Mediterranean Exterior Design

The mist of the sea fills the air surrounded by scenic historical scapes and a serene presence. If you have ever visited the Mediterranean, you will have peered with awe while a calm yet vibrant energy provides a refreshing charm. Designers and architects alike have captured the essence that the Mediterranean offers. Mediterranean exterior design is full of historic resonance and textural finishes. The art of a Mediterranean design is a perfected perspective of simplicity with a grand entrance. The lavish style is charming while lending a sense of grandeur to the home. Designers have brought the luxe tones of the Mediterranean to your neighborhood. Arched doorways and infinite details are a part of the architectural appeal and structures.

In the following twenty illustrations, you will have an up close look at the fine details that a Mediterranean exterior design has to offer. The materials used are not only well defined, they are efficient and purposed. You will note how each design is touched with an array of touches and accents that bring together a generous look for your home.  Beautiful verandas and landscaped scenery make a completed surrounding for an inspired design.

Image: Zillow

This scenic home has an elaborate appeal. The iron wrought features are well collaborated with fine details that evolve into a gracious design.

Simmons Estate Homes
Image: Simmons Estate Homes

An estate to call home is grandeur in peaked roofing and a spacious floor plan. The gorgeous windows and pristine entrance is  exquisite.

Mediterranean Exterior
Image: Mediterranean Exterior

This cheerful and cozy home is full of delightful designs. The charming coloring and gardens accentuate the Eastern style with a promising tone.

Mary Robbin
Image: Mary Robbin

Living in lavish luxury, we see  a Mediterranean expression that will inspire your day with an elegant touch. The golden glow from the lights are the punctuation of a fashionable design.

Motivated 2 Achieve
Image: Motivated 2 Achieve

This home offers ocean views and a glamorous insight to design.  A gazebo sets above with rolling stairways and a beautiful perception.

AlphaStudio Design Group
Image: AlphaStudio Design Group

You will have a welcoming entrance with a lovely patio. The layered textured and tones are a creative and elegant exterior design for your home.

Image: Forest Construction Co. Inc

The rounded structure is perfected with a stone texture. The entryway of the design has character with a charismatic view and a Mediterranean design.

William MastonArchitect Associates
Image: William MastonArchitect & Associates

Multiple fashions and textures are innovated into this trendy Mediterranean design. The collaboration of accented details are displayed effortlessly.


An elite glow sets along a stoic entry. The grand windows and artistic additions are intricately presented with a lavish stairway to the home.


The ultimate design is stated within this homes view. The elaborate and luxurious style are key elements to a Mediterranean exterior design.

Veranda Fine Homes
Image: Veranda Fine Homes

The beautiful window designs are set to impress. A curved driveway offers a genuine finesse to this gorgeous exterior of a Mediterranean styled home.

The Wow Decor
Image: The Wow Decor

Chic architecture adds to the dreamy effects this design holds. The articulated windows are a brilliant expression that is well purposed and designed.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes
Image: Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Deeper golden cues are melodically accentuated with a deep tone and vanilla hue. Curved details are optically appealing while maintaining a serene surrounding.

JAUREGUI Architect Builder
Image: JAUREGUI Architect Builder

Pool side scapes are ingeniously styled with stoned arches and a charming veranda. A bed of vibrant flowers accent the exterior of the home with a delightful touch.

Miller Miller Real Estate
Image: Miller + Miller Real Estate

This home is not only fashioned in a Mediterranean echo, it also has a sophisticated glamour that is picturesque with grand ideals throughout.

Jorge Ulibarri Custom Homes
Image: Jorge Ulibarri Custom Homes

This home holds a historical perspective while infusing with modern inspirations. Multiple entries and textured designs offer a grand style for your home.

Jonathan Dean
Image: Jonathan Dean

This traditional meets Mediterranean style boasts the classic trends and a flair for textures and tones. Immaculate and well noted is this homes exterior design.

Architectural Designs House Plans
Image: Architectural Designs House Plans

A lovely pairing of arched windows and doorways offer that Mediterranean appeal with scalloped accents and intricate details. The home is set within a neutral balance.

Credito Digimikts
Image: Credito DigimiktsForest Construction Co. Inc

We take a second look at this home to focus on the harmonic balance of design and texture. This Mediterranean style is inclusive of gorgeous additions and accents that create an impeccable exterior design.

In the above homes, we have reviewed the textural inspirations that a Mediterranean design can have for our own homes. The details have shown you can achieve this appealing style through building to suit or  on an existing structure by updating specific components. Windows and door ways are key elements in incorporating a Mediterranean fashion. Simplistic historical touches are carried throughout the design for a charming perspective. Your homes surroundings are included in your designing plans. The external aspects of your exterior style will be graced with landscaped scenes and relaxing lavish patios or verandas. It is common to see balconies and French windows or doors that  are originally found over seas leading to eloquent oceanic views.

From sunrise to a beautiful sunset, your Mediterranean styled home will be a cherished part of your day. The exterior of your home will leave a lasting impression and a truly welcoming appeal. Efficiency and luxury collaborate for a genuine expression of personality, style and a generous application of your own Mediterranean design.