A Collection of 20 Trendy Round Platform Beds

Round Platform Beds

Fresh ideas and concepts often unite the looks of yesterday with the stylish presence of tomorrow’s design. Lavish comforts and a fresh fashion have inspired a glamorous addition to the scheme of a trendy bedroom scene. Round Platform Beds take all of the flair from retro designs and envisioned them to a more contemporary appeal. Posh, plush and persuasive, this stylish bed will lend a refreshing design for your day.

In the images below, you will find twenty trendy round platform beds. The illustrative styles are generously placed in a designer setting taking bedroom designs to the next level. You will see vintage notes to contemporary expressions for a trendy display of your new bedroom space.

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Image: Furniture

Luxury is inspired with a lavish white round bed design. The couture style is glamorous with plum and slated toned additions lending a fashionable depth to the style.

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Image: Hearts 

This round platform bed design is trendy and contemporary. The designer style is clever for a new perception to the rooms appeal.

03 Resize-of-azmyarch-com

Image: Casoteca

A sophisticated style is set in modernistic tones. The sleek round bed design has an enriching presence with a generous comfort alongside.

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Image: Dream 

This bedroom design will make you feel as if your dreaming when your awake. The luxurious theme holds elegant details and a gorgeous design.


05 siyah

Image: Harikaevtasarimlari

A modern review holds a historical essence. The layering of bronze, black and golden hues set the stage for a genuine round platform bed design.

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Image: Interior Design 4

A witty design brings the illuminating style of the stars to your bedroom. Vibrant lighting and celestial displays make this round platform bed design both cozy and creative.

07 a057f276ad3344fde58969551d99e643

Image: Travel Away

Sky lights and surrounding windows offer a room with a view. You will get a front row seat ,with this round platform bed design, that offers a resort style for your home.

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Image: Hative

Round platform beds can fit into your fairy tale bedroom setting. A modern, vintage design is set in a chic creme that has a fine display of romantic gestures.

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Image: Decoist

A cultured design breaths an air of the royal treatment. This posh style holds a vindicated theme that melodically contributes it its surrounding.

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Image: Astucesdefilles

In this sunset style we see a view of a contemporary scene. The gorgeous setting is inspired while the room holds a generous appeal.

11 07

Image: Abingdon Beds

This round platform bed design brings comfort to the next level. The plush pin tucked style is graciously set in a contrasting neutral and white palette.

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Image: Amazing Interior Design

This gothic design infuses a sense of modernity to its theme. A crushed royal purple holds a designer touch that is elevated in a chic white surrounding.

13 newyork

Image: Dolomitesskitours

Here we see a completely couture style. Slight elevations in tone create a most appealing design with a round platform bed that is set along side a trendy bedroom lounge.

14 755f380b8fddf8cf7b39d4e8f27c690c

Image: Architecture Art Designs

A modernistic expression is paired with contemporary cues. An innovative layering of blocked designs and intricate lighting set the pace for a fashionable round platform bed style.

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Image: Fleur de Londres

Styled from a Gothic Renascence Era, this design is elaborately lavish. The round bed is intricated in a glamorous tone. The reflective and enriched details are truly inspired.

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Image: Homedit

Shabby chic meets a classicaly elite theme. Textures, patterns and tones are collaborated throughout the space for a generous design.

17 289bd165cc56216c82b85049c4239c9a

Image: Arreda Click
A black white and creme theme is designed with the minimalist in mind. Sleek lines and spaces are fashioned with a round styled bed. 


Image: Maxatk

Turn your bedroom setting into your own piece of paradise. A white sheer canopy is elegantly draped over a rich wooden frame and a round bed design.

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Image: Minimalisti

Champagne thoughts and retro cues create a grand impression in this well styled bedroom space. A generous pairing of velvety tones create a finished look to this design.

20 aba00d60f8ea5123ecd87ba41e676893

Image: Godfather Style

This bedroom design holds a brilliant level of innovation from the industrial lighting above, to the contemporary setting throughout. An ingenious use of texture and accents bring us a fresh perspective to a clever style.


We have seen twenty amazing and trendy round platform bed designs. The concept is retro in feel with a modern twist that creates a splendid style to introduce to your home. Plush bedding always makes for sweeter dreams and cozy mornings. The rounded bed offers a directional approach with a generously spatial and lush experience. A bed frame is made with any shape platform that resonates with your own style. This gives the overall design a trendy touch to an already perfected bedroom theme. Bedding, colors and decor are a part of the appeal for your newy styled space.

The presence of a round platform bed will elevate your rooms style with a flair for fashion. The setting is graciously harmonious with lavish details and designer tones. Keen lighting and accents put the finishing touch to the room while your round bed design maintains the center of attention. Make a lasting impression on your daily agenda with a round platform bed. The comforts of home are at your trendy fingertips bringing a new perspective to a brilliant design.


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