French Country Exteriors That Bring the Charm of the Countryside To Your Neighborhood

French Country Home Exterior Design Ideas

There are few things finer than French architecture. French country homes are a perfect marriage of traditional values and innovation. While these homes are as cozy and charming as a little cottage, they’re as grand and luxurious as any Regency manor.

002 mediterranean-exterior 11

Image: Jonathan Dean

Stone, stucco, and wide windows turn this modern home into a fine French chateau.

003 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Jonathan Miller Architects

While this home may be a more modern reconstruction, a wide courtyard, nd a stone brick exterior bring back the best of 18th-century architecture.

005 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Fusch Architects, Inc.

With a whimsical stone walkway and a honey-colored limestone exterior, this beautiful home is made to charm.

007 mediterranean-exterior 11

Image: Dennis Mayer, Photographer

Wide windows, a generous chimney, and high roofs speak to this home’s cheerful French heritage.

009 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Fusch Architects, Inc.

Craftily aged brick and warm, pink bricks pack this spacious home with plenty of charm. Wide courtyards help emphasize French architecture’s heritage- you can’t help but be reminded of a manor home.

010 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects

A stately courtyard and rustic masonry turn this home into a perfect marriage of forward-thinking modern values and 18th-century charm.

012 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Creative Touch Interiors

Pair masonry (preferably light or warm colored stone like limestone) with stucco for a charming, unforgettable look.

013 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

Even a smaller home can still benefit from taking inspiration from French architecture. Note the cheerfully vintage shutters and the warm, stucco exterior. This imparts a cozy, cottage-like feel to this home.

014 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Maddock Construction Company

This home has been transformed into a fairytale castle thanks to light stucco offset with gray stone. Sloping doorways and a generous courtyard add to the fantastical atmosphere.

015 traditional-exterior 11

Image: CLEMENS PANTUSO Architecture

Warm, brown masonry paired with dark roofs give this home a mature, stately atmosphere. The spacious windows and courtyard certainly don’t hurt either.

017 traditional-exterior 11

Image: VanBrouck & Associates, Inc.

Pointed towers, wide windows, and high balconies transport visitors and family back in time. The stone walkway even compliments the home’s tan masonry, giving the home an even more whimsical feel and style.

018 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Coronado Stone Products

Stone exterior house light pops of white stucco help the staggered edge masonry really make an impact.

019 mediterranean-exterior 11

Image: Sunscape Homes, Inc

Cozy and warm, the cream exterior is paired with wide windows in order to impart a familial atmosphere upon all who visit.

020 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Highgate Builders

With high roofs and windows, you’d be forgiven for thinking you had just stepped into a Victorian novel. Light stucco paired with accents of black wrought iron add to the home’s mystique.

021 mediterranean-exterior 11

Image: Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

Warm tan stucco and mahogany accents have turned this charming Antebellum home into a marriage of French and Southern design. Note the cobblestone walkway and the wide roof.

022 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Corynne Pless

A splash of brick on one part of the house helps incorporate French architectural values while still emphasizing the home’s more modern design features, like the sharp points of the roof.

023 traditional-exterior 11

Image: M.J. Whelan Construction

Slightly more formal, this home is absolutely regal. Note the wide courtyard and the light gray masonry.

024 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Orren Pickell Building Group

A rounded tower, serving as the entryway, gives this home an unmistakably vintage, cozy atmosphere.

028 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Construction Innovations & Contracting

With staggered, light gray masonry, generous windows, and light gray shutters, anyone would be proud to come home to this French villa.

029 traditional-exterior 11

Image: Pippin Home Designs, Inc

Slightly more modern yet tradetional European inspired, you only have to note the home’s brick exterior and wide courtyard to be instantly charmed.

You might not live in France or the countryside but there’s something for everyone to love about a French country home. With generous masonry, wide windows, and historic accents, French country homes remind all visitors of simpler times while providing enough of a forward thinking atmosphere for everyone to love.

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