100 Gorgeous Wood Dining Tables to Charm the Dining Area

Gorgeous Wood Dining Tables to Charm the Dining Area

Whether you are decorating your new home or restyling your current rooms, you will find the furnishings you choose set the stage to your visionary intentions. When looking at your dining room, you will find the table to be both functional and a prominent piece of the rooms design. Busy days create the passing through effect leading to cluttered and less than decorative ideals. The most effective way to give your dining room a makeover is to give it a new center piece. You can use Wood Dining tables to Charm the dining Area for a new  appeal.  An updated dining room table will provide the room with an effective style that will become an integral part of your homes design. Family dining or hosted gatherings will be inspired with your new dining room space. From lighting and accents, you will find the completed look to be the perfected pairing to your special family recipes. Designers add buffets or hutches to create an ease  and a fashionable statement to your day.

You will find many table styles and designs. Wood finishes, structure, shape and height are all determined by the designers touch. There are many styles to choose from. The table you choose will largely depend on the theme of the room and the colors used throughout the dining room space. Designers have brought to us an array finishes that will beautifully set the room while you set the table.  Below you will find a gallery of one hundred examples that will bring you through a journey of styles. You will note the styles and designs of each table brings sheer personality to the dining room.


This well polished mahogany table not only goes well with this classic room but as you can see, it’s made to handle a crowd without taking up too much space. Wide table legs and a classic design is brought to a modern era with clever use of deep slate gray seating that is an elegant touch to the dining space.

Image Source: Crate and Barrel


Dark wood dining set with a square table on a pedestal base. A pedestal style dining room table is modernized with a square table top. The deep wood finish is an elegant touch and a stylish addition to your dining room décor.

Image Source: Greentea Design


The legs of this table is pretty with curvy design that fits for a contemporary dining area. An inspired blend of vintage and contemporary is displayed in this style. The table has a rich finish and an intricate curved structure. The chairs have a modern look and collaborates together with the theme of the room.

Image Source: Style Spa Furniture


A wooden table is transformed with a classic finish and modern contemporary chairs. The table setting holds a nostalgic charm that resonates beautifully through the rooms design.

Image Source: Romanza Interior Design


Beautiful and sleek in a glossy black finish will accentuate a modern design. This table has ample seating and plenty of style.

Image Source: Triad


In this particular style, you will find the detail in this table to be refined and elegant. The traditionally designed table is befitting any home that denotes a classic appeal.

Image Source: Wynwood


This modern table adds a sense of finesse and style to the room. With a geometrical design, the dining room table set is both intriguing and holds a designer feel.

Image Source: Thos Moser


A natural wood is styled in a simple rustic design. The benches offer an eye appealing look and an old world charm addition to a modern era.

Image Source: Crate and Barrel


A stately dining room table design holds a double pedestal base that is traditional and inviting. The soft chairs replicate a vintage style creating a delightful balance.

Image Source: Home Elegance


 This dining room table has a naturalistic style with a modern flair. The chairs are a collaborated effort of industrial and rustic styles.

Image: Big Sur l


An executive dining table is well stated and refined. The black chairs complement the wood finish and offer a sophisticated style.

 Image: Oslo


Block dining room table legs are supportive of a traditional style table. The white chairs are trimmed in a matching finish lending a continuous style that blends melodically.

Image Source: Mobitec Systems


A traditional dining room table has a high gloss to bring out the finish. The chairs are paired directly with both the style and the finish for a classic look. But it has some decorative carvings too.

Image Source: Homelen


A white traditional table has an elemental quality in an infused wicker chair setting. The simple yet luxe dining room design is a cherished addition to any home.

Image Source: Rejig Design


. A classic style table is chic when paired with bamboo and wicker chairs. This dining room set is both comfortable and inviting.

Image Source: Tommy Bahama Home


This style holds a Victorian and vintage appeal. The chic table design is set with matching dinette chairs, the design is accommodating and complementary of the theme of the room.

Image Source: Bassett


This retro style has an elegant side with soft draped chairs and a vintage era table. The dining room is dressed for guests or a cozy dinner for two.

Image Source: Dakota


Tradition and glamour collaborate in a gloss black finished and a finely printed pattern on the seats. This style has a charismatic appeal and an enriched tone.

Image Source: Candace Cavanaugh


A modern retro style has a simply stated table in a dark finish. The set is complete with stark white chairs that are a genuine addition to this eat in kitchen.

Image Source: Increation


These office style chairs have a chrome base and is stylishly paired with a chic wooden table. The set is the perfect addition for your dining design and style.

Image Source: Uul Design


An elongated table combines a wooden finish with sleek seating that has a modern edge. The matching buffet assimilates a retro style.

Image Source: The Luxhome


This contemporary design hosts a natural wooden appeal. The dining room chairs are modern with a taupe palate. A wood and glass hutch is well lit to display your finest pieces.

Image Source: Huelsta


Less is more when you combine quality and fashionable designs. This elegant table is illuminated with creativity and a stated note of excellence.

Image Source: Huelsta


Here we see an all white style that is modern and fresh. The high gloss finish offers a high sense of fashionable appeals. The look is clean and seamless for a completed design.

Image Source: Fern


An elaborate formal dining room consists of rich wooden finishes and leather seating. The European design is gracious and full of luxurious depth.

Image Source: Tommy Bahama Home


Chic and sleek , we see a charismatic dining set. The stark white appeal is not only a fashionable statement it is a cherished addition to your modern home.

Image Source: Riverside Furniture


Contemporary tiding of a black and white set for your dining room design brings us a simplistic yet stately pairing. The room is modernized with the collaboration of both a hutch and buffet.

Image Source: Drada


Image Source: Lexington

The musings of a modern and retro style are paired with a classic dining room table and wooden hutch. The shade variance of the wooden finish and taupe expression are complementary to the room.


The crackling of the fire is the perfect setting for this retro dining room set. Scoop seating holds a gray finish that sets the stage for a lovely design that is ready for your next dinner party.

Image Source: van Ellen + Sheryn Architects


Image Source: splyce design

Contemporary innovation is on the rise. The all glass dining room lends a gorgeous tree top view. The elegance of simplicity is stated with a classic table and chair collaboration.


Image Source: Varrell

The defined modern design is apparent in this dining room style. The basis of the wooden and white collaboration holds a low set table that has a retro appeal.


Image Source: Matthew Hilton

The referenced focus of this particular style is in the dimensional aspects that we see her. The contemporary view has an edge and  angle that will lend a fresh perspective to the design.


Image Source: Brainlid

A clever way to add a rustic touch to your modern home is with this wooden dining room table. A bench adds to the old world charm that is an inspired style for your space.


The elegance of this dining set is noted with contemporary curves and a flair for colorful style. The vibrant tone collaborates expertly with a black finish for this design.

Image Source: Oclat


Image Source: Digzine

This sleek and classy design has a gracious wooden finish and a thoughtful presence. The slight curve in the chairs are well stated with a fashionable pairing of color and style.

The dining room is a gathering place for couples, families and friends. The art of dining both casually and in formal fashion is a tradition for many occasions. Your dining room should reflect your personality and style within the theme of the room. The many table styles we have seen in our gallery are indicative of sleek designs and modernistic views. The array of seating options are balanced in matching sets or a variety that mingles in style. You will find benches or high boy chairs are popular for a fresh perspective in the room as well as traditional styles.

The defining factors of your style will depend on your personal taste and lifestyle. The dining room will usually resonate with the homes interior style lending a continuous look throughout the space. To compliment the tables design, you can use decorative accents on the table or in the room’s surroundings. There are several options such as candles, chargers and preset napkins that can dress up your table for any occasion. Taking the opportunity to update your dining room will create the ambience you desire. The space will feel refreshed look with an intricate style of your own muse. In the next images we will take note of the surrounding of the room that complements star of the show, wooden dining room tables.

Image: Sukio

Rustic and modern deco inspirations are accented with extraordinary accents. The luxe setting sheds a new light on natural wooden finishes.

Image: Reno Guide

A distressed wooden table is made of slatted boards for an extra touch. The metal base brings a view of the industrial age with a truly creative way to dine.

Image: Carpenter James

Country and delightful, this deep wooden finish is paired with a stark white addition. Bench seating is added for larger families or gatherings.

Image: Minimalisti

This very clever and innovative design speaks a thousand words. The beautiful layout of this table is refined and artistic for a contemporary style.

Image: Decoist

The modern teal backdrop is a gorgeous way to display a rustic wooden dining room table. A lovely fresh and natural touch offers a designer appeal to a well stated space.

Image: Modern Chairs

This white surrounding is genuine and chic. The wooden table is simply refined in a modern and traditional dining room setting. The centerpiece offers just the right amount of color that adds a stylish flair.

Image: Kulture Bomb

This wooden table has a dual pedestal base that is beveled for a layered design. The detail and finish of this design is full of charm. Modern creme seating creates a well rounded look to the rooms surroundings.

Image: Etsy

This hand crafted wooden dining room table is a divine piece of nature that is cherished for your home. The details of the wood has been kept in a natural state for  pronounced artistic approach.

Image: Homedit

A country style is warm and full of hearth. This boarded table is made of planks for a sense of origin and fresh views. Dark spindled chairs are the perfect pairing for an updated dining room.

Image: Instagram

Beauty is seen in this natural setting. The light wooden finish is expertly designed with white retro seating. The dining room table will hold up to eight people with ease.

Image: The Coastal Craftsman

This genuine appeal is brought to us through a refreshing use of wooden collaborations. The finish is a classic tone while the chairs and base  are infused with a trendy black iron foundation.

Image: Decorpad

The white chairs and the black overhead lighting are a classic combination for your dining room. The wooden table takes center stage with an all natural finish and design.

Image: Décor Love

Brunches to a late night soiree will be centered around this dimensional design. The slated black table legs are styled with a trendy and rustic wooden table top that is well stated.

Image: Home Improvement DIY

A generous slated blue is paired with a sheer finished dining room table. The designer has placed gray and white seating to harmonize with the undertones of the rooms hues.

Image: She Shabby Creek Cottage

A cozy dining room table is a phased wooden finish that is set with a complementary contrasting white. The charming gray and white stripes on the seating are an ingenious way blend the style together.

Image: Foter

This luxurious dining room table is set with elegance. The beautiful grains in the wood are finished with a glossy sheen. The tufted creme chairs add a vintage cue lending a fashionable finesse to the design.

Image: Ever so Britty

These trendy black chairs are an ideal match for a lovely wooden dining room table.  The simply styled centerpiece proves that less can definitely be more in the designing world.

Image: Ebay

High gloss finishes on a wooden table will accentuate the natural design within the wood. Retro styled white chairs are the perfect touch when paired with a charming vintage centerpiece.

Image: Pin IMG

A pot luck style is refreshing and trendy for any home or apartment. This dining room table combines the elements for a look that is full of personality, textures and finishes.

Image: Roca Woodworks

A seamless style is pronounced with a wooden and white expression. The room is brought together with a classic buffet and a vibrant teal artistic design.

Image: HGTV

You will always have ample seating with dual benches alongside your wooden dining room table. the black metal base is trendily designed with a black and creme area rug.

Image: Domino

Sleek seating and innovative lights are beautiful accompaniments for a light wooden table. The style is airy and cozy with delicate touches and details infused throughout the space.

Image: Tech Ad Gadget

A refreshing table design seats up to twelve guests at a time. The balance of white classic chairs with rustic wooden seating is an expert collaboration for a gracious way to dine.

Image: Bagoesteak

This wooden table set is mixed with a natural and black finish. The smart style is stately and well designed. The base of the table is not only creative, it is also a decorative addition to the room.

Image: West Elm

Modern excellence is simple and elegant. This wooden dining room table is a refined style when paired with sleek black seating around the table.

Image: Deco Holic

A modernized retro table is a rounded design with a seventies style lighting accent that is woven with style. the fashionable chairs are set for a completed look to the room.

Image: Broken Silence

This dining room view is trendy and classic with a wooden table and chair design. The white seating adds a brilliant touch to the dining room.

Image: Woodz

An executive length table made from a naturally cut wooden inspiration. The gorgeous stately design is chic with shimmering seating for a glamorous note.

Image: Coaster Furnitute

Traditional deep wooden finishes and creme are the theme for this dining room table set. The surrounding room is accentuated with collaborating ideals for the design.

Image: Humbleabode

This enchanted table and chair design is made from a rich and glossy red cherry finis. The details in the wooden effects are a cherished fashionable essence in your dining room.

Image: Formel Wood

Contemporary innovation is a charismatic point of view to the dining room. A naturally cut table top is graced with a dimensional chair style that is artistically envisioned.

Image: Modish Living

Plush seating is a modern vintage design. The elaborate style is set with a rustic table design that adds a chrome base for a modernized appeal.

Image: Nyde

The all natural look is definitely the way to go when redesigning your dining room. Designers pair all black seating to create a harmonic blend between the base and surroundings.

Image: Digs Digs

A charming way to display your dining delights is with use of this untouched natural wood. To achieve this look, you will want to use a clear coating on the wooden surface.

Image: Concepts Created

A cottage design is apparent with this chic set. The wooden table is set with white seating that holds a soft blue pattern that adds a layering tone with a personalized touch.

Image: Hit Decorations

We are taking a second look at this table design to focus on the shabby chic centerpieces and modern surrounding. The intricacy of detail defines the design with a classy touch.

Image: Remodelaholic

We are looking at this design for the retro and rustic combination that is within the design of the seating. The wooden branched seating has our attention for a grand style.

Image: Pottery Barn

Creme and black chairs are the modern touch to a wooden table top. A black metal base offers an open view from every perspective in the room.

Image: Structube

The two sided coin of this design is through the designing details. The wooden table top and chair legs are expertly paired with a white seating and black table legs that offer a genuine approach to innovation.

Image: Forrent

enriched wooden finishes are dreamy with a caramel tone in the seating style. Matching curtains and classic candle centerpieces are balanced for a warm and cozy appeal.

Image: Wharfside

Contemporary looks are made of creative designs and dimensional integrity. The curved back chairs are and sleek table legs are fashionably styled with a clean wooden finish.

Image: Trendbuzzy

Dark woods are known for their prominence in style. This factored appeal is shown with divine white seating that is a traditional addition to the scenic room.

Image: Maxvb

This design seems to have stepped out of a fairy tale and into our modern day world. The soft gray seating is finessed with a rustic wooden table that is set in view of gorgeous garden.

Image: All Things Gd

Elegance is styled with a rich wooden finish and chic white seating. The room is full of tradition yet modern cues that are well designed for a completed look.

Image: Home Bnc

This concept is cleverly styled. The wooden chandelier matches the round dining room table. The seating is textured in a soft white tone for a level of depth and a refreshing design.

Image: Pinterest

This stated table set is perfect for your dining room space. A seating for four will fit well into any space allowing for a distinct stylish addition to the space.

Image: Issuu

The continuous theme of a charming wooden finish is elevated when it is used for the table, chairs and the flooring in the room. The timeless style is a breath of fresh air for your dining room design.

Image: Buehojgaard

The innovative spiraling light fixture and textured blended rug are genius accents for this modern and artistic dining room table design. wooden slatted chairs are a brilliant way to offer your guests a seat.

Image: Architecture n Design

If your looking for a dining room table that add a touch of magic to your day, this is the table for you. An absolutely gorgeous design is made up of nature that is infused with a touch of class and elegant tidings.

Image: Room4roomhome

Couture designs are cozy and fashionably stated. The gray lavish seating is paired with a generous wooden table that holds details of refined layering and a beveled style.

Image: Rolapp

A stately look meets a glamorous tone. The creme refined seating is the perfect pairing for a fine dining wooden finish and a room full of inviting tones and cues.

Image: SF Girl by Bay

Tradition is a classic look with a wooden table that has black chairs. The glossy black brings a touch of modernity to the room for a desired overall finish.

Image: Urban Pallets

This design is full of personality and an artistic approach. The rustic style is melodically balanced with the dining room for a vindicated setting.

Image: My Domaine

Simplistic styles are sleek and modern. Retro black scoop chairs are accented with a vibrant area rug that is full of colorful tones and a homey design.

Image: Desire to Inspire

This gorgeous look is achieved with a wooden table that holds a natural light finish. The stark white seating is a lavish way to entertain your guests or have a quiet family dinner.

Image: Urban Wood Goods

A bench seat allows for a ample seating with a wooden pairing. The table and scooped chairs are applied with a lovely wooden floor.

Image: Hdthreshing

Enjoy every meal with a classic country and traditional table. The wooden and black dining room table is friendly and fashioned for a genuine dining room design.

Image: The Jots

Lavish and luxurious meets a wonderful rustic multi toned table. The wooden bench is beautiful with a gray plush seating arrangement that will make every day an experience.

Image: Artistic Wood Products

The table shown here is the right size for any space. The fresh wooden look is set with white chairs for a refined touch to the design.

Image: Dutch Crafters

A gorgeous wooden floor is accented with a white rug that is most appealing with an ultimate tradition dinette set. The classy wooden finish is designed with a creme touch and a matching hutch.

Image: Say Brook Country Barn

Classically country is seen with a wonderful wooden table. A bench offers additional seating while the white seating is a charming essence for your new dining room.

Image: Service Central

The best of both worlds is a distressed wooden table and an elaborate yet elegant chandelier. The natural history of the wooden table will hold your memories for years to come.

Image: Country Polish

A dining room table has a polished wooden finish and spindled detailed legs. The chairs are a creative home fashion that is a new perception to the room.

Image: Woodland Creek Furniture

The elegant taupe seating adds a touch of glam. The naturally cut table is hand designed to create a fresh expression that is full of charismatic views.

Image: Luxe Source

From the wooden flooring to the hand crafted and designed wooden table, we see a designer touch that is full of elegance. The luxe design is perfect for your home and is guaranteed to start a conversation before every meal.

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We have reviewed top designs of wooden tables for your dining room. The relationship between your table and chairs are full of promised styles and defined designs. The refreshing views of wooden expressions both marketed and crafted will make the perfect addition to your new dining room. Wooden finishes hold an array of choices. The tones you set in the room will offer the space a personality that will be the centerpiece of the design. A family meal or group dinner will be a distinguished event. We have seen matching hutches and buffets that delight your dining room with a continuous style.

From the ceiling to the floor we have reviewed the integration of innovative lighting that illuminates your style as well as the balance of area rugs and finishes that complete each room. Making your favorite recipe as well as creating lasting memories make the dining room a cherished part of our home. The direction of the rooms style can be as rustic to modern as you would like. centerpieces made of flowers, candles or other natural accents will enhance the room with a fresh perspective.