20 Awesome Floating Shelves in the Living Room

Floating Shelves in the Living Room

If you are a member of the bookshelf Club you may want to consider incorporating new shelving Concepts also. Floating shelves may not exactly be new, however they are a quick way to update your living room or office space. Bookshelves will always have a home in our designing hearts. The idea of floating shelves ┬ánot only will save space they will also be a decorative accent. These trendy shelves are adaptable to any wall space in the room. They can hold all of your favorite books or trinkets as well as the designer touch that completes your room’s appeal.

We have put together 20 images of Awesome Floating Shelves in the Living Room. Floating shelves are befitting of any style that your room is set in. You will note the varying ways to display your new trendy shelving. You will see simplistic to elaborate decor and many lighting options to illuminate your stylish statement. There are many ways to showcase you’re floating shelves. You will see in the illustrations below a variety of sizes and textures that will be the perfect design for your living room.

Image: Taylor Howes

In this contemporary room we see four floating shelves. They have innovative lighting that helps display it decorative accents that you choose for your theme.

Image: Volang

A vertical alignment is artistic and blends perfectly in this modern living room.The brilliant style is directed with a genius eloquence.

Image: Chris Loves Julia

Wall to wall brings a stylish conversion with an efficient pattern. Books and decorative accents are well stated in this floating shelf design. Not only can you put your most cherished items on display, you can also enhance your living room to your own proposed Style.

Image: Gravity Home

This floating shelf Style holds in eloquent simplicity. The intricate detail is refined and balances the room in a sleek Harmony.

Image: Contemporist

Here we see a dimensional design that is both architectural and stylish. Combining natural elements and an ingenious layering affect will add to a retro contemporary living room.

Image: Apartment Therapy

Save space in your apartment or home with charming white floating shelves. The natural light from the window enhances the studies face with Ace Mart and stylish concept.

Image: Deco Holic

This clever wooden floating shelf design has an alternating affect creating depth and sheer Elegance. The shelves are enlightened with modern lights that are Charming and well stated.

Image: Frou Frou and Frills

Create a bookshelf design with floating shelves along the side of an existing structure. The continuous theme and white surrounding is a generous way to store and display accents and pieces.

Image: Architectural Digest

This room with a view is chic in a white surrounding. The refreshing glamorous space holds a floating shelf with iconic memories. Traditional wall lights are the perfect touch to an elaborate appeal.

Image: The Wonder Forest

Seamless lines our evidence and a modern and retro living room space. The multiple textures and earthy colors create a cozy and inviting room.

Image: West Elm

Black corner shelves are brilliant in style. The decorative touches are an enchanting use of space while imprinting a grand Design.

Image: PinImg

Nothing is more classic than a black and creme living room. The floating shelves are a contrasting compliment to the design of a cherished approach.

Image: Coco Kelley

Inset floating shelves are a great way to incorporate the space saving concept. The design is also a study space in a naturally cheery and well-lit style.

Image: Home Stratosphere

A gorgeous brick and stone wall holds wooden floating shelves. The design in this living room is a luxurious impression that is modern and timeless.

Image: Sams 3D

The elegant and absolutely charming design is timeless with a taupe, gray and white theme. The floating shelves are set in a lavish decorative stance.

Image: Blog Lovin

Using offset dimension creates a refreshing designer appeal. The black and white style is full of classic accents and an enriching concept.

Image: Improvenet

A modernized living room space is stately and fashionable. The clean lines and luxe notes are contemporary and artistic. The updated look of the room is an inspired style.

Image: Southern Weddings

How charming is this aqua and taupe design. The white accents are filled with hints of the ocean. The scheme of the room is gracious with accents of green and a modern appeal.

Image: Starr Homes

A vaulted ceiling and gorgeous fireplace are accented with designer floating shelves. The truly inspirational setting is both brilliant and inviting. The shelving lends a deeper finish bringing a generous appeal.

Image: Decoratio

A cozy and cheery room is beautiful. The chic culture appeals have vintage notes. The floating shelves are delightfully designed with floral accents and fadiined accents.

We have reviewed floating shelves that take center stage in any setting. The beautiful living room designs  have been enhanced with these space saving yet chic shelving concepts. Incorporating floating shelves is trendy and can also be a do it yourself project. The nuts and bolts of placing your shelves are a simple matter of measuring, placing then hanging. The fun part is choosing which of your accents you would like to display.

Your floating shelves will become a true enhancement to your living room providing an instant makeover to your design.

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