20 Stunning Moroccan Chairs That Make a Statement

Moroccan Chairs

Moroccan design involves a high level of artistry and attention to detail. Drawing on the rich culture and architectural style of the North African country, pieces commonly include intricate carvings, elaborate mosaic motifs, and vibrant colors. Moroccans pull their inspiration from two conflicting elements–the sea and the desert. These are reflected in the blues, gold, and yellows commonly found in Moroccan work. But harmony and symmetry play a huge role as well, as you can see in these Moroccan chairs. Finally, dramatic archways and gorgeous inlays complete this majestic style.


Sleek Moroccan Chair


Image: loombrand

Against a tiled background, this striped chair still manages to stand out. Its sleek design contrasts nicely with the bolder coffee table and walls in the room.

Wicker Wonder


Image: Wayfair

This wicker chair exudes style in its curved base and woven pattern. Its golden brown hues also reflect the desert surrounding Morocco.

Motif Match


Image: Overstock

This adorable pair showcases a traditional Moroccan motif in their light gray pattern. Set against a dramatic zebra print, they enhance the room’s African theme.

Moroccan Tribal Chair

Erika Brechtel

Image: Erika Brechtel

The bright, bold colors in this chair show the vibrancy of Morocco. Dark wood legs and small studs along the arms show a moody twist as well.

Picture Perfect Chairs


Image: imgfave

Two wingback chairs rest side-by-side with their bold patterns and eye-catching details. Just looking at them is enough to make anyone want to explore the world.

Eclectic Moroccan Chair

Melanie Hönig - Rover @ Home - Travel Blogger

Image: Melanie Hönig – Rover @ Home – Travel Blogger

This bright chair combines carvings with a tiled mosaic pattern. Lime green makes a statement, while a red cushion supplies an extra pop of color to the space.

Royal Moroccan Chair

Home Design Lover

Image: Home Design Lover

A chair like this one deserves a regal setting. With intricate pearl inlays in an elaborate tiled pattern, nothing says opulence like this gorgeous creation.

Spunky Moroccan Chair

Desire to Inspire

Image: Desire to Inspire

Though in the corner of this room, this funky chair adds a touch of spice to this otherwise darkly colored room. Its mix of patterns and vibrant colors send Bohemian vibes throughout the space.

Subtle Mosaic

Cost Plus World Market

Image: Cost Plus World Market

This traditional chair boasts an intricate motif in its upholstery. Lighter in color, it subtly showcases its Moroccan style.

Elaborately Carved Moroccan Chairs


Image: Deavita

Amazingly detailed sides and bases cause a stir with these two chairs. They appear both sturdy and light with their elaborately carved details.

Morocco Madness


Image: ArchitectureArtDesigns

Set against a tiled fireplace, these Moroccan chairs complete the room’s style. The brightness of this chair stands out in a relatively neutral room.

Blue Beauties


Image: zulily

These twin chairs follow a similar motif to many Moroccan-inspired pieces. The soft blue reflects Morocco’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

Simplistic Morocco

The Glitter Guide

Image: The Glitter Guide

A Moroccan pouf works as an ottoman alongside this wicker chair. These two pieces would fit into virtually any natural or earthy setting.

Metallic Morocco

The Every Girl

Image: The Every Girl

Beside this strikingly striped chair, a Moroccan-inspired pouf still manages to draw attention. Its metallic gold color complements the other accents in the room.

Party in the Back

MyCraftWork, LLC

Image: MyCraftWork, LLC

From the front, this chair appears to be strictly business. But, once you see from another angle, you can drink in the lavish mosaic pattern and its contrast with a strictly Moroccan side table.

Hushed Hues

One Kings Lane

Image: One Kings Lane

The softer, jewel tones in this Moroccan chair and ottoman still enhance the room’s artsy style. The colors in the chair are also displayed in the rug and pull out other hues throughout the room.

Bold + Beautiful


Image: Plumo

You do not need other busy decorations when you have this ornately designed chair as a showstopper. The vibrancy of it draws all eyes while symmetrical designs encase it in splendor.

Chic Moroccan Chair

One Kings Lane2

Image: One Kings Lane

This Moroccan chair uses a modern striped design within its stunning, curved design. Meanwhile, it also adds comfort with extra cushions and a slightly winged stule.

Tilework to Patchwork


Image: ArchitectureArtDesigns

The spectacular tiles behind these Moroccan chairs reflects in their equally brilliant designs. Though bright, they do not detract from the artwork behind them or the other intricate pieces in the room.

Perfectly Patterned


Image: Etsy

Moroccan designs are distinctly satisfying because of their perfect symmetry. This chair is no exception. Its gorgeous mosaic fits hexagons together into a masterpiece.

So whether you have an entirely African-inspired space or are simply looking for a statement piece, look no further than Moroccan designs. They add flair and personality while still maintaining their classical essence. If you like these stylish chairs, you can also check out 15 Outstanding Moroccan Living Room Designs for inspiration on designing an entire room.