20 Tranquil Colorful Green Bathroom Designs

Green bathroom design

Change tradition in your next bathroom upgrade. The mainstream concept that bathrooms have to be boring is outdated. A Green bathroom is both energetic and lively. Whether its in notes or promptly displayed, adding green to your bathroom is a trend that is not going away. Bathrooms are an ideal space to integrate functional efficiency with style. We have a plethora of options at our finger tips.  Fixtures and lighting is increasingly innovated with modern and traditional ideas. Tile layouts increase the presence of  the space allowing intentional usage of color and light. A witty addition of reflective structures and accents lend an open airy feel to the room. Neutrals have taken on a new point of view. Motivating a space and design is effective with the use of color. Green inspirations envelop the hues and notes of colors that surround them.

Modern and traditional vintage lighting is  Designers choice. The green inspirations we are seeing are a wide range of earthy and vibrant. Unique and sleek we are apt to take these designs and feel inspired. Cabinetry and storage are ample and full of artistic techniques. Living in today’s modern world we are surrounded by goals and benchmarks. Some days a long hot shower or bath will revitalize our energy. These spaces are driven to step out of the proverbial box and into your very own chic space. Personal touches and accessories elevate our design into a luxury of our very own.


Doheny Estates

001 contemporary-bathroom 49

Innovation is clarified meeting retro designs and modern lighting. The colors distinguish this space allowing

the reflections and fixtures to combine thoughtfully. Purposed Accents are seen here as a delightful hint of whimsy adding a flair that

reminisces  a stream lined space.

Image: Bradley Bayou Design

House in Carlton

014 beach-style-bathroom 49

A sense of cleverness is well noted in this design. The merriment of colors are effortless as is the effective usage of space.

The mirror is a joyous accent that integrates this design in its entirety.

Image: Groundworks Architects LLP

Midcentury Bathroom

031 midcentury-bathroom 49

Natural, artistic and well purposed, this style is a classical collaboration that is sure to brings comfort

and a touch of zen to this space. Clean symmetrical notes are fused within this design allowing for personal

touches and vibrant explanations.

Image: Nurture Source Designs

The Lantern

032 contemporary-bathroom 49

Crisp and fresh this design boasts a frameless technique. A Modern appeal is accentuated with

angular accents and a vibrant green back drop.

Image: Fraher Architects

La Jolla Blvd.

034 contemporary-bathroom 49

Serenity is the thoughtful theme in this space.Soft touches and a stated pattern create a lovely and inviting design.

Natural lighting offers a subtle glow that is well suited with a rustic flooring option.

Image: Jeanne Liem Architecture + Design

Riviera Cuatros Vientos Home

036 traditional-bathroom 49

With playful patterns and striping this design is witty and nostalgic. Traditional sconce lighting highlight the double sinks and modern accents

seen throughout the room. A blush of color with a bold contrasting ally is consistent as it is clever.

Image: Jed Hirsch, General Building Contractor, Inc.


039 contemporary-bathroom 49

Lush Green tones surround an inset bath with steps that are full of personality and a streamline design. The white contrast

is delicately balanced with the combination of recessed and natural lighting.

Image: franke architekten

Cove Road Residence

040 contemporary-bathroom 49

A double vessel vanity is traditional and trendy surrounded by wood notes and smart green tiling. Ample storage and

functionality are well paired in this airy space.

Image: Rossington Architecture

Midcentury Bathroom

041 midcentury-bathroom 49

A collaboration of textures and tiles offer this space a creative blend with retro qualities. With  industrial aspects in mind,

this design has a modern flair with a keen sense of accessories and accents.

Image: Above Construction

Spanish Bungalow Revival

047 mediterranean-bathroom 49

Vintage and traditional sconces and accents create a warm and inviting space. The use of patterns and rustic hints are savvy and

thoughtful. The muted tones and blends of shades and hues accentuate the room and is true to its design.

Image: Zieba Builders, Inc.

Asian inspired Bath Space by New York Shower Door

049 eclectic-bathroom 49

This design carries a Mosaic inspiration. The expert use of color and design are well met and paired

exquisitely with whimsical lighting and modern accents. The vanity has a retro feel yet is a modern fit.

Image: New York Shower Door

Lenexa, KS Bathroom Remodel

051 contemporary-bathroom 49

Well stated is this elegant design. The room is articulated and comprised of a chic and reflective stance.

Wood finishes bring together this intelligent theme.

Image: Kitchen Studio: Kansas City

Birmingham. Michigan

052 traditional-bathroom 49

This design is fashionable and traditional with a shabby chic appeal. Lavish accents are gracefully

intertwined with classic ivories and neutrals. This space is warmly lit adding a cozy feel to this space.

Image: Meg Corley Premier Interiors

Green glass tiles modern bathroom

057 modern-bathroom 49

This space is both Retro and Modern The alternating tiles offer a dimensional value. With varying finishes and colors this design equips

a sensible approach to a refined space.

Image: Liadesign

Gibson – Kitchen & Bathroom

067 mediterranean-bathroom 49

A dramatic arch denotes a reminiscent design. The luxurious notes are undeniable as this private

setting is full of nostalgic hues and  marbled accents. The featured accessories and fixtures complete

this design with a thoughtful approach.

Image: Future Home Builders, Inc.

Birmingham. Michigan

068 traditional-bathroom 49

This shower and bath duo are well purposed in trendy intentions. The seamless design is effortless as it

combines a chic  and traditional space. The varied textures and subtle tones are paired well creating an elegant feel.

Image: Meg Corley Premier Interiors

Wisconsin Street Residence

069 modern-bathroom 49

A streamlined appearance is accentuated by dual colors. Ample lighting is an asset creating a sense of ease.

The frameless touches are hip and modern ensuring a flawless design.

Image: Schwartz and Architecture


072 midcentury-bathroom 49

Traditionally trendy we see sage hues and a neutral pallet that is warm and comfortable.

A modern vanity and wood finish is inspiring in this clever design.

Image: iSpace, LLC

Conlin Bath

082 contemporary-bathroom 49

Classical notes are symmetrical and elegant throughout this space. The tiled patterns and stated flooring are

compelling and purposed. A hint of a rustic appearance is brilliantly added and unifies the design in its entirety.

Image: Richard Bubnowski Design LLC

Vivienda en L’Ametlla del Vallès

083 contemporary-bathroom 49

This design is pure and reflective. The modern feel has a tranquil quality that is appealing and inviting.

The eras inspired claw foot bath is peacefully paired with the lush natural surroundings.

Image: MIRAG Arquitectura i Gestio

Innovated and stately these fresh concepts have us feeling an appeal for lush natural surroundings. The vibrant green tones and rich hues are a genuine

addition to each space. The use of natural lighting incorporates a sense of tranquility. Glass blocks and tiling options are a great way to add some depth and

texture to the room. Wooden accents and finishes play a key role in the integration of style and themes. We have seen rustic touches and elegant cues that are

well defined. The lines are clean and modern with a sense of symmetry.

The depth of green is as bright or subdued as the designer chooses. A well lit and airy room is inviting to all of our senses. Designers are using modern and

trendy as an expressive way to create a spa within your home. You will feel refreshed and serene in your own style. Today’s society is fast moving and full of deadlines.

Creating a space that will allow you to step out of time is both beneficial and well deserved.