20 Elegant Traditional Fireplace Mantels Design That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Traditional Fireplace Mantel

When you’re gifted with the fireplace in your own home, the last thing you want to do is neglect it. A fireplace is every bit as much a part of your home as your bathroom or your kitchen. A beautiful living room mantel can set the scene. Not only can it be a centerpiece for entertaining but it can help tie together the rest of your living room style. These traditional mantels have a lot to love to offer.

001 traditional-family-room 12

Image: Dubinett Architects, llc.

With a strong contrast between the white mantel and the black trim panels, this elegant fireplace is both highly contemporary and traditionally valued at the same time. A couple small pieces of decor (don’t overdo it) helps add interest to the mantle.

002 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Dura Supreme Cabinetry

This absolutely ravishing oak mantel provides a marvelous focal point for the rest of the living room. The brick trim panels certainly don’t hurt either.

003 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Dura Supreme Cabinetry

This built-in fireplace becomes a work of art with a well-crafted wooden mantle. Not all mantles have to be made of stone to catch the eye.

010 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Trim Team NJ

This white mantle plays well with the rest of the living room while its expertly carved design adds interest to the space.

016 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Trim Team NJ

A stately, white mantle adds a grand feel to this luxurious living room. Topping the mantle with a mirror was a smart move. Not only does it help the mantle stand out but it helps open up the living room even more.

018 traditional-home-office 12

Image: Wildwood Cabinetry

Paintings and decor can help any mantle shine. Paired with library shelving, this beautiful mantle is a dream come true for anyone who wants a cozy fireplace to come home to.

019 traditional-kitchen 12

Image: Tartaruga Design inc.

This light Tuscan style mantle adds European charm to this dining room. Note the single plant on the mantle. Centering the decor helps emphasize the mantle without drawing attention away from it.

020 traditional-family-room 12

Image: Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA

This gorgeous mantle is the centerpiece of this airy living room. Note the brick trim panels and how they help add interest to the carved, white mantle.

021 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Tartaruga Design inc.

This marble with candles above mantle  is a work of art in itself. Paired with a wrought iron gate, it adds a distinctive Meditteranean atmosphere into this amazing living room.

029 traditional-pool 12

Image: Tartaruga Design inc.

This stone mantel is expertly paired with a brick overmantle, giving this classic outdoor fireplace a cozy, European charm.

032 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Tartaruga Design inc.

Warm, craftsman carved stone turns this fireplace into the living room’s focal point. Never discount your mantle. It can help tie the theme of your room together, as this carved mantle has done for this Tuscan living room.

033 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Tartaruga Design inc.

Carved marble turns this beautiful mantle into a masterpiece worthy of the art museum. While this might not be the mantle for everyone, the carved lions and Grecian figures infuse the room with a strong, Roman quality.

035 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Crisp Architects

A simple white mantle plays nicely with a brick trim and hearth, making this a fireplace anyone would be proud to come home to.

037 traditional-family-room 12

Image: Distinctive Mantel Designs, Inc

Slender support legs and a white, carved mantle help this elegant fireplace stand high above the rest.

053 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Regency Fireplace Products

With a smooth trim panel and an expertly carved mahogany mantle, this fireplace gives the room a very strong, warm contemporary vibe.

055 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Resort Custom Homes

Light colored, this fireplace plays well with the room’s ample lighting and provides a clean, simple focal point for the room. Beloved decor on the mantle helps add interest to the space.

056 traditional-family-room 12

Image: Julie Williams Design

A rich, dark mantle combined with library shelving makes even the TV look grand.

057 traditional-family-room 12

Image: Meredith Ericksen

A white carved mantle with a brick hearth helps continue on this living room’s intimate vibe.

058 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Riguerra Design

Beset with simple decor and a small mirror, this white mantle helps open up this penthouse apartment and office.

059 traditional-living-room 12

Image: Edwin Pepper Interiors

Perfectly rustic, this large stone mantle helps bring the luxury and warmth of a hunting lodge into this spacious living room. Natural wood shelving helps contrast with the masonry and adds interest to the fireplace.