20 Exquisite Moroccan Coffee Tables to Add Flair to Your Living Room

Moroccan Coffee Tables

Moroccan culture is filled with exquisite history, architecture, and design. Known for its elaborate details and bold colors, you can add flair to any room using Morocco’s signature styles. With both the sea and the desert as influences, one can find frequent usage of earthy tones like gold and yellow as well as blues. Along with this comes the classic inlaid style seen in the ornate tilework of Morocco. This traditional tilework (or zillij) groups small tiles together to build intricate mosaics and geometric patterns.

The dramatic arches of Moroccan palaces are also mimicked in smaller pieces, such as these beautiful coffee tables. Regardless of your living space, you’re bound to find one that inspires you to add a touch a Moroccan style to your own life.

Modern Gold

domino magazine

Image: domino magazine

As mentioned, Moroccan style is all in the details. Four modern wooden legs hold up an intricately designed, gold tabletop. Meanwhile, the edges have been frilled to add a softer side to this skull-decor room.

Marbled Moroccan

The Way We Play

Image: The Way We Play

The rich marbling of this circular table sits atop angled legs to add definition to this room. Subsequently, the lighter tones of the marbling evoke thoughts of a grand, Moroccan palace.

Matching Mosaics


Image: Gardenista

These two tables host the same tiled design, but in different color schemes. The mosaic tops enhance the Moroccan character of the space and add vibrancy.

Clean and Simple Morocco

idyll og him

Image: idyll og him

In this grayscale space, the rich details of this Moroccan coffee table adds a subtle statement. Its lipped edge, etched top, and carved legs reflect classic Moroccan styling.

Creative Construction


Image: GypsyYaya

Both of these Moroccan-inspired coffee tables are conversation starters for any living room. Both boast intricately carved woodwork in their construction, while one is also shaped with lipped edges and a tiny mosaic design.

Arch Inspiration


Image: DecorPad

Archways are traditional and timeless parts of Moroccan architecture and design. This coffee table scales it down, but uses uniquely arched legs and pearl inlays to showcase its exquisite Moroccan heritage.

Moroccan Silver Coffee Table

Mittliv pa Landet

Image: Mittliv pa Landet

Carved legs overlap in this Moroccan coffee table design. Meanwhile, a silver platter regally serves as the tabletop and is enhanced with intricate etchings.

Perfectly Patterned

La Maison Boheme

Image: La Maison Boheme

Patterns abound in this living space, with a traditional Moroccan-inspired coffee table taking front and center. Its arched legs and vibrant, colorful mosaic add a new element to this already eclectic room.

Mosaic Masterpiece


Image: De-cor

Moroccan decor is known for its Atlantic and Mediterranean inspirations. This coffee table uses that and the traditional Moroccan tiling to create a shell-shaped pattern with its ocean-blue materials.

Detail-Oriented Moroccan Coffee Table


Image: Etsy

Bold jewel tones and dramatically arched legs cause this Moroccan coffee table to make a statement. A woven pattern is seen throughout with rich colors magnifying the design.

3-D Inlay Moroccan Coffee Table


Image: Etsy

Against a dark backdrop, this Moroccan coffee table appears to be 3-D. With intricately carved designs and pearl inlays, the beauty lies in the smallest of details.

Grandiose Morocco

Country Living

Image: Country Living

This large coffee table is both functional and beautiful in this space. The bright yellow reflects a Moroccan love of the desert, while the repetitive mosaic and matching archways hint at the stunning design of a Moroccan mosque.

Natural Embellishments

west elm

Image: west elm

Made from a less-than-typical material for Moroccan style, this wood coffee table still hosts Moroccan design elements. Its detailed carvings and unvarying design gives it a modern twist.

Galvanized Silver Coffee Table


Image: Overstock

The lipped edge and pressed pattern in this silver coffee table create a truly amazing piece. It takes the traditional elements of Moroccan style and adds a contemporary material and design.

Fresh Moroccan Style


Image: RASSP

Moroccan tables don’t always have to be so bold. This one hints at a subtle Moroccan style (with its carved legs and mosaic tabletop) without overpowering the lighter room.

Glass Act

Pier 1 Imports

Image: Pier 1 Imports

A very modern glass tabletop sits on an exquisite Moroccan-inspired, wood base. Every leg is carved with a beautiful arching pattern and comes to meet as a star design visible through the glass top.

Small Details Moroccan Table

Rita Crane

Image: Rita Crane | Crane Concept

A Moroccan pouf seat resides next to a gorgeously inlaid coffee table. Of course, the table also boasts a carved design and perfect symmetry.

Squared-off Moroccan Coffee Table

Interiors Online

Image: Interiors Online

This square table gives a great idea of the ornate details you can find. Carved entirely from wood, small accents along the bottom of the table create a magnificent centerpiece for your space.

Heart-of-Gold Moroccan Coffee Table

Best Coffee Table Ideas

Image: Best Coffee Table Ideas

While most Moroccan tables we have shown are round, this small coffee table shines with its gold tabletop and small gold inlays in each leg. Complex legs cross beneath the bright surface covered in minute etchings.

Carved Centerpiece


Image: Overstock

Both table pieces in this room host elaborate carvings in a traditional Moroccan motif. It keeps the space light and open while still adding flair.

As you can see, Moroccan style creates a bohemian, yet modern feel in a living room. The amazing details allow you to keep the rest of your decor simple, so that you can impress your guests with a statement table. If you love this style, you will also enjoy our post,  15 Outstanding Moroccan Living Room Designs.