20 Astonishing Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs

A kitchen concept that will make or break your restyle is the often overlooked back splash design. A back splash in your kitchen holds both fashionable and functional purposes. An easy to clean way to protect busy spaces also serves as a stylish accompaniment to your kitchen design. Kitchen Back Splash Tile Designs are incorporated into the overall theme of your kitchen. Designers today have trendily used a single tone to a colorful palette to create a stylish direction. Patterned and layering techniques are used to complete a back splash design that is sure to enhance the setting. Updated kitchens have many details and approaches to inspire a modernized design.

In the images below you will find Twenty Astonishing Kitchen Back Splash Tile Designs. The fashionable use of tile holds a sheer ingenious approach that will change how you view back splash designs. Durable tiling are paired with clever patterns that will infuse the rooms style with a finished appeal. Your opted design will tie the theme of the space together allowing for a polished overall look and feel to the space. You will note the varied tiling designs come in all shapes, sizes and color. Modern day applications make this a weekend project that will provide an instant update to your home.

Image: Pin IMG

In this modern kitchen the designer has used subway tiling in a clean white fashion. The chef inspired design is an immaculate addition to the home.

Image: Laurel Bern Interiors

A stark white kitchen holds stainless additions that collaborate well with an intricate tiled back splash. The look is fresh and clean for a definitive theme.

Image: Hative

Creative framing allows for a dimensional approach. This lavish kitchen has all the details that will inspire your day with a trendy and fashionable design.

Image: One Kind Design

An infused sea foam and taupe expression is designed as a layered concept. The back splash serves as a harmonious balance to a chic kitchen space.

Image: Show Your Vote

An industrial and contemporary kitchen has a geometric perspective. This ingenious design is both creative and clever in its use of color and style.

Image: Jubiz

This traditional kitchen gets a fresh look with the use of white back splash tiling. The perfectly placed tiles are graced with a deep grey mortar that adds a complimentary contrast to the design.

Image: Domino

Here we see a scalloped and artistic approach. This modern day back splash is set with a wooden back drop that follows the theme throughout this kitchen.

Image: Digs Digs

Traditional yet retro, we see a timeless and classic approach to a tiled back splash design. The dimensional look offers an optical appeal that lends an updated style.

Image: BHG

Adding color to a kitchen is easy when you use a tiled back splash design. This chic setting gets a colorful update through thee use of serene greens and vibrant tones.

Image: Coco Cozy

Anything but boring is this smart style. A white back splash gets an instant make over when you add a taupe pattern to the theme of the room.

Image: Grindells Residency

Modern black tile is creatively set in an alternating pattern. This particular look is modern with a black and white tone.

Image: Your Smile Consultants

A refreshing light grey and white back splash tile design offers just the right amount of shaded hue that completely compliments this kitchens white surrounding.

Image: HGTV

A high gloss finish is found in a trendy grey tiling that is used for a stylish back splash. The collaborating setting offers a fine design for your kitchen.

Image: FPU Dining

Here we see a differing aspect of a black and white kitchen. The fine details offer a generous style that is both modern and traditional for your home.

Image: Freshoom

A vintage cue is inspired with a scrolling patterned design that is inserted into this back splash theme. The artistic approach creates a genuine look to your kitchen scheme.

Image: Guppy Smith

Coordinating your back splash tile to the tones that are found in your counter tops are a brilliant way to design your kitchen. Updated and modern tones are used for a generous appeal.

Image: Fit Booster

A woven pattern is trendy and modern for a neat back splash tile design for the kitchen in your home. This creates a fresh and updated look to your kitchen space.

Image: Ninajizhar

A traditionally modern back splash tile design compliments the kitchen setting. The dynamic aspects used within the tiling pattern is truly inspired.

Image: Remodelaholic

A natural green tone offers a serene setting for a refreshing perspective. This well styled kitchen space holds modern amenities with a classic and airy design.

Image: Home Bunch

A calico of colors are used to offer depth and dimension to this back splash tiling design. Classic wooden finishes are styled with a generous approach to an updated kitchen design.


In the above illustrations we have seen how a back splash design integrates both your kitchen theme and personalized style. With these new tile designs you will give your kitchen an instant update that will follow the new or existing tone of the space. With modern day innovation, adding a back splash to your kitchen has never been easier. Applications and techniques are at your trendy fingertips that moves this weekend project to the top of the list.

Create your dream kitchen with the use of a back splash tile design. Your kitchen theme will be a new fashionable addition to the style of your home.

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