive to have balance of ourselves and our atmosphere. Designers have reached beyond with the concept of two rooms in one. A personal quiet space or office is now incorporated into what once was only where you slept. One way they have accomplished this is with Admirable Double Sided Fireplaces in the Bedroom.

This trendy design creates a refreshing place where you can step away from your day and into a bedroom that offers ambience and an elemental style. Below, you will find twenty enlightened illustrations of dual sided fireplaces in the bedroom. You will experience the warm and cozy charm that will be a great addition to your designing plans.

Image: Home Portfolio

A contemporary  design has a mountain side view. The double sided fireplace is beautiful with natural elements and seating. The created separation is a scenic and well stated.


Image: Marc Michaels

This modern day double sided fireplace is perfect for a trio of intentions for this bedroom design. Cozy is key for this room with a crackling fireplace for ambience.

Image: The Sleep Judge

A stony expression holds the essence of an ago era. The lounge and bedroom are collaborated with a distinguished design for a lovely perception.

Image: Home Furniture Models

The rest of the space can enjoy the glowing fire in this contemporary suite. The gray and airy tones are full of natural light and a beautiful view from the side.

Image: My Amazing Things

The other side of the wall takes on a new meaning with this delightful turn. The fireplace is set within a structural wall for a concise discernment of duality.

Image: Deep Democracy Movement

This clever use of a double sided fireplace integrates the warming hues  in both the bedroom and master bathroom. A specified stone presence offers a continuity to the bedroom space.

Image: The Savvy Lockbox

A vertical distressed red brick offers a genuine appeal to our senses in two effectual areas. The bedroom has a lounge around the corner for a specific view.

Image: A World of Dream Homes

Traditional with a modern note, this room is both trendy and stately. The dark finishes and compelling lighting are enhanced with a dual sided fireplace.

Image: Homedit

Here we see how a double sided fireplace holds the ability to create a separation in a large room. The design is such to be open yet private with a fireside view.

Image: HGTV

This bedroom is lovely with a cottage retro appeal. The light stony properties of the dual sided fireplace are accentuated with natural light .

Image: Architectural Designs

This charming bedroom design gathers around the dual sided fireplace for a lounging style and a good nights rest. Country and vintage touches offer a completed look to the room.

Image: The Villagerny

Simply stated, we see a fresh perspective on less is more. The neutral background offers a relaxed sense and a wonderful design for your bedroom.

Image: Decorpad

We love the neutrality and airy cues this room offers. The clean style is enhanced with an open dual fireplace. The bedroom and lounge are a great example of separate sides to the same coin.

Image: To Decorate

Another view of this space is to note the studio appeal the room holds. Graciously, this design brings a luxurious balance to the design.

Image: Instagram

Merging with nature and the fresh breeze, this bedroom offers the best of both worlds. The style extends to the outside where inspiration meets a beautiful scheme.

Image: Houzz

Bring a cabin cue home with a natural sense and a dual sided fireplace. Perfect for a double occupied space is this extended design for a grand appeal.

Image: Zillow

The intricate patterns and design hold a sense of charismatic touches. The earthened tones and neutral palate is enhanced with plums and blues and a fire place view.

Image: Home Design Lover

A second look at this image , we are pointing out the dimensional aspect of the design. Dual sided can lend an alternate appeal for each expression.

Image: Style Motivation

We love this inspiring use of deeper grays with a sheer sense of glamour. The dual sided fireplace is one where you can design your own retreat within your home.

Image: Rilane

Timeless and classic we have a trendy double sided fireplace with an artistic impression. The taupe and creme melody are inviting and offer a stylish way of design.

We have reviewed the very essence of a dual sided fireplace in the bedroom. The keen style is well purposed bringing an offering of distinction in a thoughtful design. The rooms have a fresh outlook on the day with a sense of privacy that is an essential in our busy lives. Varying settings and structures can be used when designing your own fireplace. From cottage appeals to sleek contemporary lines, you will have your own inspiration and perspective within your bedroom.

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