20 Fashionable Stone Walled Kitchen Designs

Stone Walled Kitchen Designs

The designing line between traditional yet nice and utter enchantment are differentiated within the setting of a room. Your kitchen is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style and lavishly inspire your dream kitchen. Fancy gadgets and modern additions are definitely a piece in your kitchen project puzzle, however you will still have a traditionally nice kitchen. Stone Walled Kitchens will transport your design to a new definition. As if stepping out of your day, you will enter a timeless novel. Enriching stone is layered with a stoic presence that is fashionably trendy. Dramatic and magical,  stoned wall schemes will become the heart of your home.

As if journeying through a portal, we are going to leave behind the tradition of four walls then a hall and enter a realm of eloquent charm. Texture, tones and lay out designs are the key to what’s behind the scenes. Using a stone wall in your kitchen can be implemented as an accent or the finished surrounding. A calico of hues are pleasantly ruffled within the natural essence of the stone material you choose to incorporate. Our travel through the twenty expressions below will give us a first person view of warm and inviting kitchens. Cottage inspirations and a grandeur welcome will leave you  aspiring your own kitchen updates and designs.

Image: Just Out of Home

A stone wall in the kitchen is complemented with rustic wooden finishes and a beautiful balcony. The stove holds grand stone work that cleverly hides the functional aspects in the design.

Image: Callier and Thompson

Stone framing is a generous arch over the cooking space. The backsplash of this setting is collective of pattern and sizes for a dimensional depth that is well designed.

Image: Deco Holic

Rich wooden finishes and granite accompaniments make a contribution to this flawless stone style. Gothic accents and decor put the final touches on this beautiful kitchen design.

Image: Houzz

Charming white is paired with elegant lighting for a luxurious appeal. The genious addition of stone surrounding a create a wonderful kitchen to spend your time.


Image: Pin IMG

Lighter tones of stone are chic and classic. Cheerful with natural light , this kitchen has a clean and concise outlook to the day.

Image: Decoration 

Mideviel touches grant this cottage kitchen an air enrichment. A natural set stone wall is beautifully designed with overhead log beams and innovative lighting.

Image: Housely

Feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairy tale with this intricate layering of stone. The knotted wood is seen in a natural finish that elaborately dawns the ceiling and surroundings. A warming fireplace creates a cozy ambience to the delightful space.

Image: Show Your Vote

Fall in love with your kitchen that is full of stone collaborations and wooden finishes. The traditional island and counter tops holds  natural cut granite that is generously styled.

Image: Buy Trion

As we take another look at this image, we are going to focus on the creative space that is ingeniously purposed as a display. Directly under open beams, this shelf style opens the room to a new decorative opportunity.

Image: Hello Lovely Studio

This lovely kitchen is rich in culture and history. A simpler time in the woods when a baked apple pie cooled in the window. Open shelving and distressed applications are seen throughout the space.

Image: Fresh Home

This delightful kitchen is the perfect example of a trendy chic. Modern cues are presented with a smart pairing of stone and wood. An open ceiling overlooks a brilliant sense of style.

Image: Farm House Urban

A wonderful stone and wood collection has an island centerpiece. The theme of this kitchen is noted with a warming hearth appeal.

Image: Instagram

Lavishly set, this style has a lingering charm. A deep creme and black connection is designed using large stones and a wide set mortar. Deluxe details are traditional and thoughtful.

Image: One Kind Design

This stated kitchen has varying levels of textures and dimensions for a phenomenal design. Stone walls are alongside gorgeous windows that have a defined cottage continuity.

Image: Design Bump

Rustic themes are set in stone with a warm wooden finish. Matching crown moulding tops off the fashionable wall with a detailed perspective.

Image: Decoist

A poetic entrance to this kitchen is dynamic with a slight layering of hues within the stone. A complementing contrast is a keen enriched color for a magnificent view of the room.

Image: Interior Design Corner

A perfected stone arch is finessed with a natural cabinet design. Tall ceilings and antique finishes give this look a simple yet grandeur medieval charm.

Image: Home Dit

This modern stone archway easily separates this modern kitchen. There are updated appliances, plentiful seating and counter space creating priceless functionality and beauty.

Image: Img Fave

This kitchen has a very natural rustic theme with the center piece being a stone fire place. Wooden flooring, ceiling and finishes give this room a personal touch that blends well with the space.

Image: Lus Home

A retro and contemporary design are brought together with beautiful stone back splash. The smooth counter tops and island easily add to the sleek design blending well with the warm wooden cabinets. Plentiful lighting showcases this room splendidly.

We have toured twenty kitchens that will make a lasting impression for your home. Stone kitchen walls will be the perfect finish that will bring your kitchen an exquisite design. This concept makes for a great family project or an opportunity to hire a local contractor.

Choosing your stone preference will allow you to layer the hues and natural aspects that will inspire you everyday. Wood pairings and stylish accents will elaborate your style with a personal touch and tone.



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