20 Awesome Interior Texture Wall Design

Interior Texture Wall Design

When you are looking for a restyle that will make a large impression, you will begin to review several options from furnishings to repainting. A trending design that makes an visual impact is an Interior Texture Wall Design. The term texture includes many varied styles. The look adds depth to your walls that will enhance the design of the space. From brick to stone and everything in between, you will find that textured walls bring a dimension of history to your newly deigned room. Many will use this concept on all the walls during their project, while others opt for an accent wall. Either style you choose, this design will be an iconic view for any room in your home.

We have gathered twenty inspiring images of walls that have gone from bleak to chic with a textured touch. You will be able to apply the style or install paneling sheets for the desired appeal. The interaction of your wall with the rooms ambience will creatively embellish the decorative presence throughout. Upon reviewing your options, you will integrate your own eye for design for a genuine and unique perspective that will be a gracious addition to your makeover plans.

Image: Decotiis

Natural and earthy tones are textured for a brilliant design. The floor style furnishings adds a zenful presence within the room.

Image: Hand Luggage Only

Golden hues embellish the bricked stone wall. An heir of historic styles fills the room with a warm and cozy appeal.  Industrial appeals put the final touches on the room.

Image: Nous Décor

A layered wooden wall brings this style to a new dimension. The staggered design is clever and witty for a well purposed style.

Image: Archi Products

A mosaic cue is lent with glossy black stones that flow along the wall. Contrasting a light gray floor with stark black surrounds is a genius direction.

Image: Sriganeshdosa House

Greenery and branches are refreshing with a light stone wall that serves as a backdrop to the design. A staggered appearance are fashionable and naturally delightful.

Image: Contemporist

Dual textures in the room have opposite accent walls. The marbled appeal offers a smooth surface while the brick has multiple tones for a creative expression.

Image: Southern Living

Taupe is textured on an accent wall. A white pairing provides a distinct contrast with its surroundings. Crystal contributions perfect the finishing look.

Image: Bykoket

A white textured pattern is classic and trendy. The seamless design is an impeccable style. The bedroom has a a clean look with a contrasting depth.

Image: Behance

A neutral accent wall is dimensional with a contemporary pattern. The modern accent wall collaborates with slate gray hues and a fashionable sense.

Image: The Design Nerd

A creative and artistic approach has a golden warmth. The designer opted for a partial accent to the space with an ingenious view of the room.

Image: Style Motivation

A unique look has a sienna tone paired with a white opposite wall. A sculptured design is pretty in a contemporary setting. The neat brick effect plush rug adds a generous final touch.


Image: Home Designing

A beige and ivory blend is set in a brick pattern. The modern room uses slate grays and white for a beautiful home fashion. Mustard coloring is added for a splendid style.

Image: Spook Show Records

Surrounding the fireplace, we see a textured wall. The petaled pattern is a gorgeous style in a contemporary home. Elegant accents give tribute to the overall design.

Image: Fresh Home

A waving scene is present in a white and expressive textured wall design. The sleek style has a modern tone throughout the space.

Image: Archi Expo

Slate marbling has threads of color with an artistic perspective. The black and white theme is muted with gray cues for an exemplary design.

Image: Pin IMG

Neutral stone is created into a wall reminiscent of a waterfall. The layered charm is set in a contemporary fashion that is picturesque for your home.

Image: Still Stars

A vertical installation of marbled brick is a generous cooperation with a designer touch. An artistic and contemporary setting is a beautiful style.

Image: Meredith

A country style is matched with a traditional white wall surrounding. The dimensional aspects of the design offers a pleasant look to a cheerful room.

Image: British Partiors Society

A lavish style is greeted with a black and gray tone. Marbled flooring is glamorous with the perfect layering of stone slabs on an under-lit accent wall.

Image: Fresh Designpedia

This artistic creation has a sculptured wall theme in the bedroom. The three dimensional effect is clever with a witty and grand design.

In the above photos, we have reviewed innovative designs where imagination inspires style. Dimensional and textured effects are gracious within each room. Home fashion and design has collaborated the ingenious curiosity into a vindicated reality. Accent walls and room surroundings will set the tone of the space with a graceful splendor. The placement of each style is intentioned for a completed design that will integrate your own touch to the personality of your home.

Whether you opt for one wall or all, you will have a brilliant new view to your home. The textured walls will take center stage in your home for a fashionable addition. Its time to ditch the flat paint, and texturize your walls for an update to your day.

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