20 Impressive Metal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Metal Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The sounds of a delicious saute and the scintillating scents of a saucy delight are not the only things you will find in a professional kitchen. Behind the scenes you will find Impressive Metal and stainless steel Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops. The reason the pros prefer this shining surrounding is for its lasting durability, ease of cleaning and of course a sterling personality. Leaving Formica and press board in its dust, Metal cabinets are the here and now of chef inspired home kitchens. Roll out drawers and top side cabinets offer elite storage options along with a keen precision to your own cooking innovations and style.  Modern accents and accessories will shed some light on our favorite recipes with a flair for fashion. Your home kitchen will present a new way of serving dinner while contributing a designer perspective.

In the images below, we are going to visit twenty professional kitchens that have been inspired for your home. The stainless sensations are a refreshing way to modernize and update your current theme. You will find the longevity is lasting and can endure even your most complex of dishes. Kitchen tiling, flooring and tones will put the completed touch on your exceptional kitchen design.

Image: Kitchen Did

Stainless steel kitchen settings are immaculate and pristine. Professional drawers and pull doors are set with a high grade range and trendy softened lighting for effect.

Image: My House Idea

A home kitchen is merged with a stainless island and counter set. Clean and concise is fashioned with black modern framing and an industrial design.

Image: Home and Décor

Lower cabinets put the pedal to the metal when it comes to style. Sheer glass doors sit prettily above in pure retro fashion. Plenty of storage is offered while continuing a modern tradition.

Image: Stainless Steel Properties

A classy kitchen has an amber glow amidst an array of stainless steel cabinets. Generous lighting and reflective surfaces bring us a well designed kitchen style.

Image: Hype Beast

High rise styles have a modern and contemporary theme. Stainless metal kitchen cabinets are elaborated with a white fusion of deluxe contributions.

Image: BHG

Floating shelves are set above wall length deep stainless drawers. A natural counter top is balanced for a trending and updated kitchen appeal.

Image: My Domaine

A space savvy kitchen had deep welled drawers and an extended sink basin. A glossy range top is accessorized with floating shelves and a layering of memorable accents.

Image: Decoist

Natural stone walls are accentuated with  stainless steel cabinetry. The seamless arrangement is an inspired design for your home kitchen.

Image: WS IMG

Open log beams and perfected wooden floors are gorgeously styled with metallic cues. The lasting design will leave a generous impression.

Image: Inspirationde

Minimalists are known for clean and clear styles. This flush stainless setting is a modern design that will provide your kitchen with an all new direction.

Image: Budget Dumpster

The dynamic duo here is black and stainless. It is modern and timeless with sleek wooden floors and generous amenities. The space has natural lighting for an open and airy design.


Image: Home Adore

This themed classic is stainless with floating shelves and a plethora of trinkets for an expressive notion. The kitchen style has a nostalgic vibe that is magnificently displayed.

Image: Helmuth Projects

This walk around island is the epitome of professional multi tasking. Clever storage options and all of the bells and whistles make this kitchen an effortless favorite.

Image: Architectural Digest

A black wash wall has an accommodating design of stainless cabinets that are seamless and well styled. Decorative touches create an advantageous perception.

Image: Deco Viewer

Stone flooring are enchanted with stainless cabinets and drawers. The center island has a grill and range top for an extraordinary kitchen experience.


Image: Pin IMG

White subway tiling is designed with trendy elongated handles and a neutral surrounding. A second look at this room offers a detailed view of textural balance.

Image: Décor Pad

High gloss wooden counters set the pace for metal cabinetry and a double island appeal. The floor to ceiling detail is personalized with charm.

Image: The Medium

This beautiful kitchen display is functionally fashioned with stainless amenities and cabinets. Intricate tiling sets the surrounding for a grand kitchen design.

Image: Steel Kitchen Web

Pristine and proper, this stainless kitchen setting has a deluxe design that is illuminated with modern lighting and an elegant tone throughout.


In the above illustrations, we have seen how stainless steel and metal can elaborate your dream kitchen in your own home. Bringing the modern kitchen design to fruition will create a lasting effect that is sure to become an integral part of your day. The kitchen experience you design will host many gatherings and preparations for family dinners. Stainless themes are durable and fashioned with you inner chef in mind.

Your new kitchen will have a modernized design. With stainless cabinets and drawers you will have the efficiency of a professional kitchen and the appeal of a stylish surround. Flooring will compliment the room with a varied contrast while innovative lights tops off the design. No matter the size of your kitchen, your personal touches will balance the space with an inviting and graceful presence for your home.

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