20 Living Rooms with Mirrors for Your Next Project

Living Rooms with Mirrors

Mirrors could possibly be the most versatile and wisened piece you could add to your home design collection. Mirrors are poetic and enchanting. They tell a tale of life, wonder and mystery while reflecting a stylish presence. The truth of mirrors lies within their historical contributions. Their details date back to the B.C. eras of our world. Reflection was a hypothesis at one time. Through the years and generations, their theories have become proven and useful. Metals and structures became an ornate way to use mirrors as a notion of prominence and decor. Aside from their glamorous qualities, they also resonated with a more definitive intention. Scientific and mathematical fields have created studies and factual processes by utilizing the properties a mirror holds to obtain data. We are surrounded by reflection without realizing they are all a form of a mirror.

When you hang a mirror in your home, it is not a mere decoration. Mirrors are known for their affinity for metaphysical ideals as well as a fashionable perception. They can open a space to an endless array of designing potential.  We are going to review twenty living rooms with mirrors for your next project. These living rooms will illustrate the charm and historical charisma you will add to your space with the use of mirrors. The stoic presence and stylish appeal are an exceptional approach to your next restyle and living room design.


Image: House to Home

This modernized mirror is rectangular of which elongates the design. A trendy black and white frame is well stated in a contemporary and tradition gray palate.

Image: Bloglovin

An ornate golden frame is luminously set in a Gothic Victorian design. The elaborate design creates a cozy ambience that is well paired with beautiful candles and floral  decor.

Image: Industry Standard Design

This mirror makes a statement with a bold wide black frame. The large sized mirror is contrasted within a creme surrounding. The generous style ties in a gray scheme to successfully complete the room.

Image: My Domaine

This simplistically chic mirror holds a fashionable presence in the room. The reflective light and surrounding presents a charming mirrored design.

Image: The Every Girl

It is a clever rustic mirror that is beautifully set behind intricately designed furnishings and decorative appeals. The enlarged reflection offers a brilliant style to your living room.

Image: Living After Midnite

A gorgeous space is designed with a taupe, white and black theme. The modernly traditional space is graciously refined with a mirror over the mantle for a lavish effect.

Image: PinImg

Mirrored sections are styled for a designer look. The pieced appeal collaborates with patterns and prints that are evident of a stately and refreshing perspective.

Image: Dining and Living Room

A grand entrance is made with a distressed mirror holding it’s original charm and appeals. This rooms design is a fresh perspective with a modern antiquity appeal.

Image: Apartment Therapy

A comfortable design is modern yet retro. The geometrical mirror is united with cultural styles and an inviting space.

Image: Inside Out

The vertical mirror sits to the ceiling with promising fashion. The traditional room is fashionably lovely.

Image: Dering Hall

The mirror shown here is trendy and full of flair. The silver framing is beautifully paired with a retro contemporary styled living room.

Image: Taste Design Inc

A detailed decor includes a charismatic reflective touch. The clean design is seamlessly offered to the hones style with a genuine approach.

Image: Photo Shelter

This Victorian splendor is enchanting with history and a promising design. The gold and creme theme is luxuriously styled .

Image: Wall Mirrors

An elaborate gold frame holds a generous reflection of scenic window views. The mirror suits the room while enhancing the living room design.

Image: Architectural Digest

A charming country and vintage palate is airy with an inviting appeal. The graceful mirror holds a freshened aspect to the space.

Image: Residence Style

A gorgeously designed living room is dressed with a traditional surrounding and Victorian cues. A hint of old world values harmonizes the style with clear visual ambience.

Image: Howiezine

In this seamless style a contemporary modern room is exceptionally designed. The brilliant mirrored accent reflects the golden hues in the room with an enlightening touch.

Image: Home Design Lover

The dual mirrors expand the room for a promising style. The artistic appeal to a lavish expression creates a unanimously agreeable setting.

Image: Instagram

This room calls to the inner muses of one’s inspirational views. The tidings of books and artistic approaches lend a cozy and comfortable design.

Image: Smart City Locating

This city setting is styled with a sleek finish. The mirrored charm is collaborated with wooden finishes and a natural airy expression.


We have reviewed twenty graceful and well purposed mirrored design that fit perfectly in your living room. Mirrors have an enchanting effect offering new and refreshed perceptions. There is living history and a stated presence for the translation of your own personality.

Varied frames harmoniously blend all designs from  vintage appeals to modern spaces. The charismatic components become an enigmatic quality in the room. The story of a style is shown within the mirror as it displays a dual purpose. The style of the mirror also holds the rooms decorative setting. With a vindicated stance, a mirror in the living room will gracefully complete your own personal design.

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