100 Bathroom Mosaic Tiles You’re Sure to Love

Bathroom Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics do a lot of things for any room. They add much-needed color and old world flair. They’re a conversation piece all their own. And in the often neglected bathroom, a good Bathroom Mosaic Tiles can brighten up and add interest to what’s often a room short on space.

002 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Lucy Call

Bright blue mosaics help give this contemporary bathroom a charm of its own. Notice how the backsplash behind the counter is given a pattern that matches the wall. This adds interest to a space that’s too often overlooked and adds some personality to the counter.

003 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Brandon Barré Architectural Interior Photographer

Your bathroom mosaic tile don’t even have to be especially elaborate. The comparably subtle blues present here help brighten up this master bath and emphasize this bathroom’s strong contemporary theme.

010 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Homes by Avi

This contemporary bathroom has been expertly infused with a gentle, spa atmosphere and a lot of that has to do with the clean, white bathroom mosaic tile designs placed throughout. It helps infuse the space with light and gives the bathroom a luxurious feeling.

012 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Kia Designs

Dark mosaics, on the other hand, have the ability to infuse your bathroom with a mature, modern vibe, as these majestic shower tiles do here.

016 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: sporadicSPACE

A pop of pink mosaics helps this bright, chic bathroom stand out. When done right, a bright color can help bring out subtle pops of color hidden in decor and furnishings.

034 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Carolina V. Gentry, RID

A mid century modern bathroom, as seen right here, can be taken to the next level with dark tiling. It gives this bathroom a very intimate atmosphere and emphasizes the sleek white tub and other furnishings.

038 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Cillesa Interior Design & Space Planning

The blue mosaic here and the breezy white counters and flooring almost bring a coastal atmosphere into the room. The cream walls tie everything together.

040 modern-bathroom 17

Image: Triton Austin

Have windows in your bathroom? Don’t just stick a curtain over them and forget about it. Tiles help bright windows stand out and give even a bare wall personality.

046 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

These Turkish inspired mosaics give this gentle contemporary bathroom a strong old world flair.

048 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Inspired Interiors

These strong mosaics help conceal lighting, which without the mosaics would make this room look like a hospital. Notice the bathroom floor tile. 

063 modern-bathroom 17

Image: Michael Tauber Architecture

This uniquely transitionial bathroom remodel shows that tiles can breathe new life into a bathroom without having to put a lot of effort into new furnishings.

065 traditional-bathroom 17

Image: StoneMar Natural Stone Company LLC

By confining the mosaics to one section of the shower and the baseboards, this bathroom allows its contemporary charm to speak for itself.

068 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Habitat Studio

Bright green tiles help this bathroom stand out and adds a conversation piece to an otherwise small space.

074 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: Michelle Williams Photography

Short on space? Don’t just paint your bathroom walls white. Add some mosaics. You’ll get more bang for your buck since the white tiles will add a focal point to the bathroom while playing well with your lighting.

077 contemporary-bathroom 17

Image: DigitalProperties.ca

Even your guest bathroom can become unforgettable with a simple mosaic job. These mosaics infuse this bathroom with a charming, fairy tale atmosphere.

082 tropical-bathroom 17

Image: Architectural Design & Construction

By crisscrossing this bathroom with lines of tiles, this bathroom is given a strong, European inspired atmosphere while helping the room feel bigger than it really is.

083 asian-bathroom

Image: Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

This bateau style bathroom is given an upgrade with an upscale mosaic, which is paired with granite tiling for a masterful effect.

086 contemporary-bathroom

Image: Ripples Bathrooms

A splash of purple mosaic gives this backsplash some much needed personality.

087 contemporary-bathroom

Image: Lorrien Homes & Remodeling

A unique pattern or design can help your mosaic tiling really stand out and pop.

088 contemporary-bathroom

Image: Jeri Koegel Photography

A bright colored mosaic helps break up the motony of a monocolored bathroom and helps enfuse your bathroom with a lot of personality.

Never overlook mosaics. A tile job can give your bathroom a lot to smile about. Working well even in tiny bathrooms, mosaics add color, help open up small spaces, and ultimately give your bathroom a European/Middle Eastern charm.

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