20 Awesome Ideas for Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Sets

Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Sets

Double sink vanity sets are a modern way of creating his and hers spaces in any bathroom. Making the best use of available wall space, such sets allow for additional storage, often collective and individual. Unique designs can embody brighter colors, antique detail work, and much more making them suitable for any bathroom decor.

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Image: The Pink Pagoda

Here the white shades mixed with accents of silver and light green bring about feelings of tranquility and cleanliness, perfect for bathroom spaces.

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Image: HGTV

The darker wood is offset by the beige tiles. Hard lines are softened by the round centerpieces.

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Image: White and Gold Design

Minimalist and modern, this bare white space is sterile and functional. Different colors are used for each piece of the vanity set, a discreet way to tell them apart.

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Image: Décor Pad

Making use of an entire wall is a great way to create extra storage with a double vanity set. Here the dark blacks and whites span wall to wall, creating storage on either side and in the center.

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Image: Nordic Design

Basin sinks are becoming quite popular once again. Rather than dealing with splashes across counters, the basin design keeps water where it should be.

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Image: Live Love in the Home

This double vanity set integrates the over sized mirror in the center, functioning visually as a centerpiece as well as extension of either side. The chair adds a quaint flair.

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Image: Design Milk

Lifted cabinetry can be used to cover otherwise awkward flooring problems. By lifting the entire vanity, cleaning is easier and the space below gives a feeling of more openness.

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Image: One Kindesign

Here the rich wood tones are offset by the stunning white marble. Accent lighting offers the perfect dimness while limited accessories keep the area sleek and clean.


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Image: Surrey Bathrooms

This double vanity set creates symmetric his and hers sides to a single counter. The large mirror adds light to the space. With a country cottage chic decor, the wicker basket and basin sinks are the finishing touches.

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Image: Foter

Country cottages and outdoor themes are right at home in this darker bathroom space.

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Image: Inoxtaps

The position of this vanity makes use of the natural light, while keeping the design minimalist in style.

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Image: Houzz

Rich dark woods and creamy marbles naturally complement the earth shades in the tile floors. The stool can be tucked under the shelf when not in use.

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Image: Ritz Craft

Here the center storage divides not just the vanity but the entire bathroom space into two separate sections, still joined as one for a poetic touch.

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Image: Indulgy

This space uses dim lighting in conjunction with mirrors to add depth to an otherwise small space.

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Image: Deco Holic

Here, the vanity set works as one unit, without stark breaks in the lines.

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Image: Wayfair

Rather than putting storage cabinets on either side, this unit uses a shorter wall space well by adding a single storage cabinet next to the double vanity.

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Image: Costco

Pull out draws from a painted wood vanity are topped with beautiful grey marble counter spaces for a contemporary feel.

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Image: Trade Wind’s Imports

This modern double vanity combines pull out drawers with cabinets in a geometric design.

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Image: Sears

White vanities contrast the dark tile floors and wall color well, creating an atmosphere of sterility.

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Image: Mtd Vanities

The combination of whites and grays give this double vanity set the feeling of cleanliness and contemporary style.

Overall, double vanities are a great way to maximize the available space in a bathroom. Creating separate yet joined cabinetry and mirrors not only reflects natural light making the space seem larger, but keeps the bathroom a clean and sterile environment.

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