20 Sleek Modern House Design Ideas

Modern House Design

The sleek style that characterizes modern home design turns the less-conventional into a contemporary phenomenon. Marked by straight lines, sharp angles, and dramatic curb appeal, modern homes serve as a stark contrast to their natural surroundings and create an aesthetically pleasing simplicity.

Modern design became a progressive movement at the turn of the 20th century, encompassing everything from art to architecture. Its main premise “form follows function” (as said by Frank Lloyd Wright’s mentor), works to limit unnecessary detail in design, ensuring that all parts of these modern homes serve both beauty and a purpose. Industrialized materials like glass, steel, and iron are also incorporated to match this distinctive style.


Modern Villa in Ibiza

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Image: Architecture Beast

Gorgeous light accents highlight the unique cutouts of this villa. Parallel lines in both the exterior design and material textures elongate the outdoor space and fit satisfyingly into the natural geometry of the house itself.

Rectangular Modern House

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Image: Archish-G

The perfect symmetry of this dark exterior is contrasted by offset windows following the same rectangular theme. Sharp corners and matching grates complete this simple, yet dashing, urban home.

Natural Beauty + Sharp Modern House

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Image: Job Has Nothing to Lose

Though the angles of this modern home are sharp, it incorporates a natural flow that suits its green surroundings.  The darker wood accents create a dazzling contradiction to the brightness brought in by the water and light elements.

Puzzling Modern House

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Image: Architecture Design

Like a giant, urban puzzle, this architecture plays up everything a modern home should be: striking, open, and intriguing. A huge glass window and balcony invites you in while the sleek stone, concrete, and wood elements make you feel as if you have stepped into the future.

Modern Levels

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Image: Instagram

Anyone can appreciate how satisfying this home’s matching levels are. With glass windows for walls, the world outside seems to flow directly through the home as if there is no separation. Two stylish stone pillars and the flat roof give it the final touch of modern flair.

Chic Hideaway House

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Image: Architecture Designs

This chic modern home integrates austere lines with an airy, welcoming tone. Light colors give it a cool feel, while the wood exterior keeps it classic.

A Modern Nook

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Image: Fres Home

Even in such a small space, this modern house stands out. Functional windows and doorways follow the home’s rectangular trend, while an interesting gate and roof give it a unique skyline and curbside feel.

Stacked-Cube Style

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Image: Concept Home

Creative separation of size and materials distinguishes different aspects of this house. Bright lights and clever textures keep the focus on its boxy, trendy design.

Urban Legend

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Image: Design Milk

A large rectangular window stretches upward into both stories of this house, with unmistakable geometric layers cutting through. Light concrete complemented by dark gray siding create a distinctly urban design.

Something Old + Something New

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Image: We Heart It

This modern house forms a gorgeous juxtaposition of old and new. Its clean lines and symmetrical window arrangements draw it out of the old world, but the peaked roof and pillared balcony leave it just shy of completely contemporary.

Industrial Modern House

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Image: The Ultra Linx

The gray slate color of the steel siding combined with the distinctive layers created by the concrete steps and front canopy mark this home industrial modern. Huge glass windows and the unique shutter-style of the front room still give the idea of openness.

Mid-Century Modern House

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Image: Rosabel Tran Design

This home blends contemporary modern with classic mid-century architectural design. With clean, clear lines and stacked cube forms coupled with deep overhangs, it makes perfect sense to break up the California heat.

Modern Twin House

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Image: Arch Daily

Unconventional dark grates make this modern home stand out from its surroundings. The second story balcony juts over the ground floor and is the only thing keeping the levels from being flawless, modern twins.

Asymmetrical Modern House

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Image: Houzz

Natural wood elements complement the industrial gray of this fresh design. The purposely asymmetrical roof breaks the regularity of the house and pulls all eyes toward it to highlight the gorgeous artistry of the house.

Versatile Modern Courtyard

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Image: E Plans

The simple square shape created by the various wings of this modern home leave a versatile open space for outdoor living. Windows encase the courtyard so that no matter where one looks from inside the house, the view escapes outside.

Contemporary Modern Exterior Design

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Image: Residence Style

Large glass windows create a fresh, open atmosphere broken up only by chic metal frames. The clean white exterior and wooden balcony work to make this airy modern home fit in with its green surroundings.

Impressive Eaves

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Image: Contemporist

The impressive layering of this home’s exterior are what first draw you in. An artful blend of dark brown and pure white help to mix this home’s sharper edges with the gorgeous backyard space.

Dramatic Architectural Design

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Image: Behance

Unique patterns trace upward from the steel gate to the white facade covering the front of the upper stories. The striking angle of the rooftop captures attention and sets a stark contrast to the surrounding homes.

Desert-Theme Modern House

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Image: Family Home Plans

Neutral tones with rich brown accents cap off this desert-themed modern home. Identical window styles of varying sizes let light work into and out of the interior space while becoming focal points of the home.

Unmistakably Modern Home

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Image: Luxury Homesss

Bold, sweeping overhangs and vivid, dark colors–not to mention a bi-level water feature–create an eye-catching exterior for this modern home. Various layers are set off by different materials. Meanwhile, cutouts and large windows allow light to flow through the space.


Modern home design balances purposeful with alluring, and intentional with stunning. When done well, modern architecture pushes the envelope of home design and creates an artistic functionality that is hard to ignore.

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