20 Dream Come True Luxurious House Garage

Luxurious House Garage

In the days of running through your back yard and when lemonade stands made you feel wealthy, the dream of the day was a clever club house fully equipped with a secret password to enter. As time evolved so did your definition of comfort and contentment. Through the years our toys get bigger and our hide outs become homes. There is one design that will put that clubhouse thrill back into your day. Dreams come true Luxurious House Garages will showcase your collections of exciting hobbies and passions. From Porsches to pool tables this style is not your everyday garage. A Luxurious theme has all the bells and trinkets with a high fashion that displays details of grandeur. These designs leave no glamorous stone unturned leading to an impressive home. Creating a living space inside your own gala of treasures is modernized with lavish and contemporary cues.

We are going to take a luxurious tour offering a new perspective of house garages. Pristine surfaces and splendid surroundings make a showy display. Waxed to a glossy perfection, our favorite rides are deserving of a place to call home. When collaborating your style with your dreams,  you will have a dynamic pairing in a paragon of Luxury.


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Image: Pricey Pads

Elegance is abundant in this luxurious house garage. With plenty of space abound and showroom lighting, the color palette of this room makes for easy collaboration for all of your vehicles.

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Image: Blaze Press

This garage is more than just a place for vehicles to rest. The space offers seating for quiet contemplation or relaxation for a comfortable day of repairs or admiration.

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Image: Pin IMG

When the car is the focal point, garages which are well lit and open are a necessity. The glass walls and simple yet elegant black and white theme make for a modern and classic home for your vehicles.

04 coolgarage

Image: Real Style Network

This garage takes a stunning architectural turn making it a workshop, garage, and social area in one. The theme for this space is adventure and chic, making it truly unique and versatile.

Luxury Garage Glass Door Sport Car The Car Cave

Image: Improvenet

The classic glass wall cleverly separates this indoor garage from your home space. This indoor garage show cases your newest prized possession as if in a show room with grey checkered floor to add to the theme of luxury.

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Image: Instagram

The use of glass doors allow for bigger garage spaces to be divided between social and display space. Cars rest beneath dim lights while visitors can enjoy a bite to eat while reading the latest auto magazines.

07 4034306870_a651b52f83_o

Image: Flickr

Large garages can be the architectural focal point of the landscape, as is seen here. The stoned structures and appeals are lavish indeed!

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Image: Luxury4play

Luxurious garages come equipped with longer driveways and movable displays on which each vehicle rests. This allows for different cars to be used on a whim.

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Image: Houzz

When cars are on display, guests can enjoy a drink at the bar or rest comfortably in this social space. Defined wooden finishes frame elegant arches for a fine style.

10 maxresdefault

Image: 024 Yaozhai

With an open basement garage, this space is transformed into a showroom and pool hall. A car lovers dream holds all the fun.

11 image87340

Image: Nast Sonderfahrzeuge

Multiple car garages can be opened by removing internal walls. Immaculate scales and scenes brings us a high gloss finish to a Sterling house garage design.

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Image: Rebloggy

Garage spaces can have a feeling of one with nature when glass is involved. The beauty of the cars is appreciated at any angle. Lofty and enriching this gorgeous home is inspiring.

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Image: A Design Award

Dining with a view is easy when the car is on display. Here the bar and kitchen rest neatly below the showroom. Contemporary and modern additions are a brightened aspect of the space.

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Image: Adelto

Full lighting, bright white designs, and movable displays make this an inviting and open space conducive to relaxation. Your own hall of fame is on display for your generous collection.

15 luxury-garage-wallpaper

Image: Wallpaper Flix

Who needs more than the keys to these dream rides. A showroom display and sporty vibrant colors will inspire a night drive under the stars.

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Image: Dvr Lists

Tiered lighting ensures all areas of the garage are viewed and each angle of the car appreciated. Designer accents complement an open concept with a clear understanding of luxury.

17 dream-garage-7

Image: Piximus

Adding second stories can convert a traditional garage into a two story space for work and play. Trendy and neat can’t be beat when it comes to this design.

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Image: I Like to Waste My Time

Natural tones and rich woods complement this space for an inviting surrounding. Star struck recessed lighting make for a stylish review of your garage.

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Image: E Plans

A contemporary and industrial style has a dual level of fine shine and displays. Modern lighting and a comfortable setting are unanimously fashionable.

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Image: Xcluseverent

Extending your collection brings a generous way to stow your collection. Ease of access pairs with a gorgeous design of a perfected house garage.

A new inspiration holds all the amenities. A luxurious house garage brings you a trendy living space that is shared with your drives and aspirations. Your home will have a whole new meaning with a design that is kicked into fifth gear.

If the melodic hum if your engine is music to your ears, this design is for you. Your collection and modern surrounding will be a dream come come true with your own fashionable signature.

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