20 Attractive Living Room Curtains

Living Room Curtains

Modern curtains do much more than block out the light. Today they can be used to create semi-private social spaces, block direct light, maintain a constant temperature, or be neatly pulled to the side where natural sunlight can flood the space. Fabrics are available in many styles, with colors, shades, patterns, and accessories making each space unique.

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 Image: Laura Ashley

The fabric used for this window is heavy enough that it will last, yet detailed enough that is drapes the way window treatments should.

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Image: House Beautiful

The fabric for these curtains are light enough that they fold crisply when drawn to the sides, something that is essential for windows.

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Image: The Design Chaser

Sunlight can fade fabric with time, so darker colored curtains last longer making this window treatment an ideal choice.

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Image: Home Bunch

Pleating the curtains, the draping effect created by this treatment is ideal.

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Image: The Every Girl

Customized curtains create tailored looks perfectly suited to non-conventional windows like these. In this space the curtain rods are discreetly hidden with the matching panel.

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Image: Liz Marie Blog

By placing the curtains more than six inches above the window frame, this treatment creates a dramatic look.

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Image: House Turquoise 96586

By selecting the length and lining for this window detail, these curtains make a great addition to the room using interlining to improve the effect.

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Image: Visi

Neutral toned curtains length the room and draw the eye toward the furniture and accent points.

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Image: My House idea

Sheer curtains delicately reduce the natural light in the room while still adding to the openness.

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Image: Elle Décor

For a modern feel, all white silk curtains are lightweight yet long lasting.

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Image: Room Décor Ideas

The combination of heavier curtains with an interlining see through fabric allows windows to block light and temperatures while still prolonging their lifespan. Here too the electrical heating is hidden from view with discreet curtains.

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Image: Country Curtains

These curtains really make the room, using the right combination of color and fabric. The country feel of this home is solidified with the two toned drapes.

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Image: Living Room Ideas

Hanging panels higher than the window itself, as is done here, adds a sense of height to this space.

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Image: Roo Home

Custom panels offer high quality window treatment that naturally complements the space. For larger windows, customized curtains can be created to span two stories with one set of fabric.

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Image: Home Designing

Neutral colors work well against the hazards of direct sunlight, blending nicely into the décor of this room.

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Image: Busy Bee Studio

The length of the curtains is important, and with these, the window sill can be discreetly covered.

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Image: Haute Savage

The lining and interlining here gives the curtains the fullness and body every window needs.

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Image: Brit

Even in small spaces, floor length curtains can add a warmth and privacy to any space.

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Image: Apartment Therapy

Simple white curtains stand out against dark painted walls.

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Image: Architectural Digest

Printed curtains add unique texture to a room, drawing discreet focus like these paisley designs.

With so many options on the market it is easy to see why curtains now play such a significant role in any window treatment. Used not only for efficiency but for beauty, curtains are a modern accessory for any home.

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