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Luxury Bathroom Designs


Home design has a long cherished tradition of appealing to our senses. The intentional pairings of color, fabrics and textures can hold lasting impressions. You may notice when you walk into a space, the surroundings offer its own ambience. The characteristics of the room can provide us with a deep breath after a long day, a spark of bright energy or a feeling of pure contentment. It is no wonder many designers have focused on Dream Bathroom designs. Luxurious spas and vacation spots have vamped up their bathroom spaces to offer guests a feeling of lavish comfort. You do not have to go on an expensive vacation to be surrounded in opulent fashion. Designers are bringing the theory of bubble baths and candles into a homes perspective.

The bathroom design was once a basic surrounding. A merging of traditions opens the door to a whole new concept. We are seeing chandeliers paired with intricate tiling and an array of color, resulting in dramatic effects. You can create your own quiet escape that is both functional and elegant with your very own Dream Bathroom. Our Home Design Etc. team has hand picked the following Dream Bathrooms. In each illustrative photo you will see ideas and concepts that can be integrated and refreshed into your own home or apartment.


 Kim TidbitsTwine
Image:  Kim {Tidbits&Twine}

In this luxe space, we see detail infused with delicate color. The white provides an airy balance to the serene neutral. French shades, a brilliant chandelier and carved shower door handles add the finishing touches to this lavish bathroom setting.

One Kindesign
Image: One Kindesign

Unwind after a long day in an island bathtub surrounded by touches of grandeur. The cabinetry is well designed merging efficiency with style. The marble finishes and golden hues surround a warming fire bringing a quiet peace of mind in your own retreat.

Top Dreamer
Image: Top Dreamer

This dreamy bathroom design will leave you feeling content. The muted gray and white lends a modern tone to a chic look. The patterned touches and pampering decor are illuminated by a sleek chandelier. The designers of this room used visual textures and cues that are simply gorgeous.

pearlz n lace
Image: pearlz n lace

Find your zen and balance in this elemental design. In keeping with tradition, we see a balance of water, air fire and earth. The space has a modern feel with innovative lighting under the bathtub and the recessed shelving filled with the soft glow of candlelight. The waterfall faucet and stated lighting will bring you into your own moment of time.

Style Estate2
Image: Style Estate

Cozy and inviting is found within this space. The collaborated textures and color are paired with genius architecture. The single arched shower sets alongside a personal and private deep tub. The crackling of the fireplace has an ambience that can only be topped with a mountain view.

Image: Luxury.com

Bring paradise home with this amazing design. The backdrop of stone and marble is surrounded with sheer glass touches and indoor views of lush greenery. This dreamy bathroom will offer a refreshed feeling while offering a sense of seclusion from the busy day.

Image: homeepiphany

Step into your own mountain cottage complete with logged beams and marbled surfaces. The delicate contrast of tiling and neutral tones completes the design while decorative touches brings a fresh perspective to the space.

Style Estate
Image: Style Estate

This design offers a luxurious style. The deep set bathtub is surrounded by meditative stones while architectural decor sets the stage. Open and airy meets deeper color tones that provides us with  brilliant glowing finishes.

The Berry
Image: The Berry

A room with a view is this intriguing bathroom design. The modern sleek elegance holds its own with a refreshing simplicity. The natural lighting is complemented by recessed led lights and a crisp clean look.

Image: Decozilla

This space is the epitome of luxurious. The open concept of a waterfall shower is paired with a deep soaking bath tub. The rich coloring and curvature design allow this space to be a retreat within your own home.

Image: DecorPad

Upscale and classy is this clean style. The brilliant white space is pleasantly accented with  glossy black touches. This is a great example of a smaller space that is equally glamorous to its larger counterparts.

Image: businesscardfengshui

A simplistic design yet elegant, we see a deluxe shower encased in glass and adjoined to a garden tub. The airy hues and sheen marble is detailed with pin tuck tiling. This design is reflective and charming.

Image: Bloglovin

The fixtures in this design are modernly styled with old world tradition. Rustic touches are collaborated with double marble basins. Candle light and a stunning ocean view create a visionary space.

HGTV Remodels
Image: HGTV Remodels

Live like a movie star by incorporating a shimmering blue with glowing lighting. The key to this design is the consistency that follows though the room. The decorative accents and style are complementary to the space.

Image: HGTV

If you consider this style sans the curtains and decor, you may find it to be entirely different. This is a prime example of what a few touches can add. The dramatic curtains and ballroom style chandelier bring a sense of grandeur into the design. The hints of greenery and clean color cues complete the room.

In Site Interior Design
Image: In-Site Interior Design

Enjoy being whisked away every time you step into this dream bathroom. Elaborate tiling and extravagant details create a brilliant space that will have do it yourself gurus planning already.

Home Stratosphere
Image: Home Stratosphere

Create your own spa inside of your home. This pillared bathtub is inviting with a marbled surround. The accessibility of ease are present in seating and furnishings. The sage green tones are a tranquil alongside a modern color scheme.

Image: HGTV

Pretty in paisley is displayed in this well designed space. The intriguing bathtub design is lavishly set adjoining a designer powder room.

Image: HGTV

The illuminating essence of this space is dazzling. The stoned surrounding collaborates beautifully with the marble touches. A wooden pairing is showcased bringing the style a finished appeal.

Through our journey of Luxury Bathroom Designs we have seen how the smallest and biggest details are displayed. The focal points of the varied styles are complemented with decor and color. Brilliant lighting and tiling offer a delicate balance that allows you to add your own personal touches.

No matter the size of your bathroom space, you can delegate concepts through your  design that will bring you to a Dream Bathroom of your very own.