U Shaped Kitchens Layout Design Ideas

U Shaped Kitchens

U-shaped kitchen design rooms are a common design feature, especially in homes where there’s not a lot of room to spare. But a u-shaped kitchen has a certain charm of its own, allowing the cook plenty of space to work while keeping everything close together.

These u-shaped kitchens cover a lot of ground when it comes to design themes. We’ve got mid-century modern kitchens, contemporary kitchens- you name it. But they all share one feature- they’re delightful and workable in any home. Take a look.

Image: Farris Concepts in Architecture

French style kitchen cabinets and a iron wrought chandelier add a highly traditional element to this beautiful u-shaped kitchen.


Image: Turan Designs, Inc.

Simple, gently contrasting colors and ample lighting ensure that this kitchen is ready for entertaining. Minimalist decorations catch the eye without distracting from the unique features of this room.


Image: Pedini DC

This kitchen is highly modern and it’s all thanks to smooth, unbroken cabinet and counter designs, as well as a chrome and white heavy color scheme.


Image: Master’s Design Build Group

There’s plenty of room for a full dining room in this open floor plan. But the kitchen is the real star of the show. Rich wood cabinets and birch flooring make for a room that’s perfect for entertaining or cooking for yourself in.


Image: Sofo Kitchens

Granite walls and counter tops, paired with mahogany cabinets, add a rich and contemporary feeling to this simple kitchen.


Image: Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

Birch counters, paired with granite counter tops, add to a kitchen that’s highly contemporary and very dynamic.


Image: Intertwine Design

European style white cabinet faces have an appealing contrast with a rich, oak floor. While spacious, this kitchen and dining room combo doesn’t feel too overwhelming, thanks to the ample charm present throughout the room.


Image: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Filled with ebony wood and a dark color scheme, this kitchen is already a conversation starter. Chrome and white contrast pieces help this kitchen from feeling too dark, while still allowing for a mature and rich atmosphere to develop.


Image: Talianko Design Group, LLC

Filled with light colors and wood flooring, this kitchen is ideal for entertaining.


Image: Jonathan Raith Inc.

This u-shaped kitchen features a vibrant, marble topped island, complete with leather, hideaway chairs.


Image: Lewis Alderson & Co

Light wood and white cabinets add towards a kitchen that’s spacious, European, and perfect for entertaining any size of crowd.


Image: Studio Starrs Interiors

Granite counter tops, plus refurbished oak cabinets contribute towards a space that’s modern and yet comforting all the same.


Image: Madison County Cabinets, Inc.

This rich, Mediterranean style kitchen features refurbished wood cabinets and tiled flooring.


Image: Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

While veering more towards a rustic, cabin style look, this u-shaped kitchen still manages to feel modern by incorporating granite counter tops and a light color scheme.


Image: Kyle Hunt & Partners, Incorporated

Drift wood chandeliers, plus granite counter tops, create a modern living room that doesn’t forget its rustic roots.


Image: Robin Muto

White cabinets, plus a brick back splash contribute towards a room that’s ideal for entertaining.


Image: Dennis Mayer, Photographer

French style glass cabinets and rich oak flooring add a pleasant contrast and breezy atmosphere to this spacious, light filled kitchen.


Image: Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.

Clean cut tiles add a rich anchor to this kitchen while elaborate tiled back splash add a Moroccan element to a space that’s chock full of personality.


Image: Midland Cabinet Company

A mahogany kitchen island, paired with light marble cabinet tops, create a kitchen that’s clearly tropically inspired but far from gaudy.


Image: Cheng Design

A curved granite counter, paired with boxy birch cabinets and granite counter tops, create a kitchen that’s pleasantly vintage.


Image: Kitchens of Diablo

A marble slab kitchen island adds a highly appealing element to this high class u-shaped kitchen.


Image: Riverway Homes

Gray cabinets and marble counter tops create a kitchen space that’s gorgeous and ready for action.


Image: Sonora West Development

Sleek tiled flooring and glass topped counters create a luxurious space ideal for hosting small crowds.


Image: Built to Perfection Inc

Birch, stained islands and dark counter tops add appealing contrast and take advantage of this kitchen’s ample lighting.


Image: FINNE Architects

Notched wood and black counter tops add a modern appeal to this eye-catching kitchen.

No matter the size or design, u-shaped kitchens have a lot of potential as you can see from what we’ve featured here. Lighting choices, counter tops, and the types of wood you incorporate can say a lot and add the right personality and character to any kitchen.