20 Large Dining Room Table Designs Ready for Entertaining

Large Dining Room Table

A dining room is a place to gather with friends and family over good food and better conversation. So why limit the space you have to entertain? Instead of cramming everyone around a small table, devote a larger space to a dining table that suits your style and your needs. These 20 options are a great place to get inspired and to find a large dining room table that could fit into your home.

Mismatched Seating

trifty and chic

Image: Thrifty and Chic

This solid, large dining table uses chairs and a bench to keep the room from feeling closed off on one side. The lighter chairs complement the pale decor, while the darker table and bench match the massive clock decorating one wall.

A Room With a View



A light birch table spans the length of this room and is surrounded by minimalistic black chairs. A mismatched bulb light fixture lights the table at night when the large window is not allowing in natural light.

Raw Wood Large Dining Table


Image: Bolig Magasinet

The rough shape of this wood table looks as if it just came from the forest to make a cool centerpiece in this simple room. It is long enough to seat ten people at full capacity and therefore makes entertaining a breeze.

Large Marble Dining Table


Image: Cainco

This table is constructed entirely of marble from base to top. It seats eight in total. Meanwhile, symmetrical elements in the room (such as the light fixture and bulbous centerpieces) create an elongated look.

Transparent Masterpiece


Image: Decoist

The glass construction of this massive table allow the natural light from the huge window and the long light fixture to trickle through the entire space. It seats ten comfortably, but could reach up to fourteen… talk about a great table for hosting a holiday party.

Earthy Centerpiece


Image: Desire to Inspire

In this clean white space, a solid wooden table suits the natural elements. Wicker-seat chairs show off the height of the table as well.

Au Natural Table


Image: HGTV

Another example of a raw wood design, the edges of this table do not follow traditional lines. Instead, it enhances the natural look and feel of this space, which is also complemented by bright, outdoor light and wood-backed chairs.

Industrious Wood

Home Bunch

Image: Home Bunch

This large dining table incorporates elements of industry and nature with a steel base and a wooden top. Mismatched chairs sit around it while a long centerpiece display also uses metal and nature.

Long Oval Dining Table

House of Turquoise

Image: House of Turquoise

While many of these large tables are rectangular, this one showcases an oval design. It still seats close to eight people without looking as boxy in the space.

Large Formal Dining Table


Image: southernpiphi

A sophisticated chandelier hangs over this long, formal table. It seats eight in elegant, white chairs while its surface has a worn, neutral palette to match the more rustic furnishings in the room.

Antique Dining Table

The Everyday Home

Image: The Everyday Home

White legs support a dark wood tabletop on this large dining table. Beautiful upholstered chairs with white edges rest around the table. Meanwhile, an entirely unique chandelier incorporates light with rough branches for an antique look.

Stacked Wood Dining Table


Image: The Glitter Guide

Gorgeous, restored wood construct this large dining table. It appears to be made from recycled slabs piled high and stained for a stunning finish. A matching bench sits nearby draped with chic fur for a seat.

Simplistic Large Dining Table


Image: The Ivory Lane

This light wood table can be modernized by the addition of small, wingbacked chairs. On the reverse side, its versatility could work in an antique-style room as well.

Large Oak Dining Table


Image: minimalisti

A massive oak table pulls the focus in this gorgeous dining room. All elements, from the two lamp shade light fixtures to the modern chairs, fit together for a beautiful mix.

Keep It Simple

Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess

Image: Elsie Larson of A Beautiful MessElsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess

For this smaller space, it is important to maintain clean edges and lines so the room is not overpowered. A white table surrounded by white chairs does just that and plays nicely off of the other white furnishings and the pineapple wall art.

Benches Galore

Joanna Goddard - Cup of Jo

Image: Joanna Goddard | Cup of Jo

This blocky table perfectly enhances this kitchen/dining space. Acting as both and island and a table, the benches can be pushed underneath for kitchen use, then pulled out for a stylish dining setting.

Mid-Century Modern Large Dining Table

Design Milk

Image: Design Milk

Like any modern room, this dining space uses minimal elements to communicate maximum style. Everything from the windows to the rug to the mid-century modern chairs runs parallel to give the room perfect symmetry.

Table Fit for Royalty


Image: French Madame

Dramatically carved legs support this stunning dinning table. Covered chairs and a gorgeous chandelier finish off the regal room.

Long Live This Dining Table


Image: Faburous Architecture & Interior Design

By far the largest table yet, this masterpiece seats fourteen comfortably. It sits in the center of this beautiful dining room and allows light and dark designs to play against each other.

Modern Edge Dining Table


Image: Home Adore

White chairs bookend an otherwise grayscale dining space. Crystal light fixtures reside over the natural grass centerpiece on this sleek, modern dining table.

Before you sacrifice entertaining space by buying a small table, consider one of these 20 beauties for your dining room. If you simply do not have a space suitable for a large table, you can also get inspired with our post, 15 Kitchen Islands Ready for Hosting to blend your kitchen and dining space.