20 Balanced Modern Bathroom Designs that Blend Style and Harmony

Modern Bathroom Designs

Contemporary decor focuses on using available space and creating unbroken flow throughout a room. As you will see in these ultra modern bathrooms, materials and simplicity are everything if you want to communicate balance, harmony, and of course, style. Common materials include tiles, glass, and metallic finishes with gorgeous natural light filtering in to the space. It is all about the details in these 20 modern bathroom designs, so make sure to consider how you can pull all of the touches together when revamping your own space.

Neutral Tiled Modern Bathroom

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Image: Home Adore

From floor to ceiling, this bathroom is coated in neutral wood-inspired tiling. The bathtub and sink finishes are a shining brown to suit the woodsy theme.

Bare Modern Bathroom

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Image: My Domaine

Very simplistic stylish touches enhance this modern bathroom. Copper spouts, a raw wood cabinet and exposed light bulb fixture maintain its antique-yet-contemporary vibe.

Mosaic Tiles Modern Bathroom

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Image: Erin William Son Design

An easy way to add style to your bathroom is with bold tiling. Finish off your shower with white subways tiles that won’t detract from the statement floor.

A Reflection of the Outdoors

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Image: Repostudio

A floor-to-ceiling window at the end of this bathroom make it feel as if you’re bathing outdoors. The bathtub and sinks are shaped exactly the same to keep the elements of the bathroom flowing straight to the beautiful scenery.

Glass Half Full Bathroom

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Image: SF Gate

No space is wasted in this bright and airy bathroom. A small cabinet works its way into the wall beside a gorgeous glass door shower. White tiling in the shower maintains a clean feel while the floor incorporates subtle grays as well.

Open Concept Modern Bathroom

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Image: Decoist

This beautiful bathroom flows directly into the master bathroom for an open concept layout. A glass wall allows natural light to leak through into the space so that it does not feel closed off.

Shades of Gray Bathroom

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Image: Homedit

Large subway tiling make this modern bathroom a bachelor pad delight. The bathtub and shower sit behind chic glass doors for a very open look.

Bathroom Tiles

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Image: Feed Puzzle

Again, large square tiles have been used to finish off a modern look. The shower even has a sunlight for a cheery, bright space.

Slanted Modern Bathroom

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Image: The Ultra Linx

The floor tiling of the main section of this long bathroom flows into the shower on the walls. Meanwhile, new tiling adds dimension and differentiates the bathing space from the bathroom space under a cool slanted ceiling.

Minimalist Modern Bathroom

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Image: 100 Layer Cake

Subway tiles with slate gray grout creates a brick-like atmosphere in the bathtub. The gray is then reflected in the large floor tiles, set at an angle to offset the parallel lines of the room.

Wood and Stone Modern Bathroom

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Image: Home Depot

Combining natural and industrial materials epitomizes modern design. This bathroom works with gorgeous gray tiles and adds in a wood base for the sink and a sauna-like seat in the shower.

Clean Separation in a Modern Bathroom

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Image: Mandala Boutique

Though constructed in a more traditional style, this modern bathroom completes its look with modern finishes. A glass door shower and square tiles complement the stark white walls and floating toilet.

Unusual Makeover

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Image: Micasa Revista

Very earthy in its design, this modern bathroom includes actual stones around the bathtub, two potted plants, and wood-inspired tiling against the back wall. Separation is created by a small step that adds extra dimension to the room.

Glass + Tile Modern Bathroom

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Image: Minosa Design

Every detail in this room flows together from the dark gray tiling covering the walls and floor to the long window and glass shower. It becomes a tranquil space with lots of natural light and a modern edge.

Decorative Modern Bathroom

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Image: Remodelista

Who says you can’t add homey touches to a modern bathroom? This sleek tiled bathroom hosts both a soft, round light fixture and framed prints set out in an artful way.

Jungle-Inspired Modern Bathroom

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Image: Décor Facil

Stained wood floors match the grain of the sink. Meanwhile, everything else in this bathroom stays sleek and white for a focused design.

Half Historic and Half Modern

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Image: Dwell

Combining old and new is a signature modern style choice. This bathroom uses beautiful pine ceilings and exposed iron light fixtures alongside deep well sinks and a very contemporary bathtub for a healthy modern mix.

Grayscale Modern Bathroom

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Image: Bocadolobo

Light falls into this bathroom through the glass shower and from the hidden recessed lighting below the mirror. A modern wash basin, textured backsplash and solid stone shower finalize the contemporary tone.

Wood Masterpiece Bathroom

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Image: Lodgers

Again in this bathroom, wood tiling complements the wood finishes on the sink and beside the bathtub. Otherwise, a clean, boxy design suits the bathtub, sink, and toilet.

Marble Madness Modern Bathroom

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Image: Architectural Digest

This bathroom has been photographed from the viewpoint of the shower, showcasing the extremely modern use of marble and parallel lines. Silver finishes on the sink and shower plus a stunning chandelier give the whole room a Gatsby-esque vibe.

Whether you are trying to modernize your whole house or just pieces of it, the bathroom is a great place to start. Take what you love from these designs and work to create a space that flows and balances all of its contemporary features. If modern rooms are not your thing, you can also take a look at more traditional styles in our post, 20 Classic Bathroom Designs That Will Make You Think Traditional.