20 Super Entertaining Home Theater Designs

Entertaining Home Theater Designs

We have come a long way from tube televisions fully equipped with rabbit ears and flip switches. We have evolved from flickering movie reels to a high definition society. Innovation has introduced magic into the media for a keen and colorful perception. In honor of cinematic styles, designers have brought your favorite films home in true fashion. Entertaining Home Theater Designs are the perfect concept for that extra space in your home. Hosting friends or having a date movie moment will have a stylish review that turns your fan favorites into an experience.

Cozy couches and theater seats are used to design your own movie theater within your home. In the images below, you will find your movie muse with detailed settings that will leave you craving your favorite tasty fares. Innovative lighting and elaborate surroundings will set the proverbial stage for an entertaining design.

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Image: Décor 

This modern space uses a widened screen to create a paragon of entertainment. The wrapped white couch is generously sized and styled for an amazing space.

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Image: Arielle Calderon

When feathers and fedoras fell under the lights, this theater style became an elegant evening. This recreated splendor holds elaborate details and a fashionable finish.


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Traditional theater settings include an over stuffed couch with a comfortable ottoman style. A wooden accompaniment makes for a deluxe theater design.

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Image: Instagram

A clever celestial design is layered with classic colors and a night under the stars. This space is inviting and appealing for a wonderful style.


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Image: 4 Seating

Black and golden collaborations offer an enriching experience filled with a cozy and comfortable vibe. The plush setting holds an air of excellence in it’s design.

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Image: Homedit

The place to be is this rooms theme. A modernized theater design is set alongside a built in eatery and an energetic tone.

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Image: Contemporist

The use of neutral hues create a spacious theater room. The wide screen and sharp details are a trendy and contemporary direction.

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Image: Cento Phobe

Space savvy and stylishly presented, this home movie theater has a cush appeal. The creme surrounding is modern and updated for a promising night in.


Interior of luxury home theater

Image: Home Stratosphere

A contemporary theater is stunning with brilliant lighting and a stoic wooden finish. Stated hues and tones embellish the theme with a luxe design.





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Image: Bgr

A romantic and shabby chic style is gracefully designed. The sleek and elegant lighting and accents put just the right amount of eloquence throughout.

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Image: Decorsalteado

This modern and witty style holds a genius seating design. The ample space and theatrical presentation are displayed with an innovative glowing and enlightening themed accents.

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Image: Avs Forum

An elaborate ceiling design overviews a well stated theater space. Stark black theater seats and designs complement a creme setting for a magnificent view of the room.

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Image: Homes of the Rich

A Taupe expression is luxurious in style. The beautiful sleek setting has a traditional and thoughtful approach to an inspiring theater room.

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Image: Sound and Vision

Dual tied back curtains make a grand entrance to a stylish theater design. The patterned carpet lends a stylish depth that envisions the room to a designer sense.

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Image: Home Bunch

A classic view and a creme setting uses a platform for a table setting that allows for a cozy dinner and a movie. This style is perfected for a theater room design.

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Image: Bidding for Good

Classy and lavish is this theater space design. A classic style has a starstruck charm in the detailed lighting and glamoured setting.

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Image: Home Furniture

This entertaining style has more than surround sound. The open concept has a graciously sized theme that will transport you away for a moment in time.

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Image: Rich Famous

A generous night sky theme is complementary to an in home theater. Enriched wooden finishes are exemplary with lush leather seating that has a genuine theater approach.

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Image: Gilt

A VIP seating arrangement is a deluxe way to spend your evening. New features and all time favorites are trendy along the walls in a director’s cut of this theatrical presentation.

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Image: Ankar

A contemporary home theater is the martini of styles. The textured appeal is served in a classy surrounding and topped with  sparkling lights. A tranquil pairing of tones bring together a fine design.

Take a trip to the theater without leaving your house. The keen concept we have reviewed has enabled a new way to incorporate entertainment into your design. Plush seating and draped sceneries will indulge your favorite features. A relaxed atmosphere can be as glammed up or down with embellished accents and intricate details. Adding fun and colorful additions to your theater will enhance the experience with the aroma of freshly popped popcorn and tasty treats. Visual cues will be floor to ceiling with deluxe lighting and a clever coordination of hues.

This design will turn every night into a movie night. A movie theater in your home is a cozy approach to entertaining. Dim lights and wide cinema screens will change the way you view the term         “staying in ” for the night. You can turn any space in your home into a theatrical design that will be a paramount piece of your style. Your top of the list films, snacks and delightful company will put the finishing touches to the new faborite room in your home.

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