25 Wood Tile Design Flooring For Living Room

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice in many rooms. But you can take that one step further with hardwood tile. Combining the elegance and durability with wood with the steadfast charm of tile, hardwood tile is an ideal option for living rooms and bedrooms, regardless of your room’s theme.


Image: Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

This contemporary, cheerful open ended room is made complete with mahogany wood tile.


Image: Portal Design Inc

Dark oak tile, throughout the dining room, living room and kitchen, perfectly compliments the room’s color scheme, all while adding a special, anchored element to it.


Image: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Rich mahogany tiling works perfectly in this contemporary living room.


Image: Magnolia Homes

Birch floor tiling helps this contemporary living room and dining room feel fresh and breezy.


Image: Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

Polished white oak flooring gives this living room a very special, spacious atmosphere.


Image: Sophie Peckett Design

Oak flooring, paired with a white rug, enlivens this European style living room.


Image: haus properties

Ebony flooring complements this room’s dynamic, black and white heavy color scheme.


Image: Summer Thornton Design

Rippled wood tile adds a special, at-home appeal to this rich, decor filled living room.


Image: usona

This casual, minimalist living room becomes something special when paired with this herringbone wood tile.


Image: Margeaux Interiors – Margaret Skinner

Rich wood tiling helps this modern living room feel anchored and comfortable.


Image: Farinelli Construction Inc

Filled with rich, white wood shelving, this living room is gorgeous and comfortable. Even better is the rustic wood tiling.


Image: FGY Architects

This vibrant, saffron filled living room is elevated to the next level with oak tiled flooring.


Image: FIVE Design

Paired with black stone tile, birch tiling adds interesting contrast and personality in this beautiful living room.


Image: Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

This wine bar and entertainment space is infused with a rich, pub style atmosphere, in part thanks to rich, oak flooring.


Image: Western Coswick Hardwood Floors

Refurbished wood tiling adds personality to this charming, contemporary living room.


Image: Martha O’Hara Interiors

This cheery living room is elevated to the next level with dark, mahogany wood tiling.


Image: nicole helene designs

Rich wood tiles help open up this beautiful living room and kitchen, while complementing the eclectic decor and furniture throughout.


Image: Roth Architecture

Gray tiles, paired with wood tiling, perfectly give this open floor plan kitchen and living room a contemporary appeal.


Image: The Wood Connection

This intimate living room features a rich, iron tiled fireplace and oak flooring, infusing this room with a cozy charm.


Image: Stephanie Wiley Photography

Rich toned wood flooring adds an appealing, European outlook to this contemporary living room.

As you can see, wood tiles can add an especially appealing element to any room.