20 Small White Bathrooms Designs That Are Big on Charm

Small White Bathroom designs

Don’t overlook the humble white bathroom. As it turns out, white bathrooms can be just as beautiful and grande as their more colorful counterparts. Whether they’re setting the scene in a modern, upscale flat or the bathroom is inspired by turn of the century designs, these small white bathrooms are big on charm and style

002 transitional-bathroom 19

Image: Design Vidal

Don’t just paint your walls white and step away. Bricks add interest and help avoid the trap of making your bathroom look uninspired.

006 scandinavian-bathroom 19

Image: Touch Interiors

Paired with sleek black flooring, this white small stylish bathroom is modern, classy and heavy on personality.

008 traditional-bathroom 19

Image: The Ransom Company

Natural bricks give this bathroom a pleasant, urban-inspired vibe. Bathroom accessories are kept to a minimum.

014 contemporary-bathroom 19

Image: Increation

Clearly defined lines, as present in this bathroom, give your bathroom an instant, contemporary feel.

020 eclectic-bathroom 19

Image: Globus Builder

If you’re going for an all white bathroom, consider adding some subtle pops of color. A little does a lot.

022 contemporary-bathroom 19

Image: C+M Studio

White bathrooms work double duty. They look clean and gorgeous while they also play well with lighting, making even the smallest space look spacious and grand.

024 modern-bathroom 19

Image: European Cabinets & Design Studios

White walls help bring out the contrast in dark tiling and counters, as seen here.

029 beach-style-bathroom 19

Image: Wettling Architects

If you’re going to go all-white, add some pops of color to make everything stand out and break up the monotony.

035 contemporary-bathroom 19

Image: Orbit Homes

Bright mosaics help play with lighting and add some inexpensive charm to any bathroom.

040 contemporary-bathroom 19

Image: Axis Mundi

If you have windows, go white. You’ll have a beautiful, light heavy space.

045 transitional-bathroom 19

Image: Stephanie Wiley Photography

Take advantage of decor in a primarily white bathroom. The more conversation pieces you have, the better.

054 contemporary-bathroom 19

Image: BRY design

This bathroom is absolutely serene thanks to its off-white walls, plenty of plants, and charming furnishings.

063 scandinavian-bathroom 19

Image: Honka UK Ltd

Gray and black play especially with white, adding intriguing notes of personality thanks to the contrast.

070 contemporary-bathroom 19

Image: Dcasa Ltd

Wood shelves and decor add a lot of charm to this gracious bathroom.

071 traditional-bathroom 19


Paired with light wood, this bathroom is absolutely luxurious while remaining downkey.

074 contemporary-bathroom 19

Image: Positive Space Staging + Design, Inc.

A strong contrast between black and white adds a very distinct, modern vibe that’s hard to overlook.

078 modern-bathroom 19

Image: Sean O’Brien Architecture

While small, this bathroom is made to feel bigger than it actually is thanks to white walls and decor.

085 traditional-bathroom 19

Image: Patricia L. Caulfield, LLC

Marble furnishings and bright blue walls give this bathroom a cheery, casual charm.

086 traditional-bathroom 19

Image: The Sky is the Limit Design

Breezy and beautiful, marble and brick helps give this bathroom a European air.

089 craftsman-bathroom 19

Image: Brennan + Company Architects

Retro tiling and delicate decor help this white bathroom stand out.

White bathrooms might not be the most colorful bathrooms around. But they still have a lot of charm to offer homeowners.