20 Daring Multi-Color Bedrooms to Reflect Your Personal Flair

Multi-Color Bedrooms

We desire to feel calm and at peace in our most sacred abode, our bedroom. The hues and designs that comfort us in this space may vary to match our personalities, likes and dislikes, and intimate memories. For this reason, the Multi-Color Bedrooms should be most carefully considered when designing your living space.

Some may look for a space that is peaceful, featuring opalescent neutral tones, while others may desire vibrant reds and oranges reflective of culture, family, and the place first identified as home; a native country, a bustling city, the blazing summer days. Or is it a blue sky, the ripples of lake water that look like the bite into a gumdrop, the ocean’s beautiful mystery. Whatever it is you desire, the options are endless when it comes to choosing the colors, textures, and styles that surround you in this fun, intimate, relaxing space. Below we’ve included an array of unique bedroom design options to inspire your space.

Pink-and-Teal Colorful Bedroom

001 10-girls-bedroom 20

Image: Flickr

A feminine space of pale pink, mauve, and teal envelops this space. A contrast of square-edged walls next to cylindrical lighting gives the space a unique textural feel.

Dramatic Colorful Bedroom

002 8-michigan 20

Image: Richman Interiors

Country-chic meets bold. This mix of patterns and colors makes a statement: femininity hugs the bed while masculinity secures the walls. The room screams: “We’re never too old to make waves.”

Street of Dreams

003 traditional-bedroom 20

Image: Inspired Interiors

Neutral could never be more fun. Cool lavender-gray is hugged by warm shades of tan. A rustic stag head watches over the whimsical bedding, while a romantic dresser holds an Italian vase of greens.

Dreamweaver Bedroom

004 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Rikki Snyder

The sky and the earth come together in this vacation-in-a-box. This small space makes big moves: a textured earthy headboard, the simplicity of white clouds above white bedding, the teal and clay striped pillow and blanket that drape the bed, lampshades that scream like radiating sun, and the small detail of bunnies and sheep.

Green Space Multi Color Bedroom

005 traditional-bedroom 20

Image: Haisma Design Co.

The classic bedroom places the bed and its surroundings as the focal point. Dressed in order and masculinity, the navy and black hues stand out on top of light walls, bedding, and window trim. Four photos stacked in order lined by identical lamps and end tables give the room symmetry and order.

Eclectic Chic Master Bedroom

Image: Rachel Reider Interiors

Relax, play, and spend some time in this eclectic yet childlike space. Neutral tones are lighted by lime and cobalt accessories to echo the fun wall pattern.

West Village Bachelor Pad

007 eclectic-bedroom 20

Image: LABLstudio

Hello, bachelor pad. The geometric shapes on the wall give this space a confident masculine appeal. Casual yet put-together bedding effortlessly matches the fall colors that bring this space together. Take notice to the lighter elements: windowsill plants, gold book ends, and a bold bronze bedside table.

Calming Green Master Bedroom

008 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Ragan Corliss

Safari prints and plants bring out the zen green walls and simple lines of the black bed. Clean, yet wild.

Bright Multi Color Bedroom

009 contemporary-bedroom 20

Image: Clean Design

The pillow says it all: Happy! Comforting blue meets cheery yellow in this playful space. The child’s table by the window only adds to the fun of this mood-lifting space.

Colorful Modern Viewpoint

010 traditional-bedroom 20

Image: Keeping Interiors

The bedroom of an artist. This space is clean yet perfectly textured with a jaggedly strips carpet and a focus on red.

Circles and Squares Multi Color Bedroom

011 458817127 20

Image: Aida Homes

A modern room with clean-lined walls is met by a dreamy circular bed and light fixture. It’s hard to focus on just one aspect of this geometric room.

Multi-colored Master Bedroom

012 Depositphotos_34520531_s 20

Image: Home Stratosphere

Hard textured walls next to light curtains give this bedroom a hotel suite feel. Simple bedding and clean light fixtures make this down-to-earth space.

Multi Colored Bedroom for a Princess

014 31-Pretty-in-Pink-Bedroom-Designs-1 20

Image: Home Epiphany

Glitter princess meets techno princess. The walls are the true stars here. A plain space is brought to life by the contrasting walls. Ruffled bedding and stuffed dolls give this room it’s innocence.

Artsy Luxury Bed

015 764f3e1317fa862f1c28aac2531cf5d0 20

Image: Bykoket

This bedroom is clearly inspired by the artwork here. Yellow spills out onto the pillows and chair, while blue and gray hues are brought out even more.

Pale + Pretty Multi Color Bedroom

016 32619d651355a97641585e6f2cd27385 20

Image: House of Turquoise

A cushioned head board and ottoman are only the beginning of this pretty space. Pale colors are not shy or overpowered here.

Black-and-Yellow Bedroom

017 a8b5c336543c780fa45a2c4c0ebcfb35 20

Image: Dimples and Tangles

Wild and classy. Black and white patterns on the wall and floor pop with yellow and red around the bed. Bold artwork puts final touches on the space.

Richly Colored Bedroom

018 d8d97cddde987c0555e0722f3b0ec76e 20

Image: Architectural Digest

Bali paradise. Bold green and magenta drape the walls, and the brightly patterned bed spread gazes at a mandala-sculpted ceiling.

Floral Multi Color Bedroom

019 987d377b11f1786abb1663463b1a37aa 20

Image: The Melrose Family

Colorful, soft, Asian-inspired, eclectic. This room screams it all! A paper lantern dangles over the youthful comforter. In the corners, an eclectic lime green chair and eccentric blue chest topped with wild blooms.

Attractive Bedroom Color

020 attractive-modern-kids-bedroom-designs-with-nice-extraordinary-multicolor-home-furniture-on-icy-grey-laminate-floor-with-interior-design-colors-plus-home-interior-designers-938x703 20

Image: Corps D├ęcor

Efficiency is key in this space-saving room. Clean with pops of pink and bright olive make this space young and organized.

Be mindful of your own preferences when designing a bedroom space. How would you want your room to appear? These images were compiled to spark your interest; your likes and dislikes. Think about which styles you may want to combine. Remember that balance is most desirable no matter what the style. Are you toning down your boldness with intense colors at the center of your space, or do you desire neutral spiced-up with bold textures?

You must keep your own personality in mind when making a commitment to design such a personal space. If you’re indecisive, you won’t want to go with one drastic design; rather a space that’s accessories can be changed. Use pops of color instead of color-centered spaces. If you’re closeting your inner zen, make your bedroom your space for peace. Or maybe you’re wild but want to contain your eccentric tendencies to one single space. Once you’ve chosen what appeals to your eye and your mind, you’re ready to design.