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35 Islands to Maroon in Your Kitchen

Don't be afraid of a little industrial kitchen island

If you’re like anyone else, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Chances are, if you’re reading this you’re looking for ways to optimize your kitchen and make it even more functional and decorative. Enter the kitchen island. The right island can anchor your kitchen and make it shine. Even better is when […]

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35 Industrial Kitchens Worth Coming Home To

Behold- a beautiful mix of industry and country living

Sometimes, the idea of an industrial kitchen brings to mind ideas of a bleak urban design, with no room for creativity or growth in the kitchen’s design. But drawing inspiration from industrial designs doesn’t mean that your kitchen can’t be beautiful or well put together.  As a matter of fact, many industrial spaces turned out […]

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35 Gray Kitchen Cabinets You Can’t Say No To

Gray kitchens don't have to be somber

When most people think of the color gray, it’s often thought of as a somber, depressing color. But in truth, that isn’t actually the case. There are many interiors that use gray and turned out really stunning. It depends on how you use the color. You can also pair it with some bright colors too […]

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15 Amazing Rustic Kitchen Designs

Rustic often brings to mind cheerful memories of fireplaces and country family dinners. With the holidays on the horizon, what better way to celebrate them than in a beautiful, charming kitchen and dining room? Here are some amazing rustic kitchens, which we hope will help inspire you in your decorating endeavors. Image:Simmons & Company Refurbished […]

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