20 Trendy Striped Bedroom wall Design ideas

We have all styled a room and pondered what it is missing. That moment when you stand back and wonder what you can add to the design that would create an in depth and completed look. A simple solution is often overlooked. The stylish aspects of striped bedroom wall ideas will bring the right amount of dimension to your room. Dual tones are set in contrasting hues or shaded effects. Striped walls frame the decorative aspects to the space allowing for creativity to flourish. This particular style offers a visionary dynamic that makes a statement and brings your style to view.

A variety of colors and tones are used to create a balanced look using stripes. The symmetrical quality of the theme brings a charismatic perspective to the style. You can alter the spaces design with horizontal or vertical cues that will elaborate on your personal  and thoughtful style. In the images below we have included keen examples of stripes and how they collaborate with the design of the bedroom. You will see how the colors meet the design with fresh tones. Each room is holds a differentiated theme. Lighting and decorative appeals bring the space to a completed style.

Bedroom with horisntal Stripes

001 4-bedroom_aspa1984 7

Image: Aspa 1984

Black and white stripes lend an eye catching appeal to the tall ceilings and lavish space surrounding the room.

Luxury Bedroom Visualization

002 3-irena-bedroom 7

Image: Yoki Home

A plush traditional look has a gray alternating pattern. The style is well purposed and nostalgic.

Student Bedroom

003 10-student-bedroom-linear 7

Image: Hhlxgt

Horizontal striped layers are simply stated with clean lines and a collaborated style. The modern decor and accents are graciously set.

Luster of the Pearl

004 contemporary-bedroom 7

Image: Angela Todd Designs

Here we see inspired coloring and shades throughout the design. A delicate balance of tones are prevelant from the wall scheme and the accents of the room.

Kennington Water Tower

005 contemporary-bedroom 7

Image: Joel Antunes Photography

A clever use of color and striping integrate the blue theme into the space with horizontal blue and white tones.

Tribeca Penthouse

006 contemporary-bedroom 7

Image: Marie Burgos

Wide striping offers a streamlined effect. the soft lavender and white create a wonderful pairing with neutral tones.

Striped Bedroom Pattern

007 traditional-bedroom 7

Image: CDA Interior Design

a dreamy champagne space is splendid with subtle stripes . Lighting accentuates the wall design offering a stylish look.

Bedroom Accent

008 contemporary-bedroom 7

Image: Decoist

This room is an elegant style with glamorous notes. A sheer coloring and brilliant accents create a beautiful room.

Heahter Glen

009 transitional-bedroom 7

Image: Kris Gorton

Dimension is added here with  a trio of different colors and levels of striping that make the room trendy and well fashioned. The room has clean lines that accent the striping to its full potential.

Striped Bedroom Aqua Color

010 HUHH2015-Glass-Houses_Atholl_9.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.644 7

Image: Jawitz Properties

This colorful design is whimsical and melodic. Wide aqua and white stripes bring the style together in a fun fashion.

This Striped Bedroom

011 1814-630x517 7

Image: Room Decorating Ideas

Intricate striping has purple, sage and olive tones that alternate compatibility. The room is symmetrical with a symphony of colorful inspirations.

Wide Striped Bedroom

012 1432-630x418 7

Image: Homiola

Here we see how lighting can alter hues. The light creates a balance of light and dark tones.The blue and white striped pattern adds a genuine style to the room.

Brown Striped Bedroom

013 1232-630x396 7

Image: Swifts Orchids

Elegant brown and tan striping offer depth and dimension to the room. The neutral tones are harmonious throughout the space.

Earthy Striped Bedroom

015 533-630x657 7

Image: Interior Design 2014

A smoky gray and black striping has intricate grained detailing offering a modern and artistic approach. Creative lighting embellishes the look with an incredible style.

Charming Bedroom with Purple Striped Walls

016 Charming-Bedroom-with-Purple-Striped-Walls 7

Image: Elle Décor

Lavender and white are peaceful and surrounded in serenity. The designer used a wide striping to highlight the space and elaborate on the design.

Chic Bedroom with Blue Striped Walls

017 Chic-Bedroom-with-Blue-Striped-Walls 7

Image: Kiwi Collection

A sterling aqua and white is themed through the room incorporating the striped design. Patterns are paired with the print for an unequivocal style.

Small Bedroom with Striped Walls

018 Small-Bedroom-with-Striped-Walls 7

Image: A Design Story

A fresh taupe and white alternates striping width to create a stylish look with a direct approach.The reflective touches offer a chic style.

Ways to Add a Wooden Panel Stripped Wall to Your Bedroom

019 895acf33ccf60b4fac36f3bb2eb4333e 7

Image: Idea Decoration

This space is creative and modern with a third dimensional style. The artistic design is an inspirational in a natural setting.

How To Decorate With Black-and-White Stipres

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Image: House Beautiful

Black and white is both artistic and purposed. The designer utilizes accents and decorative touches that create an ingenious setting.

In the above photos we have been inspired to look at the room with a fresh perspective. The guideline of striping patterns have changed through the years and have now become a modern fashionable statement to add to any setting. Wide striping offers a balanced look of color and intricate striping brings a sense of depth and warmth to the style. Complimentary accents and decor are found in many forms. Artistic pieces, floral designs and intricate decorative styles are used throughout to complete the look of the room. Lighting offers a highlighted view of the space, bringing definitive collaboration to each thoughtful purpose.

When opting for a striped pattern you will have many things to consider. The size of the room and the lighting of the space are aspects that affect your decision. It is advisable to obtain swatch samples of varied stripes and coloring and set them in the room. Lighting will alter the color and setting of the design. Gather samples of many shades lighter and darker than the original color to accurately compare what will bring the most definition to your envisioned style. Accurate depictions of striping size and direction will lend a hand in the unification of the rooms design. A collage of styles are used to create a room. Stripes are an iconic styling that is befitting of any style you choose. Melodic touches will bring your aspirations into your day. Your bedroom is a room of dreams, hopes and visions. Stylish reviews and fashionable decor will charm your space into becoming a bedroom.