Your Design Guide to Creating Romantic Bedrooms To Fall in Love With

If you want to create a romantic bedroom to relax in,¬† you may think it has to be filled with flowers or other overly feminine elements. This is not the case. Here are 20 rooms that illustrate that you don’t need to fill a room with floral prints in order to get the romantic sexy bedroom idea you are trying to achieve.

002 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Eric Ross Interiors, LLC

This bedroom uses botanical print color rather than straight up florals to create a relaxed and romantic space.

003 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Decorating Den Interiors-Strok Design Team

A flowery bedspread and valance gives this room a romantic feel while the crisp white bed curtains and wooden furniture help keep the femininity nicely in check.

004 shabby-chic-style-bedroom 8

Image: Plural Design Inc.

This luxurious room uses sumptuous linens and a romantic chandelier to create a dreamlike space.

009 shabby-chic-style-bedroom 8

Image: Schmidt Custom Homes

The designer has kept the colors in this room pale while still giving a romantic feel to this space.

016 shabby-chic-style-bedroom 8

Image: Annette Tatum

This bedroom is ornate and colorful while the wooden dresser , images and accessories add a nice decore, solid touch to the room.

019 shabby-chic-style-bedroom 8

Image: Bill Mathews Photographer, Inc

The wooden wall panels, chandelier and painted furniture keep the room looking light but romantic.

020 farmhouse-bedroom 8

Image: Sara Hopkins

The striped wall paper, painted furniture and floral upholstery make this room feel romantic without feeling overdone.

022 shabby-chic-style-bedroom 8

Image: Aiken House & Gardens

Floral ties add an extra hint of romance to this soft, feminine yet sexy space.

025 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Van H. Robinson

This room has elegant drapery, refined furniture and muted patterns that all combine for a romantic feel that even a man could feel comfortable in.

026 tropical-bedroom 8

Image: Eduarda Correa Arquitetura & Interiores

There is still something incredibly romantic about the crisp white bed linens and beautiful furniture that has been used in this room.

030 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Kate Byer Interior Design

The delicate spindles of the four-post bed and the damask fabric give this room a light and romantic feel.

032 contemporary-bedroom 8

Image: Echelon Custom Homes

Rich bedroom fabric can look romantic, seductive, and sensual as well. Here, the satin of the drapes and the lush bed skirt give a simple room a romantic flare.

036 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Men love romance too. Here, a masculine space still looks romantic thanks to bed curtains, rich bed linens, paint color and a stunning tasseled silk throw.

038 rustic-bedroom 8

Image: Bess Jones Interiors

The floral pattern and the stone fireplace give this room a romantic flare that both genders could easily fall in love with.

040 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Natural Element Homes

To create this look, a romantic and visually interesting bed frame was paired with stained wood and beautiful floor-to-ceiling drapes.

042 southwestern-bedroom 8

Image: Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes

This room has a solid, romantic feel. Exposed beams and a working fireplace help add to that feel.

050 eclectic-bedroom 8

Image: Imagine Living

What could be more romantic than a pastel color scheme and heart-shaped upholstered headboard?

058 shabby-chic-style-bedroom 8

Image: Rizzoli New York

The bed is the focal point in this romantic blue and white bedroom.

066 tropical-bedroom 8

Image: MCM Design

This bed overlooks a romantic view. The designer used a soft color palette and luxurious fabrics to make you want to spend just as much time inside this room as outside.

071 traditional-bedroom 8

Image: Heintzman Sanborn Architecture~Interior Design

This room is tailored and sumptuous but still manages to feel romantic thanks to lush bed curtains and a neutral color scheme.

As you can see, there are many different ways to create a romantic feel in your bedroom. Whether you love the look of tailored, rich textiles or want your room to be a floral explosion it is not hard to bring a touch of romance to any room regardless of your budget.

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