20 Stylish Tuscan Dining Rooms Design and Decor Ideas

Tuscan Dining Rooms

Tuscan kitchens and Tuscan Dining Rooms are warm and inviting places to bring family and friends for entertainment and food. The dining rooms are often simple, with colorful ceramics, elements of warm wood accent pieces, and stone. The accessories and furniture are a combination of rustic comfort, with beautiful displays of color.

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Tuscan dining rooms like this are growing in popularity because of their functionality, comfort, and simplicity. Elements of Tuscan reds can offer a satisfactory complement to warming or cooler colors. The Tuscan reds seen here are not too bright, but are strong which make them perfectly suited for a dining room.

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Love and laughter is present in this space, yet the room is also ideally suited for entertainment. Neutral colors are warm, perfect for conveying the feeling of wet sand beneath feet on a warm afternoon. This color might be neutral, but with the Tuscan color palette it is versatile and connects other colors in the space.

Hill Country Interiors
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Beautiful designs incorporate Venetian bronze, stone backsplashes, ceramic tiles, and romantic elements. When you look at this space, you can see how the tones, hues, furniture, and accent pieces all work together to offer a warm, inviting feel to the space.

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The layout of the space should be conducive to conversation, to foot traffic around the diners, and to a sensible flow that offers maximum efficiency. Neutral paints are comfortable, an interlude to other dining room colors and ideally suited for an accent wall.

Georgiana Design
Image: Georgiana Design

This space is one where entertainment and the enjoyment of others is key. There is space enough for friends and family to come together around the table while enjoying fresh foods, family, and friends.

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Image: Credito Digimkts

Custom looks like these are easily achieved by creating a Tuscan layout fit for the space you already have. Pictures of existing Tuscan kitchens make for great starting points.

Barbara Davis
Image: Barbara Davis

Decorating accessories like those seen here can really make or break the space. Authentic Italian ceramics, even just one or two, can be beautiful and enjoyed by all guests. Hand painted pottery, or even replicas of hand painted pottery, can offer storage and authenticity to the space.

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Ceramic bowls or jars for serving foods like biscotti with coffee after dinner, olive oil cruets, and more are all part of the Italian dining room experience.

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Accessories should blend form and function. That is why Tuscan dining bowls and jars are a wonderful addition to any dining space.

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Standing pictures or plates that have Tuscan elements on a cabinet or shelf space leaves them open to guests to appreciate.

Lavender embodies the Mediterranean bushes of the same name which thrive across the Tuscan landscape. That said, hints of this cool color are key to successful décor.

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The Tuscan color palette is warm, with accents of cool colors. Inspired by the rich landscape of Tuscany, rustic walls and reflections of golden fields couple well with blue sky colors and lush foliage greens. In fact, rustic paint colors are perfect for warming up a dining room.

Joni Diaz
Image: Joni Diaz

Inspired by the green foliage scattered throughout Tuscany, muted greens of the soft sage variety are the perfect way to convert a dining room, especially when rich dark woods are used for the dining room table.

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Stunning honeycomb colors are reminiscent of the golden grasses beneath the bright Tuscan sun. Warm dining room colors are made to look gorgeous with this rich tone against white trim, especially when coupled with dark wood table and chairs combinations.

Image: Minimalisti

Neutral colors enhanced by green undertones make for a warmer color scheme, one which cools down the dining room and yet still keeps the space rustic.

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Ceiling colors like that of a bright blue sky go well against warm colors and a naturally well lite dining room.

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Tuscan yellows bring out the image of the sunny days and sunflowers. Dining rooms can enjoy a brighter feel and the perception of bigger spaces with brighter yellows.

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Tuscan dining rooms are still rustic in their design, with wood beams found throughout many Tuscan homes. For that reason, dark and weathered wood colors can be used as the accent wall color in any dining room.

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Image: Bravo Interior Design
Connie Living Beautifully
Image: Connie Living Beautifully

Sunny and bright Bordeaux colors are inspired by the harvest time wine picking colors that fill the Tuscan countryside each year. Tuscan colors always need a hint of the grapes from the area, grapes which flourish row upon row. Their colors stand bold against the golds of dying grass clusters and green leaves. This color is complementary to a Tuscan theme, and a break from the other warm colors so often prevalent.


Decorating a dining room space with Tuscan styles means including architectural details, artwork, and rustic accents. Rich, warm colors mix well with subtle sages and lavenders, reminiscent of the Tuscan landscapes drizzled with unending sunlight. By using stunning Tuscan colors, this look can be completed.