20 Gothic Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

Gothic Room Design Ideas

Through the ages of what seems to be a timeless era, no other design evokes a wider range of emotional appeals than the Gothic style.  Many associate the term Gothic with a dark brooding setting that would befit a mysterious castle that creepily looms in the night. This is due to the phases of societal agendas and broadcasted classifications. The truth of the matter is in the world of design and history, the term Gothic refers to a a specific style of architecture and decor that was prevalent in the twelfth through sixteenth centuries.  Gothic bedroom ideas integrate the very meaning of its identity and personifies its keen ability to bring you from a nostalgic feel to a strengthened bold appeal.

Some of the most powerful artwork and literary inspirations in our historical world come from this definitive time period. It was an era filled with culture, dramatic energies and artistic emergence. You can see intricate intelligence in every curvature and prominent accents within the architectural integrity of Gothic designs. The images below will show you a refined sense of light tones and deep persuasions. You will see a spectrum from wood to metal that inspires the styles into the twenty first century.

Tomas Frenes Residential

001 9-Tomas-Frenes 9

Image: Tomas Frenes

A sleek modern tone denotes superiority with fine artifacts and an artistic design. A chic black scheme is dreamy with a modern scope of lighting.

Dublin Contemporary

002 11-Taylored-Interiors 9

Image: Taylor Interiors

With a Victorian edge this design is enigmatic. A deep red apple coloring on the walls gives a sense of nobility with Gothic themed furnishings and accents.

Beirutful House

003 eclectic-bedroom 9

Image: WHAT Architecture

A wooden door frame is elaborately scrolled offering a cathedral feel. Arched aspects are surrounded with a clean style and a compelling appeal of pattern.

Modern and Moody Nostalgia

004 contemporary-bedroom 9

Image: Lucy Call

A modern room meets touches of days past with draping sectioned around the room. Large pieces of art work is illuminated with lights that accent the chandelier over head.

Victorian Gothic

005 traditional-bedroom 9

Image: Giuseppe Digno

Open the door and step back into time with this Victorian and Gothic inspired style. An aura of antiquity holds within the furnishings and clever sconce style drapery.

Traditional Bedroom

006 traditional-bedroom 9

Image: Dragonfly Interiors

A lavish dwelling space is heeded with a four poster ornate bed and an intricate cathedral styled window.  Gothic designed accents and frames add luxurious tones throughout.

Dartmouth Lodge House

007 victorian-bedroom 9

Image: Colin Cadle

A light and airy design is elegant and thoughtful. A large ornate picture window is surrounded by charming pieces.

Gothic Bathroom

008 mediterranean-bedroom 9

Image: Bushman Dreyfus Architects

A stated white vintage chandelier sits overhead a corner columned fireplace. Dark wood finishes add depth and warmth to the style.

Bright Gothic Bedroom

009 Bright-Gothic-Bedroom 9

Image: The Interior Place

An iron bed has a delectable canopy that is paired with beautiful window dressings. The white accents offer the perfect contrast creating a delightful design.

Bold Gothic Bedroom

010 03-cama-com-dossel 9

Image: Rick Hoge

A deep sense of enriched notes are noble and embellished with generous designs carved into the canopy style frame. The bedding is lustrous and perfectly paired with insightful accents.

Bright Gothic Bedroom

011 impressive-gothic-bedroom-designs-12-554x400 9

Image: Digs Digs

A billowing canopy offers a reminiscent approach. The lighting seems to float and sets the wall with a stunning allure.Distressed pieces and vintage touches are elegant spoken in true fashion.

Gothic Bathroom

012 28-33 9

Image: Dekor My Home

A dramatic chandelier hangs dreamily over a black Gothic styled head and foot board. Vintage hints are prevalent throughout this well styled design.

Modern Gothic Bedroom


Image: Rebel’s Market

A Gothic impression is vibrant with deep and rich tones. Embellished frames and accents collaborate together in this masterful appeal.

Sleek Gothic Bedroom

014 diversen-savoy-bergers 9

Image: Gq

Sleek and chic this look boasts clean lines and reflective surfaces. A modern black and white holds a Gothic interpretation with a glamorous candelabra and lavish accents. The Artistic setting is unparalleled with a keen sense of divinity.

Dark Décor

015 bfe17c6114deba0f1e7c6d10c728a8d4 9

Image: Home My Design

A rich wood tone is elaborately carved and paired with a majestic purple for an elite look. The night stands are the exact compliment to provide continuity to the space.

Gothic Bathroom

016 tumblr_ndzcdthQVR1qbtq8zo1_1280 9

Image: Spooky Pou

This style is well noted with a lush black theme and Victorian appeals. A brilliant canopy sweeps over the bed offering a dreamy and sensational design.

017 6bd1eeda18c662244a50f6a766dd9a1d 9

Image: Hub Pages

A style that is fit for a king, we have a luxurious theme with an intriguing drapes that set the room in enriched colors that add a sense of grandeur.

018 097cc40e62765aa866472556839d4ee2 9

Image: Interiors by Studio M

A dramatic look has a brilliant style. Lace curtains enchant the space with a step up design. Mirrored accents and plush wall art lead to an inspiring view.

Gothic Bathroom

019 68722533884bcf5d8ba855d3b4f7f36b 9

Image: The Decorista

Floor to ceiling drapes frame cathedral windows to bring charm into the room. The four poster bed is paired with a chandelier of true fashion.

Gothic Bathroom

020 4185e65d6d24fe9e5d54f8f7d6e0cc36 9

Image: Pop Sugar

An elegant shabby chic design flourishes with enchanting essences. The slate gray bedding is delectably met with prints,patterns and accents creating a harmonious style.

An interesting aspect about a Gothic style is the enriched detail. You can see the intricacy of embellished styling through accents and purposed elegant pieces. Chic chandeliers and candle light  illuminate the billowing drapes that are whispered throughout the styles. A modern tone is trendy as is styling in true fashion maintaining its integrity of origins.  Rich romantic appeals surround the details with  nostalgic decor that brings you back behind the mirror and into another time. A certain serenity will put your mind at ease as you slip out of the day and into a cozy evening. A cup of hot tea and a favorite read will put the finishing touch to your style.

We seem to have natural cues that are indicative to what we need. We have cravings for certain foods that carry the nutrients we need most and we shiver when its cold as we reach for a sweater. The filled schedule of your day and the long to do lists keep us busy. Some of the more subtle cues can get clouded and left to yesterday.  The unintentional deep breath or even closing our eyes for three seconds longer than usual are hints that you need a moment. Closing the door to your bedroom allows you to take that very breath and moment. Surrounding yourself in a wistful style brings a sense of enchantment where the hands of time seems to stand still.

Some of you might not be into the whole gothic style, we understand, and for that we have 20 Elegant Black and White Bathroom Inspiration Designs that will sure intrigue you.