20 Stunning Granite Kitchen Countertop Design

Granite Kitchen Countertop Design


When you hear the words flambe, searing, slicing and dicing you may think of a sizzling Steak Diane. However others may think of weathered counter tops and a bit of a mess that will need tended to. If you enjoy cooking you will love the adaptability and durability of a Granite Kitchen Countertop Design.  The beauty of a Granite Countertop is the high level of both efficiency and style they offer to your kitchen. The resilient surface makes a generous canvas for your daily kitchen needs.  They are resistant to heat and also will not break, chip or scratch easily. Stunning Granite Kitchen Countertop Designs are offered in a plethora of color pallets and designer patterns. This style is universal to your personalized design that will have you pulling out your recipe box at the end of reading this article.

We have compiled twenty images of Granite Kitchen Countertops. You will see how they adapt to each kitchen theme and style. Various tones and the naturally inspired threading of the granite are genuine, in style while displaying a luxe design. You will note how the room evolves in each illustration offering the kitchen its own personal space within the home.

Image: My Kukun

Here we see a surrounding of windows and classic white cabinets. Pearl tones are styled with intricately patterned granite black and white counter tops.



Image: Minimalisti

Beautiful onyx granite countertops are stylish while maintaining an efficient addition to your kitchen. White cabinetry and modern appliances create the ultimate kitchen setting.

Image: Décor Eye

A rustically styled kitchen adds a modernesque appeal through a neutral granite palate. Natural knotted wood makes for a cabin appeal in a modwrn home.

Image: Marble

Elite designs are set with a golden hue. These granite countertops accentuate the rooms tone and style perfectly.

Image: Pin IMG

Sleek black granite is used in this updated kitchen for a well stated design. The optimal pairing of white and cream make this kitchen a dreamy design.

Image: Tostone

This granite countertop is a polished white and gray over a trendy kitchen island. The ample cabinet space and traditional setting create an ideal space for your home.

Image: Shaping Your Space

A charming and thoughtful kitchen design is displayed with vintage and traditional cues. The multi toned granite countertops balance the warm and cool tones throughout.

Image: Memorable Décor

A lavish kitchen style has modern amenities alongside a classy appeal. Beautiful countertops are marbled with a taupe and cream tone within the granite.

Image: Billie Lourd

TThis kitchen inspired from the hearth with vintage and Victorian attributes. Luxuriously sleek stands a gorgeous kitchen island that is set with a classic granite countertop.

Image: Just Out of Home

A taupe and mink tone is balanced with a modern black and white granite countertop. The room holds a colonial vintage appeal.

Image: Home Luf

Modern kitchens are seamless with a clear perception of a reflective style. Vanilla cream granite countertops offer just the right amount of color for an illuminated design.

Image: Granite Countertops Raleigh NC

Traditional homes lend modern notes as pictured in this updated kitchen. Slate threading is found throughput the granite countertops for a true sense of intention in the design.

Image: Unsripted Mom

This piece of granite has an artistic edge with a waving white thread through an onyx foundation. White and stainless steel are perfected within the style.

Image: Interior Design Pro

This kitchen is gleaming with inspiration.  The clever design provides a dining space with the neutral toned granite countertops for a defined style.

Image: Beeyoutiful Life

Lovely multi toned granite countertops are cheerful in an airy design. This traditional kitchen has a cozy approach and appeal.

Image: Aqua Granite

Brown, taupe and beige are set in a polished granite countertop and island. Timeless with rich wooden finishes and white cabinetry, this kitchen is beautifully set.

Image: My Home Décor Ideas

Taupe and white granite countertops are a brightened aspect of this home design. The kitchen is consistent within it’s theme.


Image: I Spica Marble and Granite

Lavish wooden finishes are enriched and enhanced with a glossy calico toned granite countertops. Traditional with delightful designs, we see a wonderful setting for your homes kitchen.

Image: BST Countertops

This glamorous kitchen shimmer with hints of champagne hues. This elaborate design is intricate with stunning details that will leave a lasting impression.

Image: Aridscape

Classic and stated is this traditional kitchen design. Neutral granite countertops are set over an ivory setting with a generous style.


In the above images, we have been inspired to realize our dreams…….. In the kitchen! Vintage to modern designs have embraced the ingenious concept of granite countertops.  Upon reviewing each illustrative example, you may have noted that each granite piece holds it’s own defining character. Functional elegance come together to create the kitchen you will love to be in. The inviting settings and styles offer much more than durable effeciency. They bring a lasting memory to the table with a side dish of fashionable innovation.

When redesigning your kitchen, you will want to incorporate granite countertops into your scheme. The colorful aspirations of your own personal touch will reflect through your style and your new kitchen design.

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