Traditional Architecture Inspired Detached Garages

From car gurus to soccer moms, one asset to your home is  the garage. Whether you have a cozy car cove or a car lovers dream, you will find the luxury of having a garage will rev up your homes style. If we take a look at the types of garages that most homes have, we will see they become an extension to the house both in functionality and design. Designers and architects have incorporated attached and detached garages into the scape of the home. In todays trending times, garages have been fashioned after the exterior design of your house creating a matching and themed setting. Materials and textures are collaborated for an inspiring new way to look at what once was just a garage. The concept of a garage has different meanings for each household. The idea is to house your vehicle away from the elements, however with innovation the day and the life of a garage has changed through the years. From storage to a mechanics oasis, your garage can be created and reinvented to suit your daily needs while maintaining the designer presence for your homes structure.

We have gathered twenty images of garages that are built stylishly with efficiency in mind. Traditional detached or attached garages hold a fashioned appeal that accentuates the setting of your home design. Roof styles, doors and windows create an essential charm that becomes the perfect pairing with a personal touch.

Things That Inspire
Image: Things That Inspire

This detached garage holds character and ingenious structures. The bridging exterior design is cozy yet full of lavish views and cues.

 Lovely Home Designs
Image:  Lovely Home Designs

A beautiful traditional home is set with a double garage that has a matching design and architecture. The dual level garage has a charming theme and design.

Huffington Post
Image: Huffington Post

A lovely stoned drive leads to a deep set garage that holds character while balancing the homes style. The wooden expression and textured setting is  impeccable.

Home Design Lover 2
Image: Home Design Lover

Stoic and rustic collaborations create a genuine appeal. This garage has fine details and textural balances that complete the overall design with a precise stance.

Better Homes and Gardens
Image: Better Homes and Gardens

Chic arched doors and a bricked driveway are set with traditional windows for a modernized style. The shaded surrounding is peaceful with brightened accents.

Home Bunch
Image: Home BunchThis slated blue and wooden pairing is a deluxe assett to a co

This slated blue tone is delightfully set with an enriched wooden garage door. The surrounding details and accents make for a palatable design.

Topsider Homes
Image: Topsider Homes

A car lovers dream holds two single doors and a double door for easy stowing of your truck or boat. The space above can be used for additional storage or a guest setting.

The House That A-M Built
Image: The House That A-M Built

A chic gray and crisp white style fashions the garage as a replicated version of the original home. Well styled lanterns are placed in front for a brilliant overall design.

Image: sucasadesign

A classic country design holds traditional accents while incorporating a spacious and homelike appeal. Lighting and details display the finishing touches.

Image: psdab

Rustic receives a magical touch with an inspired grey and chik white design. The patter displayed on the doors are not only fashionable, they also add a positive impression of the home.

RGN Construction
Image: RGN Construction

A spacious garage is duplicated from the homes design. Deeper tones are complimentary contrasted with a traditional white pairing. The creative overhead design offers this garage a unique touch.

Image: HouzzSiemasko Verbridge

This stately home has a colonial feel. The dark shutters are themed and follow through to the garage. This design holds one over sized garage door for simplicity and practicality.

Houseplans LLC
Image: Houseplans LLC

This modern yet traditional home is paired together with a curving driveway that leads to an elaborate styled garage. This garage has dual doors and levels for maximum efficiency.

House fm
Image: House fm

Triple garage doors are outstanding with a gracious design. The driveway has a personalized emblem that ties together both the house and the garage.

Home Design Lover
Image: Home Design Lover

A modern barn style garage has trendy gothic style doors. The innovative roofing is paired well with a rust toned siding that offers a lasting design.

Encore Garage
Image: Encore Garage

This spacious garage holds dual doors and plenty of creative opportunity for additional uses of the space. Several windows offer natural lighting and a cheery perspective.

Cote de Texas
Image: Cote de Texas

This garage is cozy and tucked away. The brick driveway is a charming entrance to a traditional style. The details are balanced well with the setting of the home.

Architectural Designs House Plans
Image: Architectural Designs House Plans

Hints of gold reflect in this sunny ton. The A frame garage has a large door and is set back behind the house for additional privacy.

Siemasko + Verbridge
Image: Siemasko + Verbridge

This splendid design has a lavish cue. The pairing of hues and styles are elaborate and classically designed.


In the above photos we have seen 20 traditional styles of exterior garages. You can opt for an any size setting that will suit your needs. The designs we have viewed have brought us from chic and trendy to rustic notes. The classic combination fashions many garages after the homes original design, creating an inspiring and innovative way to design and redesign your garage. There are many different lighting options to assist for safety purposes and also stylish perceptions. Many garages offer additional storage or housing options into their grand design.

Whether you are working with an established structure or creating building plans for your own design, you will find the exact look and appeal that will reflect your lifestyle and your homes personality. The textures and tones that you infuse into your style will be the basis of your own brilliant design.