20 Purple and Lavender Bathrooms That Pop

Purple and Lavender bathroom

Purple and lavender bathroom may get a bad rep as a feminine color. But as it turns out, purple and lavender have a huge capacity to wow. Working well in everything from modern rooms to more classical affairs, give these purple bathrooms your consideration.

003 eclectic-bathroom 18

Image: Witt Construction

Purple tends to pair well with dark furnishing accessories, bringing out the best in both.

006 contemporary-bathroom 18

Image: Alex Amend Photography

A more subtle lavender infuses this bathroom set with art deco charm.

007 transitional-bathroom 18

Image: Happy Interiors Group

Far from being delicate, this lavender helps this contemporary bathroom decor feel even more spacious.

010 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Sarah Greenman

Smaller pops of purple help this contemporary bathroom stand out. Just black and white works well on its own but another color can take the contrast to another level.

013 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Thompson Remodeling

A delicate lavender creates a comforting atmosphere.

014 contemporary-bathroom 18

Image: Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

A deeper purple, on the other hand, gives this bathroom a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

017 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Cambria

Purple can be divinely luxurious, especially when paired with rich mahoganies and marble.

020 eclectic-bathroom 18

Image: Cape Associates, Inc.

Don’t let your rafters stand on their own. Paint them purple to help fill up the space.

028 contemporary-bathroom 18

Image: SWAT Design Team for Decorating Den

Subtle pops of color, like the purple in the towels and the decor, help this otherwise all white bathroom feel less monotonous.

029 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: J&L Interiors, LLC

A light purple can give any bathroom a royal air. They don’t call purple the color of kings for nothing.

030 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Built-Rite Remodeling LLC

Even a subtle pop of purple can add interest to any space.

038 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Jane Lockhart Interior Design

A more subtle shade of lavender adds color to a space without overpowering anything.

048 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Matthies Builders

Even if you don’t have a lot of space to spare, consider a pop of purple to help your bathroom feel less cramped.

051 contemporary-bathroom 18

Image: 2 Design Group

Light purples help reflect light but allow color into any space.

066 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Summit Design Remodeling, LLC

Paired with marble, this purple helps this bathroom really stand on its own.

075 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Upscale Construction

A lavender that’s almost blue helps add color to your home without being too overpowering.

076 traditional-bathroom 18

Image: Leslie Saul & Associates

A splash of purple helps give this European style bathroom charm of its own.

078 contemporary-bathroom 18

Image: Chic Decor & Design, Margarida Oliveira

Light purples help this bathroom stand out by sharply contrasting with the counters.

080 midcentury-bathroom 18

Image: Cabinets & Designs

Purple might not be the first color you think of in a Tuscan room but here it’s done very well and that’s thanks to the aged quality of the paint. Paired with tan cabinets, this room is a dream.

Purple and lavender can do a lot for a room. Whether they add a pop of color or set the scene, purple and lavender are two colors that should never be dismissed.