104 Luxurious Master Bathrooms Design Ideas

Luxurious Master Bathroom

Ah, the Luxurious Master Bathroom. After a long day, there’s nothing better than being able to retreat to your own private oasis. And what’s better than having your own spa included? Here are some of our favorite master bathrooms, each luxurious in their own ways.


Image: Carney Logan Burke Architects

Featuring a floating, marble topped bathroom cabinet and a tiled tub, this gorgeous spacious bathroom offers a beautiful view and ample lighting.


Image: Eduardo Mendoza

With sleek tiled flooring and marble topped counters, this elegant bathroom offers a clean, atmospheric space.


Image: Rhonda Burgin

Dark granite and mahogany cabinets go a long way into creating a mature, contemporary master bathroom.


Image: Bruce Palmer

A gorgeous walk-in tiled shower is the focal point of this beautiful contemporary bathroom. With a door leading straight onto the veranda, it’s a unique touch and ensures this bathroom is filled with plenty of light.


Image: Garrison Hullinger

Filled with a bright color scheme and classic lines, this gorgeous bathroom is simple but filled with charm.


Image: Garrison Hullinger

A natural stone backsplash and a sleek, minimalist tub help set the scene in this gorgeous, warmly colored bathroom.


Image: Phil Kean Designs

With naturally pumped water, sleek lines, and birch flooring, this gorgeous bathroom offers a beautiful view and plenty of aesthetic appeal.


Image: Charco DB

This absolutely stunning contemporary bathroom features an amazing shower. Featuring a pocket door, this linear shower features a lodge style seating area and an adjacent tub.


Image: Garrison Hullinger

With cool blue walls and a gentle color scheme, this beautiful bathroom draws the eye, all while providing a welcome retreat from the rush of the work day.


Image: Neal Prince Studio

Dry painted walls and a checkerboard shower contribute to an atmospheric, contemporary space. Cool mint counter tops provide an interesting contrast in this gorgeous bathroom.


Image: Niche Interiors

Marble flooring and cerulean tiling contribute to a clean, comforting master bathroom.


Image: RW Anderson Construction

Elegant mahogany and marble bathroom counters contribute towards this gorgeous master bathroom. While it may be small in comparison to some of the other bathrooms we’ve shown above, it’s by no means a tight space and it’s all thanks to marble tiling and handy wall alcoves.


Image: Joanne Smith

Glossed mahogany bathroom counters topped with black granite countertops are made to impress in this gorgeous, contemporary bathroom.


Image: The Cleary Company

With mosaic borders and cut stone tiles, this bathroom brings to mind Moroccan and Meditteranean styles.


Image: Thea Segal

Outfitted with a mahogany tub tray and glossy tile, this gorgeous bathroom is simple and eye-catching.


Image: Nip Tuck Remodeling

With elegant marble flooring and a granite tub top, this beautiful bathroom brings European sensibilities to mind.


Image: Epic Artisan Concrete

Decked out with a long, seated shower and faux wood flooring, this bathroom is spacious and ideal for relaxing at the end of the day.


Image: Elite Remodeling

Marble tiling flows throughout this beautiful bathroom, with veins of natural stone tile placed carefully throughout to add interest and contrast.


Image: Landmark Builders

A minimalist tub and charcoal tiles contribute to this contemporary, industrial bathroom.


Image: Angela Sarmiento

Decked out with gorgeous, herringbone tiles, this bathroom is simple and cheery.


Image: Home Stratosphere

With ample lighting and gorgeous marble flooring, this dynamic bathroom knows exactly how to draw the eye.


Image: Chris White

With comfortable seating, a chandelier and deep tub paired with a gorgeous fireplace, this is the type of bathroom you would almost host guests in.


Image: Scott Tenhulzen

Dry painted tiles help create a romantic, Tuscan style for this beautiful bathroom.


Image: Alder and Tweed

Handsome maple bathroom cabinets contribute towards creating an elegant, rustic space.


Image: Locati Architects

With an elegant, floral band wrapped around the tub and mirrors, this bathroom manages to bring to mind visions of Edwardian luxury.


Image: Heliotrope Architects

A floating bathroom counter with an ingenious storage nook is an intuitive touch in this gorgeous, tiled contemporary bathroom.


Image: Benning Design Associates

Featuring another wonderful use of floating bathroom counters, this beautiful master bathroom provides an elegant contrast between rich marble counters and shower walling, with oak cabinet doors.


Image: Locati Architects

At first glance, you might mistake this bathroom for a living room, with a comfortable window seating area and coffee table. But an elegant, simple tub and walk-in shower proves otherwise, creating an elegant and appealing space where lingering all day in the bathroom is acceptable.


Image: Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Regal bathroom flooring and gorgeous olive counters create a luxurious, European style atmosphere.


Image: Gregg De Meza

A minimalist tub sets the scene in this beautiful, open bathroom, which leads directly out onto a gorgeous veranda.


Image: Hatfield Builders

Dark mahogany fixtures and a wide, marble topped counter contributes towards this beautiful, luxurious bathroom.


Image: Pine Street Carpenters

With beautiful gray counters and mosaic flooring, this beautiful bathroom is spacious and filled with ample lighting.


Image: International Studio

An open shower, complete with an attached bath tub contributes to a mature, modern bathroom. Note the color scheme. Filled with plenty of browns, grays and blacks, it’s atmospheric.


Image: Berghuis Construction, LLC

Ebony counters and a minimalist tub create the perfect contemporary bathroom.


Image: Elizabeth Taich Design

With clean cut tile work and mahogany bathroom counters, this beautiful bathroom holds a lot of contemporary charm.


Image: Kimberly Vaughan

While not a full mater bathroom in itself, this gorgeous space uses an intuitive fireplace to give each section of the room its own purpose.


Image: Signature Design

With elegant mosaics and a beautiful walk-in shower, this bathroom is simple and yet gorgeous all the same.


Image: Faye Nielsen

With moody mahogany wall and ceiling fixtures and subtle lighting, this bathroom is mature, contemporary and very atmospheric.


Image: Oasis Architecture

Classic cabinets and mahogany flooring provide a gorgeous contrast in a spacious and breezy bathroom.


Image: Elite Remodeling

With beautiful marble counter tops and a maple tub frame, this bathroom is simple and yet dynamic all the same.


Image: Mark English architect

With raised, tiled flooring and floating bathroom cabinets, this bathroom is definitely a conversation starter.


Image: Home Innovations

With a mosaic band wrapping around dry painted walls and mahogany counters and a tub basin, this gorgeous master bathroom excels at creating a warm and mature retreat at the end of the day.


Image: Bruce Palmer

With curving, intuitive sinks and a bathroom, this gorgeous, faux wood adorned bathroom offers five star appeal and plenty of natural lighting.


Image: William Piotrowski

With a comfortable lounger and Persian rug, this opulent bathroom, which also features a spacious walk-in shower, is the perfect bathroom for you and your loved one to feel like royalty.


Image: DC Interiors & Renovations

A gorgeous rug, paired with dry painted tile, provides a beautiful touch and compliments this stunning bathroom perfectly.


Image: Jason Landau

Classic cabinets and tiled walls create an eye-catching, highly appealing space.


Image: Pine Street Carpenters

With a light color scheme and plenty of lighting, this simple bathroom is definitely a charmer.


Image: Chermak Construction

Paired with a walk-in shower, the tub is the star of the show, decked out in mosaics, with a pleasantly round basin.


Image: Elite Remodeling

With a handsome maple cabinet and angled tub, this bathroom is dynamic and appealing.


Image: ADMMaterials

A spacious window and low, embedded tub contribute towards a very modern and luxurious space.


Image: Interiors Unleashed

Dynamic oak walls and cabinets, as well as marble and granite counter tops and arches create a gorgeous, luxurious space.


Image: Nina Williams Designs

Handsome granite shower adornments and counter tops work very well in creating a warm and mature space.


Image: Natalie Sheedy

Sleek white furniture and charcoal counter tops provide interest and contrast in this contemporary bathroom.


Image: BMF Construction

A floating counter top and charcoal shower create a beautiful, spacious modern bathroom.


Image: TetonHeritageBuilder

With a raised bathtub, a seated vanity, and spacious walk-in shower, this beautiful bathroom is a definite stunner.


Image: Nina Williams Designs

With Moroccan style tiling and a carved bathroom counter, this gorgeous bathroom is full of Mediterranean charm.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Gorgeous tiled walls and a window into the master bedroom provides intriguing touches in this contemporary master bathroom.


Image: TetonHeritageBuilder

Naturally cut stone tiled walls and a seated vanity are pleasant touches in this beautiful European style bathroom.


Image: CD Construction

Marble counters and tiled showers are the name of the game in this beautiful bathroom.


Image: Elite Remodeling

A granite tub top contributes towards this beautiful, appealing bathroom.


Image: ozcustomhomes

Blue brick wall tiles and black tiled flooring provide interesting contrast and dynamic color in this beautiful master bathroom.


Image: Neal Prince Studio

Decked out with birch wood and a full, walk-in shower with a seating area, this beautiful bathroom brings rustic sweat lodges to mind.


Image: Epic Development

A raised mahogany counter, paired with a giant, walk-in shower provides function and style in this gorgeous bathroom.


Image: ccsarchitecture

A white granite counter top, paired with a spacious walk-in shower, provides interest and style in this contemporary master bathroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

Featuring a regal style bathroom floor, this bathroom is simple, yet gorgeous.


Image: Jason Landau

A dry painted bathtub sets the scene in this beautiful, brick walled bathroom.


Image: Lori Carroll

Maple bathroom counters and dry painted tiles create an elegant, Mediterranean style bathroom.


Image: The Corcoran Group

A low seated ebony tub, complete with black walls, contribute towards this stunning, modern bathroom.


Image: Holly Wiegmann

Ripped brick walls and a cascading shower design create a bright, spacious contemporary master bathroom.


Image: Home Stratosphere

A raised marble and mahogany tub is the centerpiece of this absolutely stunning bathroom.


Image: Design Development NYC

Paired with a minimalist tub and glass, sleek walk-in shower, this beautiful bathroom is ultra modern and oh so gorgeous.


Image: Signature Design

With a mosaic border and oak bathroom counters, this beautiful bathroom is dynamic and gorgeous.


Image: Houlihan Lawrence

With a bright color scheme and a deep, sleek tub, this beautiful bathroom is full of light and classic charm.


Image: The Corcoran Group

A brick fireplace and a burlap rug help set the scene in this spacious, lovely bathroom.


Image: AdvantageContracting

With a natural stone ore tub and a sheer, cut shower, this comfortable bathroom offers the functionality of a bathroom with the comfortable appeal of a simple living room.


Image: DetailsADesignFirm

With a Moroccan back splash and marble counter tops, this beautiful bathroom is gorgeous and classic.


Image: Rick Colburn

Complete with scarf curtains and dry painted walls, this beautiful bathroom and long tub is reminiscent of Tuscan styles.


Image: DetailsADesignFirm

Graceful charcoal counter tops and marble flooring provide an elegant touch to this beautiful bathroom.


Image: Epic Development

Floating cabinets and a minimalist tub are pleasant touches in this contemporary bathroom.


Image: Luke Hanson

Sand colored counter tops and a subtle color scheme are the name of the game in this beautiful bathroom.


Image: Berghuis Construction, LLC

Aged mahogany counters and a faux wood shower provide interesting touches in this contemporary master bathroom.


Image: NB Design Group, Inc.

Wood paneled walls and a long bench bring the spa into your very own home.


Image: Design Development NYC

Minimalist fixtures and a sleek, glass shower are excellent touches in this contemporary bathroom.


Image: Brickmoon Design

Raised sinks and a beautiful, tiled blue shower help this master bathroom stand out.


Image: Jeff Pittman

With marbled flooring and a sleek, minimalist bathtub, this bathroom is contemporary and appealing.


Image: Jason Landau

Ebony cabinets, with raised sinks, help set the scene in this contemporary bathroom.


Image: Oasis Architecture

While simple, this bathroom is by no means less stunning. Walnut flooring and a primarily white color scheme provide a pleasant contrast.


Image: Kimberly Larzelere

A handsome bathroom vanity, paired with a wood bodied tub, are among the best features of this beautiful master bathroom.


Image: SiemaskoVerbridge

Walnut paneling and a small, curved tub draw the eye in this beautiful bathroom. A rug, paired with the room’s relatively simple color scheme, help contribute to the rest of the room.


Image: Thea Segal

A steel wrapped tub and a deep, work sink provide pleasantly rustic touches to this simple, cabin style bathroom.


Image: SardoneConstruction

Sometimes, even walls can do the heavy lifting when it comes to building and designing a dream home. A cobbled wall, contrasted against a sleek, subway style wall, provides interesting contrast. But the highlight of this room is the shower, plated with glass, providing plenty of light and a beautiful view.


Image: Melanie Langford

This executive bathroom is decked out with valance curtains and walnut counters and vanities. A rug helps elevate this room from being merely gorgeous to being a regal hideaway.


Image: CD Construction

A minimalist tub and giant, windowed shower are just two of the best aspects of this beautiful contemporary bathroom.


Image: Amy May

A stone back splash and a seated walk-in shower provide interesting touches in this subdued, beautiful modern bathroom.


Image: Jane Haas

This opulent bathroom features walnut counters, valance curtains, and a high vaulted ceiling to create a bathroom fit for a king.


Image: Beckwith Interiors

Soft gray walls and walnut cabinets go a long way towards creating a joyful, casual bathroom.


Image: Touch of class 1

A high vaulted vanity, paired with Mediterranean style tiles helps turn this room into a 5 star hideaway.


Image: Jesse Fowler

Soft white counters and a maple cabinet provides interesting contrast and livens up this soft, gentle bathroom.


Image: Frank Wiesner

Olive walls and laminate flooring creates a stunning, Metropolitan space.


Image: Gravitas, Inc.

His and her sinks, with a handsome, glass plated tub are nice touches in this beautiful bathroom. Not to mention, the tiling helps elevate this room to the next level.

Whether it’s a new tile job, a rug or new flooring, a small touch can add a special flair to any master bathroom. Treat yourself. A master bathroom may seem like a purely functional space but at the end of the day (or even the beginning) it’s the perfect place to quietly unwind.