House with Terrace

In keeping with historical architectural tradition, many designers and architects include a terrace into a homes design. Terraces can be found at both ground level and elevated for scenic views. A House with a Terrace is a definitive feature and asset to a homes design. The concept of a terrace is to create a personalized exterior space. Enjoying the calm night sky or inspiring your day with a cup of coffee in the morning, your terrace will become your own sanctuary. The designed elements are based on the components of the home. The themed presence your terrace holds will be a refreshing part of your day and design. City views or scenic scapes will be the highlight of your home. Both family and guests will have a lasting impression with shared inspiration. Rooftop overviews and ground floor expressions will hold an integral aspect and perception to your home.

We have compiled 20 grand views of Homes with a Terrace. You will take note that each illustration holds its own level of creativity and personality. Large and lavish homes are set similarly to cozier abodes with the same concept that a terrace design holds.The structures vary from elaborate to simplistic while collaborating with stylish touches that create the space.

Scotts Creative Home
Image: Scotts Creative Home

This cape cod style home holds a beautiful view off of the upper level terrace. The wooden frame is picturesque in this fine woodland setting.

homify BR
Image: homify BR

A city scape holds its own personal retreat with lush seating and an intricate flooring design. The cozy and classic style is a great way to end each day.

MacCormick Associates Architects
Image: MacCormick & Associates Architects

A historical presence holds rod iron features and delicate details. The luxurious town home has a street view that allows a private yet open design.

Luxe Interiors Design Magazine 2
Image: Luxe Interiors Design Magazine

This beach style triple terrace holds a view from every level of the home. An inviting style is refreshing with a balance of comfortable and couture details.

Laidlaw Schultz architects
Image: Laidlaw Schultz architects

A contemporary home sits under an open sky with an innovative view from a modern terrace. The wrap around design is great for hosting both small and large gatherings.

House Garden Magazine UK 3
Image: House Garden Magazine UK

The hustle and bustle of city streets find a quiet retreat with this trendy terrace design. Modern day glass enclosures are incorporated in an all season style that you are sure to enjoy.

Home Bunch
Image: Home Bunch

Here we see a pool side scape that holds a ground level and an elevated terrace. The sunny views offer shaded spaces for a tranquil afternoon at home.

Image: Dezeen

This design inspires a rooftop garden as well as a cozy reading spot. The triple terraces are graced with natural touches and accents.

mb design studio
Image: mb design studio

A private style is perfected for your own personal use or for hosted events. The modern appeal is set with fresh greenery for a well balanced design.

Bonin Architects Associates
Image: Bonin Architects & Associates

Listen to the sounds of the waves from your very own terrace. This multi level home holds a dual terrace design that is sure to create a harmonic sense to the day.

BO Bedre
Image: BO Bedre

This vintage couture setting has a historical sense to the space. The lavish floral and greenery details add a chic style to the terrace. Outdoor dining is at its finest with this defined design.

Ben Herzog
Image: Ben Herzog

Soft glowing lights accentuate this vintage terrace design. Black door and window frames are well met in a textured brick and stone setting.

Sweaney Custom Homes Inc.
Image: Sweaney Custom Homes Inc.

A luxurious home has a grandeur style with designer details and a fashionable romantic presence. Elevated dual terraces offer a view of the lavish grounds.

Robert Nebolon Architects
Image: Robert Nebolon Architects

This terrace is a clever contemporary design. Stairs will lead you from a ground level to a gracious upper deck. Blue sky views can be seen outside or in the shade of tinted windows.

Quezada Architecture
Image: Quezada Architecture

Enjoy a relaxing moment on the hillside with a contemporary home and terrace. The open design holds modern collaborations for a fashionable appeal.

Mcdugald Steele
Image: Mcdugald Steele

This elaborate terrace is set with a historical point of view. This design holds memories of Sunday tea under a brilliantly blue sky.

Danny Broe Architect
Image: Danny Broe Architect

This style is full of the friendly hellos from neighbors and friends. Sitting out on this next level terrace is inviting and open to street side views.

Eclectic Exterior
Image: Eclectic Exterior

Rod iron designs hold an impeccable terrace concept. An upper and lower terrace brings cherished memories and a lasting style.

Contemporary Exterior
Image: Contemporary Exterior

This innovative home design has a sheer perspective to the day. The outdoor terrace under a night sky is well lit and full of designer style.


We have reviewed 20 Homes with Terraces that are sure to inspire you. Modern and contemporary meets country chic in an elaborate and stylish presentation. Each home displays its terrace for a refreshed addition to the design. Views of the city can be seen along with lavish surroundings that we will incorporate into each day. Whether you are enjoying your favorite read or dining under the moonlight, your terrace will become a charming presence within your home. Details such as door frames, windows and decorative accents inspire the overall design and style.

Personalize your own retreat that will become an integral extension of your homes design. A terrace will bring you a new view of your day while incorporating your lifestyle. Adding your own personal touches, you will become a part of history while creating cherished memories.