15 Elegant Bedroom Design Ideas


Image: Bedroom Elegance

Your bedroom is the one place you can get away from it all — it is your sanctuary. But is it really? If your room isn’t designed to comfort and soothe or if you try to cram too many functions into your sleeping quarters it can become a stressful, hectic space rather than the serene, relaxing space it’s meant to be.

If your room isn’t conducive to restful sleep, there are several things you can do to turn your room into the elegant sanctuary you deserve. By choosing the right furniture, color palette, and style for your room, you can create the luxurious bedroom of your dreams. If you’re not sure where to begin, look at these tranquil rooms for inspiration.


Image: Robert Legere Design

Plush, luxuriously soft fabrics and pillows are found everywhere in this decadent bedroom, which offers plenty of opportunities for snuggling and cuddling.


Image: Blanchard Ltd

A muted cream-and-gray color scheme makes this space feel very tranquil indeed. The lack of color instantly soothes the mind and reduces stress.


Image: Dixon Designs, LLC

Opulently designed, this bedroom allows you to sink down into comfort and luxury each time you crawl into the magnificent padded bed.


Image: Dimitar Kopkaliev

You can use color in a bedroom and still create a relaxing, calm space. The key is to choose soothing colors like the lavender chosen for this room.


Image: Hassen Mouchmouche Designer

The designer of this elegant bedroom utilizes a neutral color palette to create serenity within the space. A bright pop of orange lends character and a little bit of personality to an otherwise neutral room.


Image: Noel Diaz

Extravagant and luxurious, this ornate bedroom has loads of architectural detail, which would quickly overpower the room if the designer hadn’t chosen such a clever color scheme.


Image: Katarzyna Maciejewska

By selecting uncomplicated furnishings and a monochromatic color palette, the designer of this ritzy bedroom has created a heavenly retreat.


Image: Jameskee

Extravagantly appointed to the ultimate degree, this gilded beauty has been lavishly decorated with high-end materials and ornate furnishings.


Image: Locati Architects

Warm and inviting, this elegant bedroom has been finished with lots of natural wood details, which makes the space feel extremely homey.


Image: Hensley Premier Builders

Infused with personality, this bedroom has been designed to include stylish, whimsical details that bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Image: McCroskey Interiors

Natural materials, like the wooden wall panels and natural fabrics used in this room, create a soft, comforting atmosphere that’s conducive to relaxation and deep sleep.


Image: BTX Window Automation

Unique furnishings and architectural elements make this opulent bedroom enticing and interesting. But they are used sparingly so they don’t overwhelm the space.


Image: Jeff Andrews Design

Plush, warm, and luxurious fabrics and textiles make this room feel sinfully alluring. The fabrics used also give the room a soft edge, which makes the space oh-so comfortable.


Image: Infinity Design, Inc.

Soft luxurious bedding made from the finest fabrics make this space a decadent, heavenly retreat. The tranquil view seen through the far windows also helps ease away the stresses of the day.


Streamlined and modern, this uncomplicated space serves one purpose — to provide superior comfort and relaxation.

From selecting soothing colors to purchasing a well-made, supportive mattress, there are many things you can do to transform your bedroom into a space you want to retire to. So, if you’re not getting the rest and sleep you deserve, perhaps it’s time to change up your bedroom decor. With the right decor, you will find that you sleep more comfortably and soundly than you have in years.